by Natty Soltesz

Rich’s Double answered the door when I went to his house that day. And I had no idea at first, though I noticed Rich looked particularly good. I mean, he’s always been a handsome dude; even in high school he had it together with his muscles and hairstyle and everything.

“Hey Rich,” I said, and he smiled and nodded like he does.

“Come on in,” he said, and I followed him around the corner and there was Rich, again, standing at his kitchen counter with a shit-eating grin on his face. The Rich who’d answered the door stood next to the real Rich and mimicked his smile.

“You didn’t,” I said.

“I did,” Rich said and at the same time, the Rich who answered the door said, “He did.” Side-by-side they were easier to tell apart. Rich – real Rich, his hair was messier, his skin oily in patches. There was a smell difference, too, even standing a few feet away from them. Real Rich smelled like, well, Rich. But the simu had retail-ish smell, a chemical-based freshness.

“Kind of fucking awesome, isn’t he?” Rich said. I shook my head and stared. It was always a little weird meeting a new simu, and this one was a doozy. “Make us lunch,” Rich said to his simu, and we went off to the living room to talk about it while the simu commandeered Rich’s impeccably-clean kitchen.

“What happened to Trina?” Trina was the simu he’d bought last year. She was the kind most guys our age owned – looked like a porn star, programmed to cook, clean and take cock.

“Traded her in,” Rich said, pouring us both a drink. “They took five K off his down payment for her.”

“That’s a pretty good deal,” I said, thinking I wasn’t going to miss Trina that much. She was built a few years back and had been programmed with minimal intelligence. Once people had looked down on the whole “fuck robot” thing but now it was understood that sex simus had been integral in advancing humanoid technology, because there was such a market for them. And now you had these hyper-intelligent simus, and the athlete simus that everyone was debating whether or not should be allowed to compete with humans.

“Like, why, though? I mean, I kind of get it…” I said. I was broaching the obvious fact that most people bought Doubles because they wanted to fuck them. And maybe Rich was bi, but we’d never talked about it before. Of course most of our friends were bi, and Rich and I had fooled around in high school, but I’d always assumed it was something he’d outgrown.

“Dude, it’s the best thing ever. You know how many hours I’ve worked this week?” he said, handing me a cocktail.

“Your job doesn’t screen?” I said.

“Nope,” he said. “And that’s the thing, he’s hyper-intelligent. He can do shit twice as fast as me. I thought he’d just be a placeholder but he’s, like, better at my job than I am.” He sat across from me and took a drink from his cocktail. “And the sex is kind of fucking phenomenal,” he said to me, with a leer.

There it was. I was relieved he’d come out and said it. Like I said, there were a lot of reasons people bought Doubles but sex was a big one. Who doesn’t have fantasies about fucking themselves? Doubles were programmed to mirror you, depending on the model they mimicked your consciousness to a pretty startling degree. It was a being that knew exactly what you wanted, to whom you could do any depraved thing you could imagine and not face rejection.

“I didn’t think you still got with dudes,” I said.

“I don’t,” Rich said. “I mean, not since with us, anyway.” Just then Rich’s Double came in holding two plates with avocado and prosciutto sandwiches on them. That was when I noticed how it was dressed: a tank top that showed off its muscled arms and tight midsection, and short, tight shorts that wrapped around its perfect ass and a substantial bulge up front. When it bent over to set the plates on the coffee table its shorts rode up and I saw the straps of a jock peek out. There was something so deliciously kinky about that. I knew from experience that fucking a simu was pretty fun, particularly because of the inhuman element – there weren’t any restrictions or messiness. I figured its asshole was probably perfect and pink and tight as a drum, and as I imagined sliding my cock into it I started to chub up.

Then I realized: I was sort of thinking of fucking Rich. Which I hadn’t thought about in years. So that was a mindfuck.

“Thanks,” Rich said, and I noticed how he rested a hand on the simu’s thigh when he said it, letting his hand slide up a bit as the simu walked away. Also, the simu blushed a bit, and its bulge seemed to swell, too. That kind of attention to detail was impressive.

“You’re interested,” Rich said when the simu left the room. “I can tell.”

“Yeah,” I said, and now I was blushing.

“I haven’t told many people,” Rich said, taking a bite of his sandwich. “You know how people are about Doubles. But I’m telling you, it’s one of the best decisions I’ve ever made. He knows more about me than I do. I mean the level of intellectual simulation they can manage… I paid extra for comprehensive sexuality integration. They interviewed me for like twelve hours. I told them shit I’ve never told anybody, and it’s all in there.”

“What’s it like?” I said, chomping on the sandwich which was, to be honest, kind of terrible. “Fucking yourself, I mean.”

“Phenomenal, man,” Rich said. He looked at me. He set his sandwich down. The Double was in the kitchen – doing dishes, it sounded like. “You wanna see?”

“What do you mean?” I said, giving a nervous laugh.

“Do you want to watch us fuck?” Rich said. “I mean, there’s not much he’ll do with you – he’s set for monogamy, and there’s this whole process I have to go through to change that. But if you want to check us out, I’d be down.”

I started getting hard right then. Rich stood up; he swirled his drink around. “It’d sort of be like we were back in the dorms; watching each other jack off. Remember how much fun we had doing that?” We laughed. That had been born of necessity – sharing a small room – but we’d come to enjoy it, which was how we’d wound up trying other stuff. “I mean, that’s pretty much what this would be, once you get down to it,” Rich said, and he finished his drink. His hand went to his crotch. He looked at me and smiled.

“I’m down, man,” I said. We smirked at each other, massaging our growing dicks. It was on.

“Hey Rich,” Rich said. His Double sauntered in, drying its hands on a towel. It was uncanny the way it moved, like it had time of its own to keep, though I knew it could have been in the doorway faster than fast had it been programmed that way. Those were the little touches that meant everything. Then there was the smirk that went across its face when it saw us – it was as down as we were. It tossed the towel back into the kitchen where I’m sure it landed perfectly on the counter.

“Come in here a minute,” Rich said, and the Double approached, expectantly.

“Take off your clothes,” Rich said. The simu kept its smirk as it kicked off its flip-flops. I’d noticed its feet earlier – feet being my thing – they were really shapely and hot. I looked over at Rich, then, because it was really his feet I was admiring, and I supposed I’d noticed them before but now I saw how sexy they were – well-arched and formed, with dark hair on the tops of his toes.

The simu lifted off its shirt, revealing a perfectly muscled torso with the same smattering of chest hair that Rich had on his. It didn’t look exactly  like Rich, though – it was a little more muscled, a little more, well, sexualized. Later Rich told me he’d opted for an idealized Double, with subtle differences that gave the real Rich something to live up to.

Still, as the simu took hold of the waistband on its shorts and lowered them over its jockstrap, it was interesting to look from one to the other and compare. I was fully hard and Rich was, too, but the simu was still soft.

“One thing I’m gonna change is that he won’t get hard until you start touching him,” Rich said, motioning to the bulge in the simu’s jock. “That’s part of the monogamy protocol – you can actually touch him, you just can’t do anything sexual.” Rich got close the simu, then he looked at me and beckoned me over. “Go ahead, touch him,” he said.

I walked over to it. The simu looked at me, and for a moment the real Rich in the room disappeared. It was Rich looking at me, with acceptance and maybe an undirected desire. It was like another aspect of Rich, separate, but still him. I touched the simu’s bare, hard chest. It was warm, its chest rising and falling with simulated breath. I ran my hand over its nipples and they hardened. “Mm,” the simu said, and it was just Rich.

“Try to touch his dick, though,” Rich said, so I ran my hand down the simu’s tight, hairy stomach and over the bulge of its jock. I grasped the soft cock inside.

Instant shut-down. The simu’s eyes clouded and it gracefully but quickly assumed a standing, defensive posture. The skin began to cool and harden. A lot of simus had that feature, skin that changed chemistry in the face of threat – it became like linoleum. The dick in my hand became solid, a mannequin dick, and the illusion of Rich was instantly shattered.

“Feel a little protective of yourself, huh?” I said to Rich.

“I just don’t want anybody else jizzing in him when I’m not around,” Rich said. He gently touched the back of the simu’s neck and whispered in its ear. Instantly it came back alive, skin softening, limbs relaxing. It looked at Rich, then at me, and smiled. Rich directed the simu’s face to his. I watched them look into one another’s eyes. I couldn’t imagine what it would be like, to look at yourself like that. They kissed, slowly at first, then with more passion. You could tell how turned on they were. Their hands were going all over each other as they shoved their tongues in each other’s mouths. Rich slipped the jock off its body, freeing its hard-on. It was thick and hairy and standing out from its body. It had weight to it and it swayed and bobbed realistically. Rich was hard under his shorts.

“Still into it?” Rich said.

“Uh, yeah,” I said, grabbing my hard-on under my shorts. “It’s super hot.” Rich smiled. He ran his hand down his Double’s body, down its smooth side, finally wrapping his fist around its throbbing cock. “To be honest, I can hardly go an hour or two without fucking him,” Rich said, stroking it. “You know when you’re young, as soon as you think about jacking off you want to do it? He’s like a constant reminder that I want to do it. And he never says no.” The Double raised his eyebrows at me: guilty as charged.

Rich let go of the simu’s cock and started to strip as I settled back onto the couch. His Double helped him lift off his shirt and lower his shorts. Rich was just as hard as his Double, their cocks so similar they even both veered off to the left. They they came together and started making out again, their cocks reaching for one another like magnets. They grabbed each other’s asses and pressed close.

It was like watching twins make out, so illicit and sexy that I found myself reaching into my shorts to wrap my hand around my bare cock without really thinking about it. Rich glanced over at me. “Take it out,” he whispered, so I dropped my shorts and freed my erection. They both smiled at me and went back to kissing. I watched as a big drop of precum formed on the Double’s dick. Rich noticed, too, and got on his knees.

“See that?” he said, grabbing the simu’s cock and reaching for the head of it with his mouth. He licked off the drop of precum. “Strawberry-flavored.”

“You’re shitting me,” I said, and Rich laughed. The Double looked down at him, bending its knees as Rich squeezed his fist from the base of the Double’s cock up to the head, where another pearl of precum formed, then began to run down its shaft. Rich swiped it up on his finger then motioned for me to come over. He held his finger to me and I licked the precum off of it. It was cummy, for sure, but with just a hint of fruityness. It was pretty delicious, to be honest. “It precums more than I do,” Rich said, keeping a steady stroke on his Double. “I love eating it out of him, is the thing. You can get all kinds of different flavors…even weed-infused cum.”

“Huh,” I said, my hard cock leading the way as I got back on the couch. Rich stroked his big hairy cock in one hand and a mirror-image of it in another, before slipping his lips over the head of his Double’s cock. I wondered what it must feel like to be able to suck your own dick. Rich seemed utterly turned-on, ignoring his own throbber for the moment as he cupped the simu’s balls, sucking on the tip of its cock before he took the whole thing into his throat. He nursed it in his throat for a moment then came off – let it stand there, throbbing – then went back down on it again.

The simu reacted accordingly, one of its hands dangling at its side while the other traveled up and down its body. He gazed at Rich as Rich’s head bobbed up down on his cock, its ass pushing forward each time Rich swallowed him. There was something uninhibited about the way they were acting, not only ignoring me entirely but also putting me in the position of watching two people who were utterly turned on by one another, even though – or maybe because – one of them wasn’t a person at all.

Rich sucked his Double like a bitch in heat, taking it deep and fast. I realized he was edging it. The Double started rising up on its toes, balls scrunched up to its body, chest moving quickly with its simulated breath. Then Rich stopped and stood. He wiped his mouth, looked at me, smiled. “Never imagined I’d wind up such a cocksucker,” he said. “But it’s different, somehow, when you look up and see yourself staring down at you…”

Rich sat on the other side of the couch and spread his legs. The Double dutifully got on its knees between Rich’s legs. It gazed at Rich’s cock with something like awe, and when it finally began blowing him it sucked like love, working its mouth up and down Rich’s shaft in slow, steady movements, its eyes constantly going back up to Rich’s face. Rich was so hard and so into it, but sometimes he would do this thing where he would tap the simu on the side of the head.

“It’s a feedback interceptor,” Rich said when he noticed me noticing. “Teaches him to be a better cocksucker. You tap every time it starts to get boring and he adjusts.” The simu got down low to suck on Rich’s balls, and I took the opportunity to get up and look at its ass. It was as nice as I’d imagined: mostly hairless, firm and round, with a tight-looking pink hole. The Double wiggled it a bit in a teasing way. Rich smirked at me.

“I’ve dumped so much cum into that hole,” Rich said.

“Does it just…dump it back out?” I said.

“Actually no,” Rich said, motioning for the simu to come off of him. “He has a multi-alternative-energy motor so it gets processed in his system.”

“So you fuck it to keep it alive. Wow,” I said.

“It doesn’t help that much,” the Double said, standing up and wiping its mouth.

“He gets sassy sometimes,” Rich said. He stood and turned to his Double. “Shut the fuck up,” Rich said, and slapped it across the face. The simu’s smile vanished but then a slow look of lust replaced it. I knew that a lot of people abused their simus, and the internet was full of simu snuff. So it didn’t shock me so much as take me by surprise that Rich was into that.

“Get over the fucking couch,” Rich said, pushing the Double so hard that it fell forward against the coffee table. “Get on all fours, bitch,” Rich said, winking at me after he said it. The simu scrambled up onto the couch cushions and assumed the position. “Look at that fucking ass,” Rich said, kneeling down and caressing the simu’s perfect butt.

“It’s your ass,” I said.

“Yeah, and now I get to lick it,” Rich said, and sank his face into it, digging his tongue deep into the simu’s hole. The simu grunted in surprise and pleasure. Rich was bent forward, eating out his Double, and his human ass was a near replica for the one he had his head stuffed in. I liked looking at both of them, to be honest, watching the natural contractions of Rich’s asshole as his hard cock pulsed in front of him.

Then Rich stood and got his cock into position. He didn’t even need to get it wet – I guess it was a combination of his spit on the simu’s hole, plus most simus are self-lubricating. He just positioned his cock to his Double’s pink slit and pushed inside, moaning as he did. The Double moaned, too which was funny – Rich in stereo. I laid on the couch next to them so I could get a view of the simu’s tight hole stretched around the base of Rich’s fat prong.

“Feels so fuckin good,” Rich said, holding his cock inside his Double.

“Fuck me,” the Double said and Rich began to thrust, his butt flexing as he pumped his fat dick in and out of that tight simu hole. As he ramped up he got rougher, slapping the thing’s ass. Then, he pulled its head back and spit in its face. The simu only moaned louder and pushed back harder on Rich’s dick. The more abuse Rich heaped onto it the more it wanted. Rich flipped it around, fucking it missionary-style and punching its chest. He slapped it across the face a few more times and even gave it a solid punch in the eye. The simu whimpered and moaned but kept its legs spread wide.

“Take that dick you fuckin whore,” Rich said. As turned on as I was watching the scene, I was aware of how profoundly weird it was, too; Rich abusing himself, fucking himself into oblivion. He fucked it harder and harder and it seemed like he was building up to a climax. And then all the sudden the thing started spurting cum, jets and jets that went up its chest.

“Shoot that load, bitch,” Rich said.

“Goddamn that’s a lot of cum,” I said.

“Hell yeah it is, eat it you fucker,” Rich said, scooping some of the jizz in his fingers and forcing them into the simu’s mouth. It lapped it up hungrily, and Rich continued to feed it as he wrecked his simu’s ass with punishing thrusts.

“I’m gonna fuckin cum in this cunt,” Rich said, and with a groan he bottomed out in the simu, holding its ankles as he blew his load, groaning with each shot. Having bareback sex was rare enough those days with super-syphilis going around, so this was a total turn-on, watching Rich empty his nuts right into something that looked, for all the world, like another human being.

I’d been on the edge for a while and when Rich blew I let myself go, lifting my shirt so that my load coated my chest and stomach. Rich, coming down from his cum, looked over at me and smiled. Then he whispered into the simu’s ear.

It looked up at me and smiled. Then it leaned forward and began to lick my chest and stomach, sucking every drop of cum off me until I was as clean as Rich’s kitchen counter. I think that’s when I knew I was sold; that I’d want to get one for, and of, myself.