Donnie’s Dick

By Natty Soltesz

You know what it’s like at one of those places, total sensory overload.  Kids running around screaming, hopped up on sugary soda and overpriced pizza; video games blaring, parents yelling.

Not my favorite place to be, but it had become our Friday ritual, and I had to wonder how an evening that had once been my most-looked-forward-to night of the week in my college days had become this.

I guess a wife and two daughters will do that to you.

At least they served beer, and I had just finished my first one when my wife told me that her brother Donnie had pulled up in the parking lot.

I hadn’t realized he was meeting us that night (probably I wasn’t paying attention to my wife when she told me).  But there he was, taking gifts out of his red Ferrari for my daughters before setting them on the ground and scooping the girls up in his arms.

He looked better than I remembered, though it had been at least five years.  He was my wife’s younger brother, which made him about eight years younger than me.  He had strong Italian features, thick dark hair, and soft lips.  He wore a black leather jacket over a black sweater, and gave me the hottest smile.

“What’s up Stevie?” he said.  I held out my hand and he gave me a hug.  I had a hard time keeping my mind off his hot, muscular body and the packed bulge in his jeans that was rubbing against mine.  “Brother-in-law!” he added, squeezing me so I lost my balance a little.  We all went back inside.

“How’s Florida?” my wife asked, taking a sip from her coke.  The kids were running around somewhere.  Donnie’s handsome features were lit by a dim overhead light, as munched on pizza and sipped his beer.  Behind him, jittering animatronic characters sang annoying songs.

“Fantastic,” Donnie said.  “Managing is going well.  I keep the crew in line best I can, but you know how restaurant crews are.  Fuckin drama 24/7.”

“You got a girlfriend yet?”

“Couple,” Donnie said, smiling at me.

“Jesus Christ, Donnie,” my wife said and rolled her eyes.  Then my daughters pulled her away to get more tokens, and it was just Donnie and me.

He told me about his life.  I spoke up when I could, but mostly he maintained the conversation.  Besides, what could I tell him about my life?  How the kids were doing in school; how we’d just bought new living room furniture?  How I’d lost contact with all my friends, and felt like a shadow of my former self?

Not really the ideal topics for dinner conversation.

“I don’t get out much all that much,” I said.  “Most of our friends are married couples like us, with kids.”

“Yeah.  I guess I meet a lot of people, running a restaurant like I do.  A lot of different kinds of people.  In fact…” He glanced around and turned back to me. “You know who I never thought I’d be comfortable around, is gay guys.  But almost all of our waiters are gay, and they’re actually pretty cool.”

My heart started beating a little faster.  I took a gulp of my beer and set the glass down.  “I guess I never really had any gay friends,” I said, not really lying.

“Gay guys are alright,” he said, lowering his voice and leaning into me.  “In fact, I’ll tell you a little secret.”  He waited for my reaction, I gave none.  “Gay guys give better head than anyone. Anyone.”

I nearly spit out my beer.  My palpitating heart was bypassing all my other arteries and sending blood straight to my dick.  “You serious?” was all I could manage to say.

“Completely,” Donnie said.  He took another drink of beer, and shot me a sexy smirk.  Then my wife appeared and pulled me back to my familiar, boring world.


As it happened Donnie was staying the night at our house.  He got there a few minutes after we’d put the girls to bed, strolling up the driveway with two six packs under his arms.  My wife was exhausted and went right to bed, so Donnie and I helped ourselves to the beer and watched some TV.

He sat so close to me on the couch that I could smell his cologne.  He’d taken off his sweater.  His muscles were outlined by his thin white t-shirt, and a gold chain lay on his pecs.

I usually don’t drink, so after the first six pack I was feeling pretty fearless.

“Were you serious about what you said earlier?” I asked.  “About gay guys?”

Donnie nodded, swigging his beer.

“How did it happen?” I asked.

“I dunno.  Just happened one night.  Me and my buddy Walter, one of the servers at the restaurant…we were just hanging out, just like this.  You know, drinkin some beers, hanging out at my apartment.  He asked if he could go down on me, and I thought, ‘Why not?’”

“And it was pretty good?”

“Oh, better than pretty good.  Like I said, best blowjob I’ve ever had in my life.”

“It seems like a guy would know better what feels good,” I said.

“Exactly.  But also it was the dirtiness of it, like you’re doing something you’re not supposed to do.”

“So he just did you, you didn’t do anything back, right?”

“Nope,” Donnie said.  He brought his hand to the front of his black jeans, and squeezed his bulge.  “He didn’t care, just wanted to get me off.  Fuck that was some good head.”  There was a pause where we just listened to the TV.  I looked down at his crotch, which he was still massaging.  It had obviously grown.

“Guys always want to suck me off for some reason,” he said to me.

“I bet I can guess why,” I said.

“What, Stevie, you want to give it a try?”

“Fuck!” I said, and throwing my head back, laughing.  “I guess I’ve always been curious.”

“Let me satisfy your curiosity,” he said, and unbuckled his belt.  I watched him, my dick growing harder, as he slid his pants down his hairy thighs and kicked them off.  He had on a pair of black bikini briefs, and his thick, hard cock was straining to get out.

He pulled the front of them down, and his cock sprang out.  It was huge, smooth and hard like a marble column.  It rose up from his big nuts and finally rested on his stomach, pulsatingly hard.  He took it in his hand and stroked it up, then down.

“You like that?” he asked with a smirk.  I was frozen, I couldn’t do anything but stare. “C’mon, man,” he implored.  All the air seemed to have been sucked out of the room.  My mind was glued to his dick.  “I could really use some head, it’s been a long trip up here.”  I watched him stroke it, my inhibitions clouding up and floating away.  I watched myself get on the floor in front of him.  I took that big dick in my hand and stroked it, before sliding my lips over the head.

“Fuuuck, that’s it,” Donnie moaned as I slid him in my hot mouth, carefully wrapping my lips around my teeth, thinking of what would feel best for him.  I took his dick as deep as I could into my throat, and slid slowly back up.  The taste of him – slightly salty and meaty – did something to my mind.  I went miles past the point of no return, and just started bobbing up and down on his meat like a starving man.  Donnie put his hands on the back of my head and urged me along as I sucked his meat.

“Holy shit Stevie, your mouth feels so fuckin good,” he said.  I took out my own cock and stroked it as I sucked him, my throat accepting more and more with each pass.  I ran my hands through his thick, dark pubes, then reached up and felt his smooth stomach, his tight body.  I cupped his balls in my hand.  He really seemed to get off on that, so I bent lower and took them in my mouth.

“Oh fuck yeah, lick my balls,” he moaned.  “Take them in your mouth,” he said, so I did.  I would’ve done anything for him then.  “Get back down on my dick,” he said, and I sucked him tight and steady, tasting the pre-come that issued from his big cock.

Donnie really started taking control, shoving my head down into his lap, then holding my head steady and full-on fucking my mouth.  He deep-dicked my throat and I took every inch.  I was crouched on the floor with my ass spread out behind me, feeling the cool air on my hot asshole.  Though Donnie was getting closer by the second, I knew I wanted more.  I came off his dick and looked up at him.

“You want to fuck my ass?” I asked.  Donnie gave me a surprised smile.

“You serious?” he asked.

“Yeah I’m serious,” I said, taking off my clothes the rest of the way and getting up on the couch.  I spread my ass out for him.  It’s a nice ass, I know, because I keep in pretty good shape.  It’s firm and smooth and I’ve got a tight pink hole.

Donnie must have liked what he saw, cause he kind of chuckled and slapped my ass.  He kept his hands on it, rubbing my cheeks apart, gazing at my butthole while he stroked his dick.

“You really want my cock in there?” he said teasingly, slapping his big prick against my pulsing hole.  He rubbed and jabbed his blunt instrument against my anus, and I squinched down, giving the head of his dick a kiss with my sphincter.

“Fuck yeah, man,” I said.  “There’s some lube in the closet.”  I keep it in the TV room, next to my dildo, for when I’ve got a few hours of private time.

“You’re a fuckin freak, ain’t ya Stevie,” Donnie said as he lubed up my asshole.  He slowly slid a finger inside.  I moaned. “You like that?  Damn, you’re a real slut,ain’t ya?”

Donnie lined up his cock with my asshole and started to push it inside.  He really took his time.  I was almost sure he’d never fucked another guy before, but he must have had good practice with the ladies, because he knew what he was doing.

After a minute of prodding he managed to pop the tip of his cock inside me.  Both of us moaned in appreciation.  Slowly he slid more of his dick up in me.  I took it with enthusiasm.

“Holy shit, Stevie, I’m fuckin you in the ass,” Donnie said.  I was beside myself.  It’d been so long since I’d had a real dick up my ass that I’d almost forgotten how different the feeling was.  Donnie grabbed my firm ass cheeks with both hands and buried his dick in me to the hilt.  I could feel his wiry pubes and his balls against my ass.

“Fuck yeah,” Donnie moaned, fucking me with insistent, solid strokes.  “Oh, man, I can’t believe I’m fuckin you in the ass.  So fuckin hot.”  I couldn’t believe it either – my hot brother-in-law had me bent over the couch and was sliding his dick into my asshole while our family slept upstairs.

Donnie got bolder and bolder until his hips were pounding into me, sending his dick deep inside of me, fucking me roughly, like a cheap whore.  I couldn’t get enough of it.  I knew he respected me, but this was different, we were getting off on playing our roles, and how.

“Gettin close, man,” Donnie gasped.  I stroked my rock-hard cock wildly while my brother-in-law had at my ass.  I wanted him to cum in me so bad, and I knew it was wrong, but I couldn’t help it.  I couldn’t remember a time when I felt more alive, every one of my senses attuned to what was happening, total sensory overload.

“Cum right in me, man.  Fucking shoot your load in my ass,” I said.

“Fuck…gonna cum…shit…fuck…AAAH!” Donnie yelled.  He grabbed me tight, slammed his dick in as deep as it could go, and filled me up with a thick shot of his cream.  I could feel him unloading into me, as he groaned through his teeth, his breath coming out in raggedy staccato gasps.  More and more of his hot load poured deep into my ass.

I was almost surprised to realize that I was cumming, too, my load spraying like a fountain all over the wife’s brand-new leather couch.

“Fuck…fuck,” Donnie gasped, falling on to me, his sweaty body slapping against mine.  He fell back on the couch and I sat my come-filled ass next to him.  We caught our breath and regained our composure.  I looked at his beautifully naked, heaving body, slicked sheen with sweat, his still-thick, softening cock resting between his legs.

When I looked up, Donnie’s face was right next to mine, and suddenly he was kissing me, sliding his tongue into my mouth to meet my tongue.  And then, just as soon as it had happened, it stopped.  Donnie shook his head back and forth and laughed.

“Damn, Stevie!  I didn’t know you could take a dick like that,” he said.

“I didn’t know you could fuck an ass like that,” I said, and we laughed together.  I almost had to shake myself back into reality, to think that my wife was still upstairs, that soon I’d be crawling into bed with her.

“I guess we’ll have to make good use of each other, then,” Donnie said.  “Maybe tomorrow if we get a minute.”

“Whenever you want,” I said, and I meant it, though I wondered if it would be enough.