Doctor’s Orders

Pt 1

My stepdad came with me to my physical. He’d always taken an interest in my development. “I just want to hear them say what a fine specimen of manhood you are,” he joked, grabbing my shoulder in a way I liked.

The doctor was around my stepdad’s age but where my stepdad is a blond, burly guy the doctor was dark-haired, fit, and very handsome. He let my stepdad come into the exam room and had me strip to my underwear. He listened to my lungs and heart. I could feel his breath on my face as he looked inside my ears.

Next he had me take off my underwear and checked for hernias. I got a boner like I always do when I get naked. My stepdad says not to make a big deal of it, that it’s natural thing I don’t have a lot of control over. But it’s a big dick so it’s, like, noticeable.

“He’s in great shape,” the doctor said. My stepdad smiled big. “But,” the doctor added, glancing down at my throbbing dick, “He’s clearly in need of some attention he isn’t getting.” He turned to me. “Do you masturbate?” he asked.

“All the time,” I said. The doctor laughed and my stepdad did, too.

“But you’ve never had sexual attention from another person?” the doctor asked. I shook my head. He turned to my stepdad. “It’s very important for young men to get that external stimulation,” he said, and had me lie back on the table. “Come over here,” he said to my stepdad as he put on gloves and grabbed a tube of something from a tray. He squirted it in his palm and squished it around.

My stepdad got close. My boner was towering in the air and pulsing. “It’s not much different from the technique that you use on yourself when you’re masturbating,” the doctor said, wrapping his lubed, gloved fist around my cock. I gasped. My stepdad looked at me. Then he looked back at the doctor as he began to stroke my cock. “Even, slow strokes – maybe faster if the patient seems to tolerate it well,” the doctor said, increasing the speed of his hand up and down my prick. “And when the patient needs stimulation as much your boy seems to, it usually doesn’t take long to achieve the desired effect.”

My stepdad gazed in awe at the doctor as he jacked me off with a sober face, his hand moving as if it were just another procedure he had to get through before he moved on to the next patient.

“So you want me to…do this?” my stepdad said.

“Well you could always bring him into the office,” the doctor said, jacking slow then reaching down to feel my balls, gathering my nuts up in his palm in sliding his fingers underneath them. “But it’s just as easy to do it at home,” he said, his fingertips going lower until they pressed the edge of my asshole.

“Oh!” I said, and my stepdad looked at me. He smiled and I smiled back. The doctor went back to dutifully pumping my prong.

“Sometimes I recommend the mother perform this, but in his case I think this is the way to go,” the doctor said, giving my stepdad a wink. Of course I’d never really come out to my stepdad, but I think he knew. “Would you like to give it a try?” the doctor said, but my stepdad shook his head.

“No…I think I’ve got it,” he said.

“Shouldn’t be much longer, now,” the doctor said. His hand dipped between my legs again and this time his fingers directly dragged across my sensitive hole. I gasped again. “He clearly reacts well to anal stimulation, so that will help him achieve release in a faster time – like, for instance, if you need to finish before his mother returns home,” the doctor said.

“Good to know,” my stepdad said as he came a little closer. The doctor was rubbing his fingers against my smooth, aching hole. My stepdad placed his hand on my chest, caressing it tentatively at first. Finally he went for my erect nipple, tweaking it gently as the doctor resumed pumping my cock.

“Nipples are a great area to work as well,” the doctor said approvingly. “All over body worship is good – whatever it takes,” he added, running his hands up and down my smooth, muscular body. My stepdad joined him and their hands met at my chest where they each pulled at my nipples. “And if you’re willing there are many more things you can do to help him release his sexual energy and to make that release even more satisfying and cathartic.” All of the stimulation was definitely bringing me close to the edge. I raised my hips to meet the doctor’s movements and moaned.

“Like what kind of things?” my stepdad said. The doctor looked at him. Their faces were close.

“Kissing, for instance,” the doctor said. “A gentle kiss, or a passionate one, can be all it takes to get a patient that release they need,” he said, moving his other hand to my asshole as he continued to jack my cock.

“I’m willing to give it a try,” my stepdad said to me. I was too overwhelmed to respond. As the doctor began to press his fingers to my asshole my stepdad brought his handsome face close to mine. The doctor kept a steady rhythm on my cock as he increased the pressure to my hole, until finally the tip of his finger popped inside me. At the same time my stepdad touched his lips to mine. It was a soft kiss at first, then it became more firm. And as I began to shoot – a huge rope of cum that flew up out of my cock and into the air – my stepdad touched his tongue to my lips, which I opened so I could take it between them.

“There we go,” the doctor said. “That’s what you needed. Get it all out, release that pressure.” Jizz was flying fast and furious. My stepdad kissed me harder, made out with me like we were in love or something, until my load subsided and the doctor released my erection from his hand.

Then the treatment was over, I guess. The doctor cleaned me up, took off his gloves and washed his hands.

“Alright!” the doctor said. “Any questions?” I looked over at my stepdad. His face was flushed and his cock was hard in his pants.

“How often do you think he’ll need it?” my stepdad said.

“Probably once a day, maybe more, depending…” the doctor said thoughtfully. “And like I said: you can always bring him back here for treatment, where I can show you some other techniques.” My stepdad nodded.

“And you’re sure it’s…medically necessary?” my stepdad said.

“Quite,” the doctor said.

“Sounds good to me,” I said, and my stepdad and I went to the front desk to make a follow-up appointment.

Pt 2

About a week after my doctor’s appointment I was watching a movie with my mom and stepdad. It had some sexy parts in it and I kept getting boners in my sweatpants. I saw my stepdad looking over at my lap, then his eyes caught mine.

After Mom kissed me goodnight my stepdad stuck around my room. “Looks like you’re in need of another, uh, treatment…like the doctor said…” he said quietly, looking down at the floor then back up at me.

“I guess so,” I said.

“Well, when your mother falls asleep I’ll come back in and we can take care of that, okay?” he said.

I was hard as I waited for him. He seemed nervous when he came in, shutting my bedroom door behind him and locking it. “Alright, I don’t have gloves but I do have lube,” he said, flipping the light switch on. He had me get naked and stretch out on the bed. Then he squirted the lube in his palm like the doctor had. “Okay,” he said, shuffling on his feet. He sat awkwardly next to me on the bed, glancing nervously at my throbbing teen prick. “Ready?”

“Yeah,” I said. He took a deep breath then took hold of my cock.

I shivered. “Is that okay?” he said, and took his hand away.

“Yeah, it’s just your hand was a little cold,” I said.

“It should warm up pretty quickly,” he said, wrapping his palm around my cock again. I took a deep breath as he began to stroke. Here was my stepfather, jerking me off – I never would’ve believed it, but I trusted the doctor.

“He said ‘Nice, even strokes,’” my stepdad said. “That feel about right?”

“Y-yeah,” I said shakily. His fist pumped me slow and steady, up and down my cock, the lube making squishy, rhythmic sounds in the otherwise quiet room.

“Oh, I almost forgot, he said anal stimulation was important, too,” my stepdad said. “So…” he said, moving his other hand between my legs. “I guess I just feel down here,” he said, moving his fingers toward my asshole. He touched it and I moaned. I couldn’t help myself. “Best to stay quiet, son, we don’t want your mother to wake up,” he said as he pumped my dick.

“Sorry,” I said.

“That’s okay. Feels good?” he said.

“Yeah,” I said, which was an understatement. My burly stepdad’s fingers were pressing against my smooth asshole while he jacked me off. I was in heaven.

“I guess we could try kissing again, too,” he said. “Do you think that would help?” I tried not to nod too enthusiastically. I’d been thinking about making out with my stepdad nonstop since my appointment. “Great,” he said, and leaned forward. He brought his lips to mine. I kissed him back and lust took over and soon he was making out with me. I knew he was getting turned on, too, because his tongue was pushing into my mouth and he was moaning some.

I started to cum and he broke the kiss to watch it fly out of my dick – ropes and ropes that coated my body.

“Good work,” he said, taking his hand out from between my legs. He wiped his hand on his shorts. “You all good?”

“Yeah – thanks,” I said. He smiled and gave me a kiss on the cheek. I could see the boner in his pants as he stood up and walked out of the room.

It became a nightly thing. He would come into my room after my mom went to sleep and take care of me. Sometimes, if he saw me getting boners around the house, he’d be real casual about it and say something like “Should we take care of your needs real quick before Mom gets back?” Then he’d take me upstairs and jack me off, always pressing his fingers into my butt and making out with me till I came.

Truth be told, most of the spontaneous boners I was getting were from thinking about him. And after a while I started to get frustrated because I wanted more. My stepdad would get hard every time. I wanted to see his boner, maybe touch it, too. But I didn’t know how to ask for it and it wasn’t something the doctor had recommended.

Thankfully we had our follow-up appointment that Wednesday.

“How’s it been going?” the doctor said once we were all in the exam room.

“Good,” I said. The doctor turned to my stepdad.

“Any trouble with keeping his needs under control?” the doctor said.

“No, not really,” my stepdad said. “I’ve been doing the kissing thing…anal stimulation…”

“Good,” the doctor said, and turned to me. “That’s working out for you? You’re feeling fully satisfied, getting a good release?”

“Yeah…well…I guess sometimes I am wanting more…like you mentioned other techniques that might work?” I said.

“Absolutely, and we can work on those today,” the doctor said, smiling as he felt the glands in my neck. He listened to my breathing then had me strip down.

“So this is a little unconventional,” he said to my stepdad, “But it’s extremely effective. Go ahead and get up on all fours on the table,” he said to me. “Like that, with your rear perched out.” I did as instructed, spreading my firm teen butt out until my cheeks parted and the cool air hit my hot hole. That made my dick – already hard as nails – throb.

“Many of my patients take very well to additional anal stimulation. It may seem unhygienic but as long as the anus is relatively clean there’s not reason not to use your tongue. The sensation it provides is exceptional,” he said, brushing his fingers up and down my exposed crack and hole as he talked.

“My…tongue?” my stepdad said.

“Yes – just as if you were pleasuring a woman orally,” the doctor said, pressing the pad of his thumb to my hole. My stepdad came closer. “Here, I’ll demonstrate,” the doctor said, and he leaned forward and put his face next to my butt. Then he extended his tongue and touched it to my asshole.

I moaned, loud. It felt like sliding into a warm bath. My cock throbbed. The doctor flicked his tongue against my asshole, he swirled it around, he pressed until I felt myself opening and the tip of his tongue slipped inside. I moaned even louder now, I couldn’t help it – the feeling was too intense.

The doctor stood upright. “Just like that,” he said, his breath heavy. “And if you stimulate his penis at the same time the release will be quick and satisfactory.” The doctor demonstrated by eating my ass some more while he jacked me. I noticed he hadn’t bothered to put on gloves and that, combined with the stimulation he was giving me, made me get close. He sensed it and stopped.

“Would you like to try?” he said to my stepdad.

“Sure…” my stepdad said. They switched positions and the next thing I felt was my stepdad’s tongue carefully licking my ass.

“Don’t be afraid to really get in there,” the doctor suggested, and my stepdad dug his tongue deeper inside me. “Here, I’ll help you with stimulation from the front,” the doctor said and he began to stroke me while my stepdad ate me out. The longer my stepdad did it the more he got into it, his tongue going deeper and deeper. I knew his cock had to be hard – it got like that every time he “treated” me. When I thought about his cock going into me like his tongue was, I started to cum.

“There we are,” the doctor said, dutifully pumping my prick as I shot cum all over the crinkly paper on the exam table. “Perfect release. Nice work.”

“Wow that really is a lot of cum,” my stepdad said. The doctor shook the last drops from my cock as my stepdad stepped aside, wiping his mouth.

“Really the more variety you can provide the more effective the release is going to be for him,” the doctor said, going over to the sink to wash his hands.

“So do you have any other suggestions?” my stepdad said.

“Sure – another unconventional one, to be sure…” the doctor said as he raised the table so I could sit up. He began to wipe the cum off my smooth chest with paper towels. “Visual stimulation can be a potent addition,” he said to my stepdad. “Try getting naked with him during the treatment. Your own excitement will only serve to heighten his, as well,” the doctor added, looking right at the boner in my stepdad’s pants.

“I see,” my stepdad said. I think he was embarrassed that he got hard during our sessions because we’d never talked about it.

“Make another appointment for two weeks from now and you can let me know how it goes, and whether we need to bump up our approach. Sound good?” the doctor said.

“Sounds good,” me and my stepdad said.

Pt 3

My stepdad’s tongue was deep in my ass and his fist was working overtime on my cock. But it had been over ten minutes and I still hadn’t cum.

“Your mom will start wondering where I am,” he said when he came up to catch his breath.

“Sorry,” I said. It wasn’t that I was trying to hold off, just that I kept wanting more. Getting my ass ate out every night was amazing, and my stepdad seemed to like it too (though he never said it). One day when Mom was out at the grocery story he licked my ass for a good hour, and leaked so much precum that the front of his pants got wet.

“Maybe we should try what the doctor suggested – visual stimulation,” he said.

“It couldn’t hurt,” I said, trying not to sound too enthusiastic. My stepdad lifted his shirt of his big, burly chest and furry armpits. He tossed his shirt to the floor and ran a hand across his round stomach.

“You really think it will help?” he said.

“The doctor said it would,” I said. My stepdad nodded and lowered his sweatpants. His cock was hard and it bounded out. It wasn’t huge but it was thick, and leaky, nestled in a bush of blondish hair. His legs were tree-trunk thick and the sides of his butt were rounded and firm. He stood there awkwardly for a moment, his cock throbbing.

“Maybe lie on your back, then?” he suggested, I guess so I could get a good view of him while he treated my hard-on. So I flipped over, my ass still wet from his tongue, and he leaned over me, his cock pulsing and leaking as he jacked me off.

“I feel like we’re missing the anal stimulation, though,” he said after a moment.

“Maybe get down between my legs on the bed,” I suggested.

“Good idea,” he said. “Maybe lift your legs like this,” he said, and raised my legs over my head so my hairless asshole was exposed. Then he dug his tongue back inside me as he jacked me off. I liked looking at his thick and muscled nude body, his hairy butt spread out behind him.

“Maybe try some kissing?” he said, and leaned over me. His whole naked front laid atop mine as he began to make out with me. I could feel his hard cock pressing against mine. We really got into it, humping our cocks against one another as we kissed. I liked how his hairy chest felt against my smooth one.

“Here, let me try something,” he said, and raised my legs up again, resting his hard cock in the crevice of my ass. He went back to kissing me, then, riding his cock along my smooth crack. I pressed my butt back against him and, at one point, the head of it caught on my hole. I could imagine it going inside. He was moaning and so was I and suddenly I was cumming all over us, just from having my cock rub against his hairy belly.

“Whoa,” he said. “Guess that did the trick.” And he smiled at me.

That became our routine for the rest of the week – my stepdad humping against me, his cock teasing my asshole, our whole bodies connected as we kissed – and I came buckets every time. “It really seems effective,” my stepdad said, his cock still leaking and dripping. Sometimes I wondered if his balls got as sore as mine had before he’d started “treating” me: the doctor said it could happen to men of any age if they weren’t getting a regular release. “Still,” my stepdad said as he wiped my cum off his stomach. “I wonder if we should consult the doctor about this new technique we’ve come up with, and get his perspective on it.”

The doctor was glad to see us.

“Everything going alright?” he said.

“Yes,” my stepdad said. “However a week or so ago we noticed his release was becoming harder to achieve, so we started doing some other stuff and I guess I was wondering if you thought it was, well, appropriate.”

“Great, what sort of stuff?” the doctor said.

“Well I tried the visual stimulation – getting nude, like you suggested,” my stepdad said.

The doctor turned to me. “And was that helpful for you?” he said.

“Definitely,” I said.

“But I didn’t want to neglect the anal stimulation, and the kissing, and it just made sense to do it all at once, so I started to…well…it’s hard to explain,” my stepdad said.

“Why don’t you show me?” the doctor said. “Go ahead and take off your clothes,” he said to me. “I’ll lower the table so you can demonstrate.”

“Should I get naked too?” my stepdad said.

“I think that would be prudent. That way you can show me exactly what you mean,” the doctor said.

“I guess so…” my stepdad said, hesitating.

“Would it make you more comfortable if I was nude, too?” the doctor said. My stepdad thought about it for a moment.

“I guess it might,” he said.

“That way we’re all on the same page,” the doctor said as he and my stepdad began to strip. I was already nude and hard and when they began to get naked I started throbbing. It was such a thrill to watch the doctor take off his lab coat, lift the stethoscope from his neck, then remove his suit – tie, button-down shirt – till he was in just his tight black briefs. He had a beautiful body – fit and muscled, not as hairy as my stepdad but with dark hair across his pecs. The doctor lowered his briefs as my stepdad did, and his cock was half-hard, his pubes trimmed, balls shaved bare.

“There we are,” the doctor said. “Now, quick question before we begin,” he said, glancing at my stepdad’s erection. “Do you always get this aroused when you’re conducting your treatments with him?”

“Uh…” my stepdad said, looking hurriedly at his own boner. His face went red. “I don’t know…”

“It’s perfectly natural,” the doctor said. “Here, let me take a look.” The doctor set his firm, naked butt on a rolling stool and wheeled over to where my stepdad was standing. He took my stepdad’s big, hairy balls in his hand. My stepdad jumped a little. “Just relax,” the doctor said. “I’m feeling for any abnormalities,” he added as he gently rolled his balls in his hand. Then felt up my stepdad’s erect shaft, palpating it. When he got to the tip a big drop of precum oozed out and rolled down the cock shaft.

I was amazed to see that the doctor’s cock rising, too.

“Hm,” the doctor said, cradling my stepdad’s nuts in one hand while he squeezed his cock with the other. “I’m thinking that you may need a release as much as your boy, here. Do you get regular sex from your wife?”

“Maybe once or twice a month,” my stepdad said, glancing nervously at me.

“Well that’s not really adequate – I mean, you see how often your stepson needs it.”

“I guess so,” my stepdad said.

“We’ll be sure to take care of you before you leave the office today,” the doctor said, giving my stepdad’s boner one last stroke. “And perhaps we can explore ways for both of you to achieve a release at the same time. But now, why don’t you show me the technique you’ve been trying out?”

“Sure,” my stepdad said. His hard-on bobbed as he came over to me on the table. “Basically I’ve been, you know, administering stimulation to his penis, like you taught me,” he said, grabbing hold of my dick and stroking it.

“There’s lubrication on the tray, there,” the doctor suggested. His cock was standing straight up but he wasn’t paying any attention to it.

“Oh, okay,” my stepdad said, and squirted some lube in his hand, then wrapped it back around my cock. My breath came out all shaky when he started stroking me; it was always more intense when the doctor was watching. “So yeah, just like this. And then to provide the anal stimulation and the kissing at the same time I’ve been – here, son, let’s show the doctor,” he said, and I opened my legs so he could get up on the table in between them. “I’ve been using my erection to simulate his anus, I guess,” my stepdad said, pressing his cock against my asshole.

“Oh that’s really clever,” the doctor said.

“Then, this way I can lean over him,” my stepdad said as he demonstrated, “And kiss him while I do it.”

“Show me,” the doctor said, standing and coming closer to get a better look. My stepdad leaned forward and began to make out with me as he humped his cock against my asshole and stroked me.

“This is a really good technique,” the doctor said. My stepdad broke the kiss and looked up at the doctor. “But I’m going to offer you a few ways to make it better.”

“Great,” my stepdad said, breathlessly.

“First thing that comes to mind is lubrication – it can really add to the stimulation. Lean back a little?” the doctor said, and my stepdad backed up to where his hard, red boner was jutting out. The doctor uncapped the tube of lube. “Lubrication, applied to your penis as well as your son’s anus, will really help, I think.” My stepdad watched as the doctor lubed up my cock with his bare hand, then applied more lube to my asshole.

“Now try it again,” the doctor instructed, casually tweaking his own boner with his lubed fingers. My stepdad began pushing his cock against my slippery asshole. I started groaning right away, which made them both chuckle.

“See?” the doctor said. “And how’s that feel for you?” he said to my stepdad.

“Uh, pretty good,” my stepdad said.

“Good,” the doctor said. He crouched low to observe my stepdad’s boner, riding against my hole. “I think you’ve got a pretty good technique going here. Don’t be afraid to stimulate his anus with the end of your penis, I think it will hasten the release for both of you.”

“The end of my penis?” my stepdad said.

“Maybe I can demonstrate,” the doctor said. He switched places with my stepdad. I was pretty excited because I’d been fantasizing about the doctor for weeks. He had such a handsome face and a hot body. His boner was a bit bigger than my stepdad’s, too. He mimicked my stepdad’s position on the table, applied lube to his cock, then slid it along the crevice of my upturned ass.

“You can allow the penis to press more tightly against his anus, stretching it slightly,” the doctor said as he directed the head of his boner to my pink asshole. My stepdad crouched low to watch.

“I see,” my stepdad said.

“Combine it with the kissing and palpating the genitals and I think the release will be more than satisfactory,” the doctor said as he leaned forward to demonstrate, pressing his lips to mine. His face was scratchy and his lips were soft, he opened them and his tongue entered my mouth. I started moaning into his mouth, I couldn’t help it.

“He’s getting close,” my stepdad said.

“Indeed he is,” the doctor said, starting to sweat a little as he humped my ass. “Now observe how the head of my penis wants to enter his anus? It’s a natural response so don’t be afraid to go with it, just a bit…” the doctor said, pressing as he spoke until, finally, the head of his cock sank inside me.

“Oh!” I called out.

“Just like that,” the doctor said, his breathing heavy, holding still as my asshole clenched around the tip of his cock. “Just the tip of my erection, stimulating the anus with a stretching action that just…well…” he said, stopping because my cock began to pulse and explode in his hand, issuing ropes of cum that shot up four feet and showered back down over my face and chest.

“Wow,” my stepdad said.

“See?” Extraordinarily effective,” the doctor said, watching passively and stroking dutifully as my balls emptied. When I was finished the doctor removed his penis from inside me and stood up, wiping sweat from his brow. He turned to my stepfather. “Now, if you time it correctly, you can use that stimulation from his anus to achieve your own release, which you can feel free to deposit right inside him.”

“Inside?” my stepdad said.

“Sure,” the doctor said. “It will feel great for you, and make cleanup that much easier,” he said as he began to wipe down my smooth, cum-covered body with a paper towel. “You guys can figure it out I’m sure. But, for now, I think we’d better get your stepdad up on the table,” the doctor said to me. “I wouldn’t want him to leave the office with that,” the doctor said, smirking at my stepdad’s boner.

“Oh…yeah…sure,” I said, and got down from the table. My stepdad hopped up and laid back.

“Let’s both help him,” the doctor said, and he raised my stepdad’s legs in the air so that I could lick my stepdad’s asshole while the doctor stroked his boner. Getting my tongue in my stepdad’s hairy, pink hole was something I’d never thought I’d get the chance to do. It wasn’t but a few minutes, however, before my stepdad was shooting all over the place. “There we go,” the doctor said.

“Uh…should we help you out?” my stepdad said once the doctor had cleaned him up. I looked over at the doctor’s hard-on, which definitely needed attention.

“Don’t worry about me,” the doctor said as he began to put on his clothes. “I need to get to my next patient. But let’s follow up in a couple weeks and see how it’s going.”

“He’s a good doctor,” my stepdad said as we left the office. “Thorough. Don’t you think?”

“I guess so,” I said. The fact was, my cock was already getting hard again thinking about what we’d done, and I was wondering if the doctor’s methods were really helping me or just making it worse.

Pt 4

“Is this working?” my stepdad said, looking up at me from between my legs. His handsome face was red with exertion, mouth wet from licking in and around my asshole.

“Yeah, it’s good,” I said. He stopped jacking my cock and stood, stretching out his hairy, muscular body.

“Sorry,” he said. “Getting a little stiff in that position.” His fat erection bobbed gently as he extended his arms over his head.

“Should I help you?” I said. He looked down at his boner, like he hadn’t realized he was hard until just then.

“Sure…” he said. “We could switch places.”

“Cool…I thought of something else we could try, too,” I said. I had him get on the bed next to me, on his side, and positioned myself so that his head was between my legs and vice versa. “I figured like this we can, you know, stimulate each other at the same time.”

“Oh yeah, great idea,” he said. I got between his thick thighs and dove my face in his butt. “Oh!” he said, sounding like the wind got knocked out of him. “Yeah, yeah, I see…” he said, letting me lick his slick, hairy hole for a minute before he dove his face back into my ass.

“And we can…uh…apply stimulation to our penises at the same time, too,” I said, squeezing my face back between his solid cheeks and lapping at his hole while I jacked his cock at the same time.

“Mmph,” he groaned and followed my lead, both of us licking each other’s asshole and stroking each other’s cocks.

“That’s pretty good,” he said after we’d sixty-nined for a while. “Even got me pretty close. Should we try the doctor’s insertive technique again, though?”

“I guess so,” I said, trying not to sound too enthusiastic. This had become my favorite thing. My stepdad never put his cock into me too deeply, but just the feeling of having his cock head stretch out my hole never ceased to make me cum immediately. So far we hadn’t been able to time our orgasms so that he could shoot in me, too, but it wasn’t for lack of trying.

“I got your, uh, anus wet with my spit so I don’t think we need any lube,” he said, smiling down at me as he took his position between my legs, lining his cock up with my hungry asshole. He got the head right up against it and then leaned down to make out with me, stroking my cock as he did.

“That good?” he said, breaking the kiss and looking into my eyes, all breathless. These were the moments I was starting to live for, when me and my stepdad were this close.

“Maybe more anal stimulation,” I said, and with a groan my stepdad pushed the tip of his cock into me.

“Oh fuck,” he said under his breath. Those little expressions of lust had been coming more often lately, ever since the doctor had prescribed the method of my stepdad putting his cock inside me. “There you go. It’s inside. That better?” he said.

“Yeah,” I said, breathlessly. I let my asshole squeeze around the end of his cock and watched his eyeballs roll back in his head. He made out with me and I could feel the head of his cock throbbing inside of me. “Maybe a little more stimulation?” I said.

“Like this?” my stepdad said, and pushed another inch of his cock into me. It was as deep as he’d ever gone.

“Yeah,” I said. “Maybe keep going…” My stepdad’s eyes bored into mine as he continued to sink his cock inside me, inch after fat inch stretching my virgin asshole. “Yeah, yeah,” I said, encouraging him to go all the way. His hand was still around my cock but he wasn’t stroking it, perhaps distracted by the way my asshole was gripping his cock. “Keep going,” I said.

“Oh fuck,” he said again. “I’m in you all the way. Oh my god,” he said. I could feel his hairy balls against my ass, the thick root of his cock stretching me almost to the point of painfulness. “Oh my god!” he said again and he got this helpless look as I felt his cock swell and begin to shoot. “I’m cumming. I can’t hold it off. Oh fuck, oh fuck…” he said, staring in my eyes as his cock unloaded inside of me.

My cock began to shoot at the same time, just from feeling him cum inside of me. He looked down at it, almost bewildered as my cock pulsed and erupted in his hand. After the first couple shots he regained his senses and stroked as the last couple spurts came out.

“Good boy, good boy,” he said, leaning down to make out with me as our orgasms subsided.

“Well, we finally managed to achieve our releases at the same time,” he said as he slipped on his bathrobe. I couldn’t believe it: my stepdad had just put his entire cock into me, and came in me, too. “We’ll have to tell the doctor the good news at our appointment on Friday.” And with a kiss goodnight on my forehead, he left my room to get back in bed with my mom.


The doctor was pleased. “You released inside of him? Every drop?” he said, subtly tweaking his cock under his lab coat.

“Yes,” my stepdad said. “We’ve been able to do it pretty consistently since then, too. But the thing is, I insert my penis much deeper than you initially suggested.”

“That should be fine,” the doctor said. He turned to me. “Has it been uncomfortable for you at all?”

“No,” I said. “Sometimes I feel a little sore afterwards but it’s, like, a good sore – if that makes sense.” The doctor stroked his chin and nodded.

“I’m sure it’s fine,” he said. “Even still, best to do an examination, just to make sure.” He recommended we all get naked, again – the better to make me feel more comfortable – and had me bend over the exam table so my butt was spread.

“Just inspecting the area,” the doctor said, running his gloveless fingers over my asshole, which made my cock – already hard from seeing the doctor’s beautiful naked body and thick, swinging cock – start to throb. “Looks good. Tight,” he said, tapping on it. “Let’s do an internal exam,” he said and applied lube to his finger. My stepdad got close to watch the doctor slide his finger inside of me.

“Everything seem okay?” my stepdad said.

“Oh yes,” the doctor said, pushing his finger in all the way. “The anus is a remarkable organ, it can withstand a lot. Why don’t you show me how you insert your penis into it?” the doctor said, nodding at my stepdad’s fat boner.

“Yeah?” my stepdad said.

“Please. I’d like to observe how his anus stretches to accommodate it,” the doctor said, squirting lube in his palm and unceremoniously wrapping his fist around my stepdad’s cock. I heard my stepdad take in his breath as the doctor stroked the lube onto his cock. Then the doctor stepped aside.

“Well, I usually go pretty slow,” my stepdad said, and I felt him press his cock head against my hole. “Just like…that,” he said, the head of him popping inside. I gasped.

“Note how his breath quickens,” the doctor said, resting a tender hand on my shoulder. “How’s that feel?”

“Intense,” I said. “But good.”

“Go ahead and push the rest of the way in,” the doctor said. My stepdad complied. I could hear him panting as the last thick inch of his cock went inside me.

“So yeah,” my stepdad said. “It’s pretty much like that. Except I stroke his cock and make out with him while I do it. Usually we both, you know, release like this.”

“Well I’d say it’s a success, then,” the doctor said. I looked back to see that the doctor’s cock was rising, his thick rod rising from its nest of trimmed dark pubes. “Like I said, the anus is a robust organ and it can take a lot. Here – let me show you something. Go ahead and pull out.” My stepdad slid out of me. “See how relaxed his anus is now, loose and ready for more. Now this is not to denigrate your manhood, which is impressive, but my penis is significantly thicker than yours. Watch how easily I insert it.”

And with that I felt the doctor press his cock to my asshole and slide it inside – smooth and steady, in one stroke. It stretched me out so good. I was leaking precum onto the crinkly exam table paper.

“See what I mean? Took it no problem,” the doctor said to my stepdad.

“Yeah, wow,” my stepdad said, and I felt his fingers touch the area where my stretched-out asshole wrapped around the doctor’s cock.

“Now you might even try adding to the stimulation when you’re inside him by thrusting a bit,” the doctor said, and demonstrated by moving his cock just slightly out of me, and back in. I groaned.

“Oh…” my stepdad said, watching the doctor fuck. “We’ve never tried that.”

“No?” the doctor said, his thrusts getting deeper. “It’s a perfectly natural response.”

“Yeah I guess I…I’ve thought about it.”

“Feel free to go with it,” the doctor said, and began to slide his cock out of me but just before he was out completely he slid himself back in. “Ah…see? It’ll feel great for both of you and only enhance the release.”

“Wow,” my stepdad said, and I could sense him watching intently as the doctor pumped his penis in and out of my ass. “It’s okay to…fuck him, then?”

“Well, I wouldn’t call it that,” the doctor said, running his hand up my smooth ass and lower back as he pumped his cock into me. “Fucking is what you do with your wife. This is merely a technique to release both his and your built-up sexual pressure. Would you like to give it a try?”

“Sure,” my stepdad said. They switched off and my stepdad began to fuck me. The mood in the room got quiet and intense as they traded off, taking turns fucking my ass as the doctor offered advice suggested new techniques. I was so turned on, my cock throbbing and leaking on the table.

“Don’t be afraid to enjoy it,” the doctor said as my stepdad fucked. I saw the doctor lay an encouraging hand on my stepdad’s ass as he fucked me. “Try out some different positions, see what works for both of you.”

“What kind of positions?” my stepdad asked.

“Well that’s up to you guys,” the doctor said, and turned to me. “Are there any that you would like to try?”

“Well, I was thinking being on top might feel good,” I said.

“Let’s give it a try,” the doctor said. He had my stepdad get on the exam table on his back, and I got on top and crouched over him. The doctor helpfully held up my stepdad’s cock so that I could more easily sit on it.

“There you go,” the doctor said once I got my stepdad inside me all the way. “Now go ahead and bounce on it.” I did as instructed, my hard cock barely moving as I rode my stepdad. “Great. How’s that feeling for you guys?”

“Really good,” I said.

“Great,” my stepdad said. “I…actually…fuck I’m gonna cum.”

“That’s alright, let it out,” the doctor said, and quickly lubed up his hand and applied it to my cock. He stroked me as my stepdad came inside me with a groan. I’d gotten used to how it felt: his thick cock going deep in me and widening, stretching me just a bit with each shot of his load. With just a few strokes of the doctor’s hand I was cumming, too, my cum showering my stepdad’s hairy chest and stomach.

“You guys are really on the right track,” the doctor said as he cleaned us off. “Let’s schedule one more follow up appointment but then I think you both should be good to go.”

I felt a little disappointed to hear that. The doctor’s cock was deflating, even though he hadn’t cum. More than anything I wanted to make him cum, too. But it didn’t seem to be a priority for him – I guess because he was a doctor, he really was just focused on healing others. I could respect that.