Cut Copy Story

I have not been able to stop listening to Cut Copy‘s 2011 album Zonoscope. A couple weekends ago a friend invited me on a hike, so me and three other guys drove an hour or so outside the city and through a small Pennsylvania town which is all ripped up by fracking. We found a dirt road that led to some railroad tracks, and we hiked along the tracks until we got to a bridge over a river. The bridge was just like that bridge in the movie Stand by Me (well, except smaller and less dramatic): basically just tracks, with spaces between the ties. If a train comes, nowhere to run but the other side. Well after we crossed that bridge and went a ways there was another one just like it! Super fun even though my friend Bill was freaking out. We came to a swimming hole in a creek, beautiful flowing water over tiered rocks, and baked in the beautiful weather. Across the creek the rednecks pulled up in their four-wheelers, drinking beer and liquor from flasks. I felt fear – but just a little bit. Fear and lust are so easily confused, after all.

It was a wonderful adventure and in the passenger seat as we drove home, I felt singular. I put on some music of Bill’s – Cut Copy’s Zonoscope, only because I liked the album cover and I’d heard a bit of one of their songs and it sounded good. “Excellent choice,” Bill said as it kicked into gear, this zooming synth song that instantly took me away. We turned it up real loud and listened all the way through. When I got home I downloaded it and I listened to it nonstop for four days. I’m fond of the last song, which is fifteen minutes long and drones and rides just how I like it.

I love reading criticism and press. The first review of Zonoscope that I looked up was Pitchfork’s, and here’s what Tom Briehan had to say in the first paragraph: Somewhere in the world, someone is probably road-tripping to a swimming hole with this album playing… [link] Weird, right?