By Natty Soltesz

“Let’s get right to it,” Kevin said, slapping his palms together.  “You boys know why you’re here.  It’s always an adjustment, bringing new guys to the team.  But Toby and I have faith in you.”

Peter and Carl shifted uncomfortably in their chairs, glancing at the white box sitting on the couch between Kevin and Toby.  All Peter knew was that these two alpha male gods of the crew team had told him (and Carl, the other frosh recruit) to show up at their off-campus apartment that evening if he knew what was good for him.  The rest was all legend, murky stories of homoerotic hazings past that gave Peter a fluttery sense of anticipation.

Poor, mousey-haired Carl just seemed afraid.

“We know that you’re physically capable to row with us,” Kevin continued.  “Now we have to find out where you stand mentally.  Toby and I set the stroke and it’s up to you guys to keep up.  That requires respect on your part, and a willingness to follow orders.  Understand?”

The freshmen nodded.

“Good,” Kevin said, flashing a shit-eating smirk on his handsome, darkly stubbled face.  His black hair stood erect from the top of his head.  He wore a sleeveless shirt, showing off his powerful arms and the brush of dark hair on his chest, arms, and back.

Toby wore the same uniform as Kevin – sleeveless shirt and mesh shorts.  Toby was just as muscled as Kevin, but was short and compact – a redheaded powerhouse package.

“Toby, why don’t you show the boys what we have in store for them?”  Kevin said.  Toby opened the box.

“Donuts?” said Carl.

“Smart boy,” Kevin said.  He turned to Peter.  “You like donuts?”

“Uh…sure,” Peter said.

“That’s good.  Cause today, you two are going to be eating these.  As many as you want, really.”  Kevin looked at Toby and they cracked up.

“Thing is, you’re gonna be eating them off our dicks.”

Carl’s jaw dropped.

“No way—” he started to say, but Kevin held up his hand.

“Dude, don’t even bother.  You’re not exactly essential to the team at this point.  Act like a pussy, and we’ll see to it that you get dropped.  Or do as we say, and we’ll have ourselves a good little time.  Choice is yours.”

Carl looked to Peter, who just shrugged his shoulders.

“Alright then?” Kevin said.  Carl sank back into his seat.  Toby and Kevin were smiling like Cheshire cats.  “Alright then,” Kevin said.  “On your knees.”

Kevin and Toby had discussed it earlier – the donuts were so fat and puffy that they barely had holes in the middle.  If they were going to get them on, their cocks were going to have to be hard.

“Big deal,” Kevin had said.  They were a couple of horny, virile jocks – it wouldn’t be difficult to get it up.  And besides, they’d agreed, it added an extra dose of humiliation to the whole thing.

Now they reached into their shorts and started working their dicks as Peter and Carl knelt before them.  Both of the freshmen had been captains of their respective high school crew teams and had the lean, toned bodies to show for it, but their bodies did not compare to the mature mass of Kevin and Toby.

Kevin was hard in no time – funny thing was, he’d sort of had a fatty all day, anticipating this.  Toby looked at the tent in Kevin’s shorts as he stoked up his own erection.

“Alright boys, hope you’re hungry,” Kevin said, and they pulled down their shorts.  Neither was wearing underwear, and Peter’s eyes widened as two hard, hairy cocks bounced straight up into the air.  Kevin’s was rock-solid and veiny, a cocky-looking thing that fit his personality.  Toby’s was meatier, his auburn pubes were trimmed and neat.

Each took a plain sugar donut and pressed the center of the greasy confection to the head of their dicks, sliding them on.  They looked at each other, donuts hanging on their dicks like a ring-toss game, and laughed.

“Peter – scoot closer to Toby.  Carl – get over here,” Kevin directed.  Despite the look of dramatic disgust on Carl’s face, he did as he was told.  Both waited for instructions; two hard, donut-clad dicks in front of their faces.

“Fuckin eat ‘em, man,” Toby said.  Peter leaned in.  There was the sweet, yeasty smell of the donut, but the musky scent of Toby’s sweaty crotch was underneath that.  Peter reached out with his teeth and pulled off a chunk.  It was fresh and actually tasty.

He looked over to Carl, who had his nose turned up and was queasily swallowing the small bit of donut he’d removed from Kevin’s rigid pole.

Peter’s nose brushed against Toby’s prick as he went in for another bite.  Toby’s cock jerked at the contact.  Peter managed to dislodge the entire donut, and he sat back to finish it.

Carl was having more difficulty.  He’d eaten the majority of it, but the sheer rigidity of Kevin’s cock was keeping the final chunk pressed tight against his abdomen.

“Gotta get it all,” Kevin said.  Carl went back in.  He had to wedge his nose and mouth behind Kevin’s cock to get at it, and he scooped it out with his tongue, which grazed the side of Kevin’s cock.  He swallowed it quickly.

“Are we done?” Carl asked.

“Not yet,” Kevin said.  “We said eat all of it.”

Looking at the granules of sugar glistening on the shaft of Toby’s cock, Peter had an idea of where this was going.

“That means all of it.  Sugar included.  I’m not walking around with a sticky dick.  Clean ‘em off.”

Toby laughed incredulously.  This hadn’t been part of the plan.

Peter looked at Carl, expecting him to put up a fight.  But even though that comical look of disgust was still plastered on Carl’s face, he immediately leaned in and ran his tongue up the underside of Kevin’s dick.  It took everybody off guard.  At first Peter thought that Carl just wanted to get it over with, but then he noticed the rod that lay down the leg of Carl’s jeans.  That was a surprise, even though he had thrown a bone himself.

Everyone stared as Carl ran his tongue from the bottom to the tip of Kevin’s cock, finally sucking the head in between his lips, puckering up the last granules of sugar and leaning back to wipe his mouth.

Kevin let out his breath.  The sensation of Carl’s mouth on the head of his cock had sent a dollop of precum to the tip.

Peter hadn’t even begun.  He looked up to Toby who nodded, go ahead.

Peter took Carl’s lead and boldly licked the sugar from the sides of Toby’s shaft.  It wasn’t the first time he’d licked a cock, but the combination of sugar and salty skin was undeniably hot.  When he slid his lips over the head like Carl had, tasting the creamy bit of precum from the tip, it crossed his mind to just keep going.

But Peter knew the game all too well.  He’d been playing some form of it ever since he’d hit puberty.  First there was his best friend in junior high, who could only jerk off with him when porn was present.  Then there was his jock biology partner who loved it up the butt, but needed to get drunk first.  There was always more to these guys than met the eye.  To get anywhere, you had to play by the rules.

Kevin lanced another donut on his dick, and Carl devoured it in record time.  He immediately began licking off the sugar, his eyes closed, focused solely on the task as though his mind was miles away.

“Fuck…” Kevin said.  He caught his breath as Carl sat back on his heels.  “Alright,” he said.  He shook his head a little.  “Okay.  Next task.”  He reached into the box and pulled out a donut hole.  These had been Toby’s last-minute suggestion at the donut shop, and the idea had cracked both of them up.

“I’m sure you can guess what these are for,” Kevin said, his smirk returning.  “C’mon, man,” he said to Toby, and the two of them kicked off their shorts and bent over the couch, raising their butts in the air.  Kevin’s ass, Peter noted, was firm and hairy, just meaty enough to be called a bubble butt.  Toby’s, however, was a thing of beauty – two pert, smooth loaves of tan jock ass.

Chuckling for good measure, the two guys wedged the donut holes in their cracks, good and deep.

“Alright guys, get to work.”

Peter’s lips brushed against Toby’s ass cheeks.  Toby shivered a little as the donut hole was dislodged, and although the order hadn’t been given, Peter went right to licking off the sugar, too.  When his tongue made contact with Toby’s asshole, Toby gasped and his hips bucked.

Fuck,” Toby whispered.  Kevin was already inserting a second donut hole.  Carl went in for it, parking his face between Kevin’s cheeks and munching up the donut.  He licked off the sugar, too, and Kevin bucked and groaned just like Toby had.

Toby inserted another.  This time, when Peter’s tongue hit Toby’s butthole, he let it linger; working the coarse, melting sugar against the slick skin of his sphincter.  Toby bucked harder into Peter’s face and let another slow moan escape his lips.

Peter glanced over to Carl to realize that he was doing the same thing to Kevin.  They were both unabashedly eating ass, their tongues working further into their teammates’ holes as they got bolder and the atmosphere in the room turned a corner.

First Kevin then Toby shifted their legs apart to allow the freshmen better access to their butts.  Peter lapped at Toby’s fine behind, turning his head to the side to insert his tongue into Toby’s pulsing pink slot.  Carl worked his tongue roughly against Kevin’s dilating hole before licking down along his rounded taint.  He lapped up Kevin’s hairy balls, then swung underneath his body and slipped his lips around Kevin’s rock-hard cock.

Peter spread Toby’s ass wide and stuffed his face inside, reaching underneath Toby and stroking his still-hard dick.  Peter could feel things starting to ramp up, so he slipped his own dick out of his pants and stroked it.

Kevin looked down at Carl, who was dutifully taking his cock down his gagging-but-eager throat.  He thought of all the sorority sluts he’d also let bob on his knob.  A minor revelation began to form:  it didn’t matter if it was a girl or a guy.  They were all sluts, anyway; cock-hungry whores who were ravenous for his meat, who couldn’t wait to suck a rich, nourishing load out of his nuts.  He let his cock slip out of Carl’s mouth and dragged its drippy head across his lips.

Toby kept glancing at Kevin, his best friend; taking in his tightly formed body, the way his flat stomach curled in with his thrusts, the look of concentrated pleasure as he thrust his rigid prick in and out of Carl’s sloppy mouth.  He never imagined Kevin would let a guy suck his dick…never thought Kevin would be willing.

He focused on the overwhelming sensations he was getting from his ass, pushing his butthole back against Peter’s rigid tongue.  How good it would feel to have more pressing back against there…like Kevin’s fingers…Kevin’s cock…

Kevin looked over at Toby, at his smooth arched back, his tight little butt sticking up in the air as Peter rimmed him out.  His gaze met Toby’s.  Their faces were close together, their orgasms imminent, and the time just seemed right.  Kevin leaned in toward Toby, taking his head in his hands and pulling him closer.  They kissed lustily, their tongues dueling in each other’s mouths as their orgasms took over.

Kevin was the first to go.  He plunged his dick deep into Carl’s mouth and unleashed his load.  Carl choked a little, but managed to drink it down as fast as Kevin dished it out.

A few seconds later, Toby’s butthole spasmed around Peter’s tongue and hot ropes of jism issued uncontrollably from his cock as Peter stroked it out.  Toby and Kevin sucked face, moaning as the last of their loads drained from their balls.

Peter felt ready to pop himself and made a quick decision to get as much out of this as he could.  He stood up, aimed his cock at Toby’s perfectly spread ass crack, and shot a hot thick load right down the center.  It ran gooily down Toby’s hole and dripped off of his balls.  Peter got down and licked the warm cream from Toby’s pulsating ass, reveling in the horny taste of it all, leaving just a few drops for Toby to remember him by.  Then he backed off and Kevin and Toby broke apart.

“Uh…good job, guys,” Kevin said, feebly trying to resurrect the tone.  But that was long passed.  The truth was that the chemistry of all four boys in that apartment had created a scene that none of them could have anticipated.

Kevin and Toby pulled up their shorts.  Peter buckled his pants.  Carl just knelt there, blinking as if awoken from a dream.  There was a wet spot on his jeans.

Peter suspected Carl would have a hard time reconciling his behavior with his day-to-day reality.  He figured things with Toby and Kevin might be awkward for a little while, too.  It was always the same thing – like when the come shot out of their nuts it took with it some chemical from their brains, the chemical that helped them cope with their desires.

Even as Peter basked in the afterglow of his orgasm, he could feel something inside of him begin to go stale.  Kevin and Toby were both sheepishly waiting for Peter and Carl to leave, all of their previous bravado depleted.  There had to be more to sex than this.

Peter grabbed one of the remaining donuts and bit off a chunk.

“See you at practice tomorrow,” he said to Kevin and Toby.  They nodded toward the floor.

“C’mon, Carl,” he said, grabbing him by the arm and leading him out of the door.