Crazy from the Heat

By Natty Soltesz

We could’ve blamed it on any number of things:  the heat wave, the booze, the fact that none of us had gotten laid that whole summer (back home after our first year of college), or the fact that Don’s parents were out of town.  But in the end we had to admit that, all rationalization aside, we’d enjoyed the hell out of it.

“So we liked jacking off with each other, that doesn’t mean we don’t like girls,” Neil philosophized as we laid by the pool.  Neil’s dad was a politician, and he’d inherited his darkly handsome good looks as well as his skill at rhetoric.  “It doesn’t mean anything, except that it’s hot to jack off with your friends.”

“Definitely,” I agreed.

We looked to Don, who just shrugged and nodded his head.  Don was always quiet and unassuming, and could’ve easily been mistaken for a burn-out if it weren’t for his tall, athletic body and blond good looks.  Still, watching Don jack off had brought out a side of him that neither Neil nor I could have imagined.  He’d gotten really into it, running his hands all over his golden-haired, muscled body, tweaking his nipples and fondling his balls.  When he shot his load he yelled out so loudly that he scared the birds out of the trees.  It was something to behold.

“I’m into trying it again if you guys are,” I said.  I guess I was the moderator of the group, always keeping things in check, though I was the youngest of our friends. Neil had admitted to me earlier how hot it had been to watch me jerk off, with my baby face and smooth body (“It made me feel nasty, like I was beating off with my little brother or something,” he’d said.  “The fact that you’ve got a huge dick didn’t hurt, either.”).

“So it’s settled, then,” Neil said, crushing his beer can.  He nodded toward Don’s house.  “Who’s up for another round?”


Since Don’s parents weren’t due back until tomorrow, we delved into his dad’s porno collection.  Soon we had a hot video running, and even in Don’s air-conditioned family room things were getting pretty steamy.

“Almost forgot,” Don said, jumping up from his chair.  His hard-on bounced around in his mesh shorts.  He returned with a flask of tequila.  “My dad left this here.”

We sat next to each other on the couch, thigh-to-thigh – it made it easier to pass the bottle.  A few swigs later we were checking out the rods in each other’s shorts.

“Let’s do this,” Neil said, and we all began taking off our clothes.  Neil had an awesome body – hairy in the right places, mature-looking, with a nice fat cock to match.  We kept the bottle going around as we slowly stroked our cocks.  There was a major sexual electric charge in the room, and it was clear that we all wanted this to last.

Our inhibitions lowering by the minute, we started showing off, draping our legs over each other and holding our cocks up in the air as we stroked.  Don had the smallest cock of any of us, but he made up for it with his egg-shaped, blond-haired balls.  Neil still seemed fascinated by my exceptional endowment.  I noticed the way his fingers kept veering the space underneath his nuts, rubbing the space where his dick met his asshole.

“Fuck your dick is big,” he said.  “Isn’t it?” he asked Don, who nodded in agreement.  I held it out proudly for them to inspect, and was slightly shocked when Neil reached over and took it in his hand.  “Feels amazing,” he said, stroking it up and down.  “Try it,” he said, holding it out to Don.  They both started taking turns copping feels of my dick.  I figured they deserved some attention too, so I took a cock in each hand and started stroking them as they worked on me.

Don seemed to respond to my hand the most, so I focused on him, hefting his big balls while I worked on his dick.  Don laid back, thrusting his hips and working his dick into my fist.  He ran his hands up his body, pinching the hard pink nipples atop his pecs.

I was totally focused on jerking off Don, when I felt something even warmer than Neil’s hand slide down my dick.  I looked down to see Neil’s head in my lap, my cock disappearing into his mouth.  It felt so incredible, I had to lay my head back on the couch and catch my breath.  Neil pressed his tongue firmly against my dick as he took it down, stuffing as much as he could in his throat before coming back up.  I’d never had a blowjob like this before, and I couldn’t believe I was getting it from my best buddy.

I looked over at Don’s dick.  I thought about it.  I knew it would feel as good for him as it was feeling for me.  Succumbing to my curiosity, I leaned forward and tasted the head.  He had a sticky drop of jizz on the top, and I licked it up before sliding the rest of his dick in my mouth.  The taste of it made me horny as hell.  Don let out one of those great lusty moans that seemed to come from the depths of him.  It felt natural to suck his dick, and soon I was bobbing up and down on his succulent prick, loving the feel of it in my mouth.

I felt Don’s hands on my head, urging me along as I blew him.  I was digging it so much, I barely noticed when Neil got off the couch and knelt before me, taking my balls into his mouth and running his tongue underneath them.  He lifted my leg, and I felt a flutter of excitement when his tongue flirted with the rim of my asshole.

Following Neil’s cue, I slipped my tongue beneath Don’s balls, tasting the musky sweetness of that forbidden zone.  Neil’s tongue continued to slide downward, and my heart beat impossibly faster as he started to lick my butthole.  Soon I had my own tongue swabbing against Don’s slick pucker.  The taste and feel of it was turning me on, and I started eating him out just as good as Neil was eating me out.  Don moaned louder and tried to push my head lower, but the angle at which we were sitting was all wrong.

So Don got on all fours on the couch, presenting his blond-haired ass to me, and I got on all fours behind him.  I had to admit Don’s ass was beautiful – firm and muscled, with a clean pink crevice in the center.

I spread open my smooth ass for Neil, and his tongue went straight for my asshole.  I thought I’d lose it right then and there. Something about eating out Don made me incredibly hot – my face was getting all sloppy as I worked my tongue all over his crack, mashing it against his spongy hole.

I took hold of Don’s rock-hard dick and he let out the loudest moan of the night so far.  Then Neil started to stroke my cock, and I couldn’t help it, either – I cried out, my moans muffled by Don’s ass.  The feeling of complete abandon – spreading my butt like this for my buddy, letting him work his tongue inside – combined with the feel of his hand working my dick was almost too much to bear.

I knew I was getting close and I could tell that Don was getting there, too.  He was riding my tongue like a bronco, his hip movements simultaneously bucking his hole on my tongue and riding his dick in and out of my fist.  We were both going to hit it, I was sure, and that’s when Neil decided to back off.  He stood up, and we turned to him, confused.  He must have seen the frustrated look on our faces, because he immediately started explaining himself.

“Look, I know this is going to sound crazy; but I figure, if we’ve gone this far, what’ve we got to lose by going all the way?”  The realization of what he was getting at slowly dawned on me.

“You mean…”

“Gay guys take it up the butt all the time, right?  So they must enjoy it, it can’t be all that painful or nobody would do it.”

“I don’t know, man,” Don said in his soft voice.  “I’ve never had anything up there before.  I mean, aside from your tongue just now, I guess…”

“It’ll just be an experiment,” Neil continued.  “We’ll take it slowly, we’ll go easy on each other.  And if it actually works out – Jesus Christ, can you imagine?  We’ll never have to worry about getting pussy again!  We’ll have each other, and that means no dates, no money spent, no bullshit.  Just fucking some nice, hot ass whenever we want.”

Don and I didn’t say anything, but it was clear that our dicks had already decided for us.  Neil, gamely putting his money where his mouth was, volunteered to go first, and it was decided that Don would be the one to de-virginize him.

We got some lube that from Don’s dad’s nightstand, but we didn’t use rubbers because we figured we knew each other as well as any lovers ever would.  And besides, it wasn’t like we could get each other pregnant.

Neil got on all fours on the floor.  He had a wide, hairy butt and a clean, pink asshole.  Don started by sinking his finger inside, and Neil took it well, breathing heavily, his cock still rock hard and pulsing.  The finger-fucking seemed to really flip Don’s switch – his cock got really red, the juice from it running down his shaft and dripping off of his nuts.  “It’s so fucking tight,” he marveled.

“Just put the head against my asshole; push against it a little but not too hard.  I’ll take care of the rest,” Neil said.  Don did as instructed, and I watched in amazement as Neil pushed back.  First the head of Don’s cock sunk in, and then – as if encouraged by the way it felt – Neil sat back until the rest of Don’s turgid dick had disappeared into his butt.

“Are you okay?”  Don asked.  Neil paused and caught his breath.

“I’m fine.  You can try fucking me a little, just go easy.”  Don slid it out and pushed back in.  I smiled to myself when both of their eyes rolled back in their heads.

“It’s so good man, holy shit it’s so fucking gooood,” Neil moaned.  Don picked up the pace, but he seemed hesitant to really go for it.  He looked to me.

“Dude, you should see Neil’s face right now.  It’s okay, really.”

“Yeah man,” Neil said breathlessly.  “Fucking go to town on my ass.  Use it like you own it.”

Those seemed to be the magic words, and Don started fucking Neil’s ass like a dog in heat.  He worked Neil’s ass like I’d never seen him work anything, his strong arms grabbing Neil’s shoulders as he thrust in and out of him.  Maybe Don was born to fuck, I mused as I watched his tight ass cheeks flex, his big nuts slapping against Neil’s butt.

I jerked my dick as I watched them fuck.  Neil’s eyes wandered over to me, and I could tell by the way he looked at my big dick that I’d be getting sloppy seconds.

“It’s so good,” Don said.  “I’m gonna cum, dude, I don’t think I can hold back.”

“Fuck yeah, shoot in his ass,” I said, totally getting off on the thought that I’d be sticking my dick in that sloppy hole next.  Don grabbed Neil’s ass firmly and fucked him with abandon, humping his ass with tough, even thrusts.  He yelled out into the room as he unloaded into Neil’s butt.  Even Neil’s cock let out a few spurts of thin, clear come without him even touching it.

When Don went outside to wash himself off in the pool, Neil smiled and wiggled his ass at me.

“You might as well have a go at it while I’m all primed up,” he said, his hard dick bouncing as he twitched his used hole.

Even still, I took it slowly at first.  I didn’t want to hurt him.  But his well-fucked ass was obviously ready for another cock, and I slid in pretty easily.  It was tighter and hotter than anything I’d ever felt, and sticky from Don’s copious load.

“Y’alright there, Neil?”

“Fuck man, feels like a log is stuffed in my guts.  Give me a few seconds.”  While I waited, Don came back into the room to watch us.  Amazingly, he was hard and stroking his dick all over again.

Once Neil got used to my cock I was able to fuck him six ways to Sunday.  I made sure to go slow so I could make it last and try out a few positions.  I got on the couch and Neil sat on my lap and rode my dick like a pony.  I stroked his cock, running my hands up his sexy body and pinching his nipples while he fucked himself on my dick.

Eventually we got on the floor and I laid Neil down on his back, propping his legs up on my shoulders as I worked my big dick in and out of his ass.  I’d never had a piece ass as sweet as this, and I was loving every minute of it.  Neil worked with me, both of us getting so lost in the fuck that I barely noticed it when Don got behind us.  First I felt his tongue in my ass, then he worked his tongue down to where my cock was riding into Neil’s ass, slurping at the spot where my shaft slid into Neil’s stretched hole.

“I’m gonna cum in you,” I whispered into Neil’s ear.  He turned his head to mine, our lips brushing dangerously close to each other.

“Cum in my ass, dude.  I want you to, so bad.”  Those words – and Don’s insatiable lips and tongue working against my thrusting shaft – sent me past the point of no return.  I clamped my lips down on Neil’s mouth, and his tongue rose up to meet mine.  We made out like lovers as my dick gushed its load up into his butt.

I felt Neil’s ass clench around my dick and I realized he was cumming too, his load spreading out between our bodies and sticking us together.  Don ate the come that was dripping off of my balls and out of Neil’s raw hole.  Then he laid beside us, and we wrapped our arms around each other, all inhibitions thrown to the wind as we made out three ways.  I knew our life at college would never be the same.


We passed out at some point and awoke to the sound of Don’s parents entering the house.  The three of us sat up, looking around in terror.  We were spread out buck naked on the floor of the family room, covered in dried cum, the bottle of lube sitting next to us.  The room reeked of sex.

“Don…?” I heard, just before his dad’s head poked into the room.  His eyes widened as he registered what he was seeing.

“Jim?” Don’s mom said from the other room.  “Is Don here?”

“No…” he slowly said.  “He must be out with his friends.”  He turned back to us and his face spread into a conspiratorial grin.

“No worries, boys,” he whispered.  “I’ll keep her occupied while you get yourselves together and get out of here.”  He began to shut the door, but he must have noticed the looks on our faces because he stopped and laughed.  “It’s this heat,” he said.  “Makes everyone go a little crazy, eh?”

All we could do was nod our heads in shocked agreement.