BroJob: The Post

Ever hear of a Brojob?:

Think about this scenario. Imagine you’re having a boy’s night out at a friend’s apartment. Playing some poker, shooting the sh!t, all of that. Pop in a movie, have some beers, you know the drill. Now the night is getting to that point where everyone’s just completely chilled out, not an ounce of tension in the room. Then, you’re thinking, ‘man would i like to get off’. you’re just imagining how relaxing it would feel, how perfect a climax it would be to such a great night. Little do you know, or maybe you do know, that all your friends are thinking the same thing.

Brojob Rules:  “A BroJob isn’t just a free-for-all–it has rules.”

Bromance Consummated with Brojob:
Austin, TEXAS—A long-simmering relationship between two bros in this free-wheeling Texas college town was finally consummated, sources close to the bros reported. The consummation occurred sometime around 11:40 yesterday evening, after a Shins concert.

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