Breathe In Breathe Out

By Natty Soltesz

Sam Bennett, sighing, filed away the last of the police reports for the day.  He looked at the clock: it was midnight.

Jesus, it’s been a long day, he thought to himself.  Being the chief of police in Harmony certainly kept him busy, but it was the paperwork that really got to Sam.  It had been a particularly slow day, and though he relished not having to go save someone from the fires of hell or fight off demons for once, the endless deskwork he had to catch up on had exhausted him.  Sam was a man of action, and was most happy doing something physical.  He stretched out his bulky, solid frame and rubbed his thick fingers across his lantern jaw.

“Guess it’s time for bed,” he said to himself absently, eyeing the leather couch in his office.  It had been two weeks since Grace had kicked him out of the house, and Sam was getting tired of working and living in the same space. He unbuttoned his police shirt, then stripped off his white undershirt.  His chest was broad and muscled, nearly hairless, with pert pink nipples perched atop his massive pectorals.  He stripped his tight pants off of his thick legs and stood in his white boxer briefs, reaching down to adjust his copious bulge.  His thick biceps bulged as he lightly massaged his tired body.

What has gotten into Grace, anyway, he thought.  He didn’t feel as though he was personally responsible for her miscarriage, but nothing he said to Grace seemed to matter.  She treated him coldly every time she saw him, and Sam was getting tired of trying to win back her affection.  He was also incredibly horny, as it had been weeks since he’d had sex.  His already sour mood worsened as he thought of Grace and how much he missed her.  He laid down on the clammy sofa and put his thick arms under his head. “Fuck her,” he muttered under his breath, and closed his heavy eyelids.

Just then a knock came at the door.  Who the hell could be at my office at this time of night? Sam thought, as he rose off the couch and walked to the door and opened it.  There stood Miguel Lopez-Fitzgerald, one of the younger residents of Harmony and younger brother of Sam’s top policeman, Luis Lopez-Fitzgerald.  Miguel seemed startled to see the hulking mass of Sam nearly naked, and Sam noticed that he quickly glanced at the bulge in his briefs.

“Sorry, Chief Bennett, if this is a bad time I can come back…” Miguel said.

“Come on in, Miguel. I was just getting ready for bed but it’s no big deal,” Sam said.  He liked the handsome young man, and he had gotten to know him better after he had started dating Charity, Sam’s live-in niece.  Miguel seemed troubled about something, and Sam rather enjoyed the prospect of having a conversation after working alone all day.

“I didn’t mean to just show up like this unannounced, but…” Miguel said, haltingly.

“It’s fine Miguel, really.  Have a seat.”  Miguel took a seat on the couch and Sam sat next to him.

“So tell me, what’s on your mind?” Sam inquired.

“Well…”  Miguel said, “It’s actually a complicated story.  I’m just feeling really confused,” Miguel said.

“What’s going on?” Sam asked, moving closer to Miguel so that their thighs touched.  Miguel sighed and thought of what to say.

“It’s just that I don’t have anyone to talk to about this really, because Luis is out of town and…I thought you could maybe help me,” Miguel said.

“With what?” Sam said.

“It’s about Charity,” Miguel said.  “Things have been going really good, and we’re really close and…in love.”

“Yes?” Sam said.

“And lately she’s been saying she thinks we should…y’know, like go all the way.”  Sam shifted in his seat, suddenly very interested in the way the conversation was going.  Miguel was a strapping young man, and Sam had often fantasized about what the young stud was capable of.  The thought of Miguel’s fat uncut cock pounding away at his niece’s tight young pussy was starting to get him excited.  He thought better of himself and concentrated on Miguel’s story.

“Yes, go on Miguel,” Sam said.

“So…I know that I want to, but I just don’t want to…mess things up.  You know what I mean?” Miguel said.

Sam cleared his throat and spoke in his heavy, masculine voice.

“I know what you mean, Miguel.  Sex can be very intimidating at first, but there’s really nothing to worry about.  You’re a very smart kid and you’ll do fine.   How far have you gotten with her?” Sam inquired.  Miguel was a bit startled to hear Sam talking so openly, and he stammered trying to think of what to say.  Sam leaned back into the couch and rested his heavy hand on his thick, tight midsection.

“It’s okay, Miguel, you can talk to me.  This is guy talk, and it goes no further than this room.  So tell me, what have you and Charity done so far.”  Frankly, Sam was a little surprised at himself for being as forward as he was.  But his horniness was getting the better of him and he found himself wanting to hear about these two sexy kids getting it on.

“Well,” Miguel began, “we’ve of course been kissing a lot, and making out…y’know, with tongue and all that.”  Miguel looked at Sam and they smiled at each other.

“And I’ve touched and licked at her breasts, and she really likes that.”

“Go on,” Sam said, feeling his heavy cock start to thicken.

“I’ve felt her…pussy, y’know, underneath her jeans a couple times but that’s about as far as it’s gotten.  One time I took my cock out for her and she felt it, but then she got scared and we really didn’t do anything else,” Miguel finished.  Sam moved closer to Miguel.

“You don’t have anything to worry about Miguel,” he said.  “If the two of you are ready, then you should go for it.  It might not be great the first time but believe me, it gets better.  Why, it practically took me less than a minute to come the first time I did it.  I was so embarrassed!”  They laughed together and looked at each other.

“So, you’ve never had your cock sucked or licked at her pussy?” Sam asked.

“No, God I’d love to, but it just hasn’t happened yet,” replied Miguel, who was himself starting to get horny from all this talk about sex.  He glanced hurriedly at the bulge in Sam’s boxer briefs, which was considerably larger than before.  Sam noticed and felt a twinge of excitement run through his body.  Maybe he’s interested in messing around, his horny mind plotted.  His hand absently reached down and cupped his warm package.

“Well, take things slowly, don’t force anything.  When it’s time, it’ll just happen,” Sam said, his cock almost rising to full erection.  Miguel’s eyes were fixated on Sam’s hand, as he began gently rubbing his engorged cock through his boxer briefs.  Miguel felt his thick pole beginning to fatten in his tight blue bikini briefs.

“Yeah, I know,” Miguel said, still fixated on Sam’s tented briefs.  “I just feel like I need some practice, or something, like a rehearsal before the big game, y’know?” he said, laughing.  Sam chuckled.

“Don’t you jack off, son?”

“Oh, yeah, all the time.  Too much probably.”  Miguel said.  Sam noticed the tent in the young studs’ jeans.  Jesus, he must be huge, he thought.

“Well, that’s good practice for you, there.”  Sam said.

“Yeah, but it can’t be close to the real thing.  I’d just like to feel something around this cock other than my hand, y’know?”  He laughed, grabbing his huge prick through his jeans.  A heavy moment of silence passed, thick with sexual tension.

“Well,” Sam said haltingly, “did you ever fool around with your buddies?  I know I did when I was your age.”

“Really?”  Miguel said, incredulous.

“Oh, yeah.  You know, when the ‘pussy well’ was all dried up where else was there to go?  I had a good buddy who loved to suck cock and did it extremely well.  I didn’t even mind servicing him every once in a while.  No big deal, just friends helping each other out,” Sam said.

“Wow,” Miguel said.  He was shocked.  He couldn’t believe a stud like Sam had ever sucked cock and messed around with other guys.

“Yeah, sure,” Sam said, now openly stroking his fully-hard prick through his underwear and rubbing the wet spot at the head.  “It’s just…y’know, guy stuff. I enjoy some dick every now and again.”  Now they were both openly stroking their hard cocks.  Miguel’s heart was beating through his chest, and there was a tightness in his throat.  Both knew what they wanted but Sam finally said it.

“So, I could, y’know, help you out if you’d like to get some practice before you get laid.”  Miguel swallowed the lump in his throat.

“Yeah,” he said nervously, “that might be a good idea.”  They watched each other slowly pump their clothed cocks.  They looked up into each other’s eyes, and finally Sam pulled Miguel’s head to his.  Miguel reached out for Sam’s thick, muscled shoulder as Sam forced his tongue between the young stud’s thick, juicy lips.  They kissed heavily and passionately.  Miguel felt Sam’s sandpapery jaw against his own.  They pulled apart briefly.  Sam looked into Miguel’s anxious eyes.

“It’s okay,” Sam said.  He reached down and rested his hand atop Miguel’s thick rod.  “You got one hell of a cock there, son,” he said.  Miguel sighed as Sam’s thick hand rubbed his denim-clad hog.  He reached for the top of his jeans and unbuttoned them, reaching inside.  Miguel gasped as Sam’s wrapped his thick hand around his warm uncut prick.  Sam was incredulous at the size of this young man’s cock.  He had to get a taste of it.

“Just lay back and relax,” Sam said.  He got off the couch and knelt in front of the boy, his thick ass cheeks parting under the combed cotton of his briefs. Miguel lay back into the couch, closing his eyes.  Sam lifted Miguel’s meaty ass off the couch and pulled down his jeans and underwear.

“Mmm, yeah,” he said, pulling the heavy foreskin off the top of Miguel’s beer can-sized dick.  Miguel moaned in pleasure.  Sam could wait no longer and engulfed the huge hog into his hot mouth, slathering his tongue over and under the velvety shaft and thick foreskin.  He ate Miguel’s cock like a fifty-dollar steak, savoring the taste as it slid down his throat and his lips touched Miguel’s thick black bush.  Miguel’s breath caught in his throat and he looked down in amazement, as the police chief swallowed Miguel’s honker down to its root.  His mouth felt like a velvet glove, and his rough tongue worked under the foreskin and pressed on Miguel’s thick, sensitive cockhead.

Sam worked the shaft up and down, loving the taste of this young stud.  He hummed in appreciation, giving Miguel’s cock even more stimulation.  He took the wet pole out of his mouth and licked at the head like a lollipop, then ran his tongue down to Miguel’s heavy, hairless balls.  Miguel gasped in delight.

“You got tasty balls, son,” Sam said, lost in lust.  He gently put both of Miguel’s pendulous balls in his mouth and rolled them around lightly, tonguing the heavy sack.  His hand reached around Miguel’s thick pole and stroked it tightly, manipulating the foreskin up and down.  Miguel did not think such pleasure was possible, and he moaned loudly in total ecstasy.

“Oh, Chief Bennett,” was all Miguel could say.  Sam tongued the underside of Miguel’s heavy sack, licking his slightly hairy choad and feeling the thick, hidden root of Miguel’s turgid erection under his tongue.  Miguel moaned even louder.  Sam ran his tongue up Miguel’s huge shaft and gave his fat hog a few more swallows.  He couldn’t get enough of the taste of this beautiful piece of meat, but he wanted to explore all of this tight young stud’s hot body.

“Take off your shirt, Miguel,” he instructed, as he pulled Miguel’s jeans and underpants off of his feet.  Miguel obeyed, lifting his heavy sweater and T-shirt off of his smooth thick boychest.  Sam ran his hands up the side of this smooth young stud and drank in the sight of him.

“Fuck, you’re one hot little stud,” Sam chuckled, thickly.  He ran his tongue across Miguel’s big nipples and flicked his tongue against the eraser-thick nubs. Sam laid his heavy, hot body on Miguel’s and they made out some more, Sam grinding his muscled ass and body into the young study’s body.  Miguel wrapped his arms around Sam’s smooth, rippling back and they thrust their tongues into each other’s yielding mouths.

“Lay down on your stomach, Miguel,” Sam said, breaking the kiss.  He put his heavy hand around Miguel’s waist and helped lower his body longways onto the couch.

“Yeah, just like that.”  He drunk in the sight of Miguel’s sculpted back.  This boy was so well developed, such a thick, padded body.  He wanted to devour him.  His eyes roamed to Miguel’s tan, bubble but.  Sam licked his lips in anticipation.  He caressed Miguel’s back and moved his hands down to his perfect, hot little ass, pulling the two cheeks apart to reveal a small amount of downy hair and tight, pink pucker.

“Mmmm…” Sam moaned, lightly running his finger across his clean asshole.  Miguel gasped at the sensation.  Sam caressed Miguel’s perfect ass cheeks before leaning in and bringing his face against this perfect specimen of male teen flesh.  He dove his thick face and jaws into the two fat cheeks, thrusting his tongue in until it found Miguel’s spasming pucker.

“Oohh!” Miguel gasped, shocked at the sensation of Sam’s thick wet tongue pushing at his tight sensitive asshole.  He felt Sam’s thick, rough cheeks and heavy chin rub against his ass.  He opened his mouth and ran his tongue across the smooth leather couch, suppressing his moans.  Miguel reflexively thrust his ass against Sam’s head, wanting more.   Sam obliged, eating Miguel’s ass like it was the best meal he had ever had.  Mexican food had nothing on this hot little Latin stud.

As Miguel relaxed his asshole loosened up more, and Sam was able to thrust his thick tongue deeper into the young stud’s velvety hole.  He licked up and down his hot crack, diving deeper and deeper into pressing his nose and face into Miguel’s yielding asshole.  He reached under Miguel’s body and grabbed hold of his heavy burstingly hard cock.

“Oh, Chief Bennett, I think I’m gonna cum,” Miguel gasped, unable to stand the pleasure Sam was giving him.  Sam took his head away from Miguel’s ass and stood up long enough to rip the briefs off of his huge ass and towering prick.  He moaned as he gave his now exposed cock a quick stroke, then he lay down on top of Miguel, placing his thick pole in between the deep crevice of the young stud’s thick ass.  Sam reached under Miguel and stroked his heavy uncut erection while he ground his own thick prick into Miguel’s hot ass.  They both panted in pleasure, no longer able to hold off the inevitable.

Sam gasped as his sensitive cockhead rubbed against Miguel’s tight little pucker.  With a final fierce thrust he ground his cock in between Miguel’s tensed ass cheeks, and started to shoot his heavy load in thick, white ropes which landed on the young stud’s tanned back.  Miguel, loving the feeling of Sam’s heavy hard member poking at his most sensitive area, felt his cock began to spasm.  Sam grabbed hard onto Miguel’s thick pole as it began shooting a heavy load of thick white teencum.  They came together, gasping, and Sam pulled Miguel’s face to his.  They engaged in a hot tongue kiss as the last of their loads pumped out of their spasming pricks.

Exhausted, Sam gasped and panted and he lay his heavy body onto Miguel, his cock still resting in between the young stud’s thick asscheeks.  He felt his warm load spread out between their hot bodies.

“Well, Miguel,” Sam said, “I guess that’s your first lesson.  See, even guys with experience like me have a hard time holding off their load, especially with a hot young stud like you.”

“I’m sure we can try harder next time, Chief Bennett.  I still have a lot to learn,” Miguel said, feeling Sam’s prick shrink against his ass.