Bradley Gets Fucked

By Natty Soltesz

Bradley went on and looked at his self.  His perfect, almost-naked body, pictured there for the world to see, was posed right next to the perfect, almost-naked body of his best friend Joe.  The title of the video told the story in a nutshell: “Bradley Gets Fucked.”

He clicked through the pictures – he looked good.  Joe looked good.  Their impossibly muscled bodies, the result of so many hours in the upper campus gym, showed off well.

He wondered if Joe had seen their page since it had gone up last week.  They hadn’t talked about it since they’d done the shoot almost a month ago.  Bradley had been the experienced one, the star; having done several solo videos for the site before.  When he’d been offered a thousand bucks to go all the way with another guy, the only one he could imagine doing it with was Joe.

He’d been surprised to realize the money felt like both a reason and an excuse.

Bradley gazed at a shot of himself bent over, his plump ass cheeks wrapped around Joe’s big dick, a look of pained pleasure on his face.  Had it all been acting? There was no denying that getting fucked had made him cum hard and fast – the proof was on video.  And maybe he could rationalize by saying it was the Viagra, but truthfully, hadn’t there been more to it?  Was it just the newness of feeling something up your ass?  Or that fact that that something had been Joe’s cock?

Bradley rubbed his half-hard dick through his workout pants.  There was Joe, on the screen, with his tongue in Bradley’s ass.  Bradley took off his pants, got on his bed and threw his legs over his head.  And without even thinking, in the absent and unafraid way we do secret things when we’re alone, he wet the tips of his fingers in his mouth, brought them to his clean, slick asshole, and reminisced.


That Friday night, after the bars had closed, Joe drove the two of them back to Bradley’s place.  It was where they usually hung out, being that Joe still lived in the frat house.  Bradley had made some good money doing videos, and he’d been able to get his own apartment, off campus.

The silence in the car seemed to set things on edge.  They were alone, half-buzzed.  For Bradley, the time seemed right.

“So, have you checked out the site yet?” he said.  “They put up our video.”

“No shit,” Joe said, shooting Bradley a smile.  “How do we look?”

“Pretty fucking good, I think.”

“Man, that was so crazy.”

“I know.  But not too bad, right?”

“Yeah, it wasn’t too bad.”  Joe shifted gears.

“So did you get, like, turned on at all?”  Bradley asked.

“I don’t know.  I know it felt pretty good for me.  You got a nice, tight ass.”  They both cracked up.  “What did you think of it?”

“I kind of liked it,” Bradley said, maybe wanting to shock him a little.  “I don’t know…having your dick up my ass sorta did something to me.  It kind of felt good.”

“Well, there must be a reason gay dudes like it, right?”

“Yeah, for real.  You were, like, hitting a spot up there or something…”

They laughed again, and before any of it had time to sink in they were at the 24-hour beer distributor, picking up a case as they did every Friday out of habit.

The night was hot, and Bradley stripped to his underwear as soon as they got upstairs.  The apartment was quiet and fraught with a strange kind of tension.  Bradley went into his bedroom, pulled up the site and called Joe in.  He leaned over Bradley’s shoulder, and they looked at themselves on the website together.  Bradley could smell Joe’s cologne.

“Crazy shit, huh?” Bradley said once they got to the end of the preview pictures.  Joe sat on the bed.

“So you kind of liked it, huh?”

“Yeah,” Bradley said, his hand idly dipping inside his underwear.  Joe had a huge smile plastered on his face.

“I’d fuck your ass again,” he said.

“I bet you would,” Bradley countered.  Joe just shrugged.  Bradley felt his dick starting to get hard.  “Actually, what felt the best was when you ate out my ass.”

“You liked that, huh?”  Joe said, standing up.  His fat shaft strained against the front of his shorts.  “I’d do that again, too.”

“For real?”

“Yeah, man.”

“You’re out of your fuckin mind.”

“Who cares?  We’re both horny.  Nobody’s gonna know.  We’ve done it before.”

“Yeah, for two thousand bucks,” Bradley said.  He knew he was protesting too much.  He couldn’t stop himself.

“Get up,” Joe said.  “Get on the bed.  I’ll eat you out, dude.”  Bradley chuckled, but he could tell Joe was serious.  So he shrugged, looked Joe in the eye challengingly, and pulled off his underwear.  He had a perfect ass, like a firm ripe peach.

“It’s clean at least, right?”  Joe asked.

“Yeah, fucker.  I just took a shower right before you picked me up.”  Bradley got on all fours on the bed, and presented his ass to his friend.  He kept his eyes down as Joe got behind him, took Bradley’s ass in his hands, and spread his cheeks open.  His butthole squinched uncontrollably.

Bradley half expected Joe to slap his ass and say the joke was on him.

But Joe didn’t hesitate.  He sank his face right into Bradley’s crack, his tongue going right for his bunghole.  Bradley gasped, and his cock spasmed.

“Oh, man.  Holy shit.”  Almost immediately he could feel that something was different from the last time.  Joe was eating him out like a starving man.  He licked and sucked Bradley’s ass with the enthusiasm of a guy who’s preparing something he’s going to stick his dick into; spearing his tongue straight inside, pressing the whole of his face until it was buried in butt.  His tongue did circles and divots in and around Bradley’s hairless, pink asshole, his lips smooching while his tongue darted in and out.

There weren’t any camera angles to worry about.  No one was watching, nobody had to see.  They could do whatever they wanted.

Bradley looked back and saw Joe fondling his hard-on through his shorts.  He thought about what he’d said earlier:  I kind of liked it.  You hit a spot up there. Had he revealed too much of himself?

When they’d fucked on film, it had been with a certain detachment.  They’d done what they had to do, gotten off, gotten paid.

But Bradley knew his friend’s reputation.  He’d heard Joe’s boasts that he could fuck all night, and moreover he believed them.  Now, it seemed like he was going to be on the receiving end of it.  Joe was going to have his way with him.  The thought of it was scary and thrilling.

Joe took off his shirt and undid the string in his shorts.  His heavy, uncut dick flopped out from a thatch of trimmed pubes, and bounced around as he slipped his pants off his feet.

Bradley flipped on to his back and drew his legs up to his chest.  He touched his hole and was surprised at how easily one of his fingers slid inside.

Joe laid his body onto his friend’s.  They crushed and ground their bodies together, their slab-like pecs and ripped abs pressing together, their pert nipples quickly catching on each other like pencil erasers.  Joe held Bradley’s legs up as he slid his fat peg back and forth against his hole.

He brought his face up close to Bradley’s, and for a moment Bradley thought they were going to kiss.  He was relieved when Joe turned to suck on his neck.  They had kissed in the video; that had been part of the deal.  Nothing about it had felt right.

Joe stood up, his heavy, leaking dick hanging like a baby’s arm from his body.  He grabbed Bradley by the thighs and scooted him to the edge of the bed, licked his hand, smoothed the spit on the end of his prick, and lined it up with Bradley’s soft anus.  He slowly applied pressure until Bradley relaxed, and about an inch sank inside. Bradley gasped and held his breath.

“My lube’s on the desk,” he said.


“In the drawer.”  Joe grabbed it, lubed up his dick and then Bradley’s ass, slowly sinking his fat index finger inside.  Bradley moaned, relaxed, let the finger in.

Joe got back into position, sank the head of his dick back in and, unable to resist the exquisite warmth and tightness of his friend’s asshole, quickly horned the rest of his cock up Bradley’s butt, balls deep. Bradley looked at him with wide eyes.  He wasn’t in pain.  What was he feeling?

There was no pretense this time, they were fucking to fuck, to get off, pure and simple.  Joe pumped Bradley’s ass slowly at first, finding a rhythm, and then going with it.  When he’d fuck in all the way, his hips jammed tightly against Bradley’s ass and thighs, Bradley would feel something come over him.  It sent him outside of himself. He was stroking his still-rock-hard dick, but the pleasure wasn’t entirely there.  It was coming from the inside.

Joe fucked without thought, without mercy; he was a man with his dick in a warm hole, and Bradley knew how good that felt, and empathized.  What pleased Joe pleased Bradley, and there was no reason to wonder, no reason to be anxious or concerned.  They knew each other, they knew each other’s bodies.  They were both enjoying the fuck out of this.

“Fuck me man,” Bradley uttered, and Joe obliged, sinking all of his nine inches into his best friend’s beefy butt, feeling Bradley’s asshole clench him tight.

Bradley looked into Joe’s eyes.  Joe was a good guy, but he was also kind of a lunkhead.  To see him fuck, though, was to see him in his element.  He worked his body fluidly, looking for all the world like a man who was born to fuck.

Bradley knew he was going to cum in spite of any efforts he made to hold back.  “Fuck me man,” he said again.  “Are you close?”

“Yeah,” Joe said, his hands grasping Bradley’s legs, holding them in the air as he took his friend from above.  “I can go at any time, bro.”

“Cum with me, man.  Cum in my ass.”  Bradley’s hairless balls scrunched up high in their sack.  Joe banged and banged, sending it closer for Bradley each time. Bradley wasn’t even stroking himself, and suddenly his come was pumping, his load shooting out of his cock and landing on his sweaty stomach.  Joe reached down to help his buddy pump it out, but it was too late and too sensitive, and Bradley knocked his hand away.

“Holy fuck.  Holy fuck,” Joe said, staring into Bradley’s eyes.  Bradley sensed the pressure building, and then he knew that Joe was letting go, grinding high and deep and shooting his come into Bradley’s ass; cumming inside, the way it was supposed to happen – not with the forced coldness of an obligatory come shot.  Joe let go of his legs and fell down onto Bradley’s sweaty body, his dick still firmly planted in his rump.

So what was next?  There were no cameras to stop rolling, no lights to shut off; certainly no money to collect.  Bradley breathed with his friend, felt their come sticking them together.  This had really happened.  He ran his hand down his friend’s broad back, and he wondered, if they were to fall asleep like this, would it be okay?