Biology Lesson

By Natty Soltesz

Just after the final bell rang and we’d all scuttled into our seats Mr. Christianson shut and locked the classroom door.  That was strange.

Stranger still was that the girls in Mr. Christianson’s eighth-period science class had been asked to report to Miss Latham’s room down the hall, while we boys were in our usual classroom.

Mr. Christianson faced us.  “So,” he said, rubbing his hands together.  “Are we ready to get started?”

“What are we doing today?” asked Jimmy Cowalski.

“Yeah, why aren’t the girls here?” said Dan DeMarco.

“And why’d you lock the door?” said Anthony Mackelis.

“Okay, okay,” Mr. Christianson said, holding out his hands to silence us.  He began lowering the window blinds.  “Today we’re going to continue the lesson we’ve been studying for the last three months:  biology.”  Dan DeMarco and a couple others groaned.

“Now, now,” Mr. Christianson said.  “Over the course of the year we’ve discovered a lot about the inner workings of the body – the digestive, circulatory, and nervous systems.

“But equally important to understand is the outer realm of the body.  The skin is, after all, the body’s largest organ.”  Dan DeMarco snickered at the word “organ.”

“Now all of you are young and your bodies are still developing,” Mr. C continued.  He faced us, resting his butt against his desk.  “My hope today is that, by examining the body of a man who’s already gone through these changes, you’ll be able to better understand how a fully-adult male’s body looks and functions.”

I shifted in my seat, unsure of where this was going.

“I’ve locked the door because this is a private lesson, and I want all of you to feel absolutely comfortable.  This is our time – a safe space for us to explore and question and study.   Feel free to ask or try anything that interests you, no matter how ‘out there’ it seems.

“With that in mind, I don’t want anybody to judge anyone else.  Everybody’s questions here are valid – we won’t make fun of anybody for thinking a little differently or saying or showing things we aren’t accustomed to.  Is that understood?”

“Yes,” everyone said.  I think they were just as perplexed as I was.

“Good,” Mr. Christianson said.  “I want you to gather around me in front of the class – that’s right, Dan, even you in the back.  Sit on the floor, on top of a desk, wherever.”

When everyone had found a place, Mr. Christianson kicked off his shoes, then took off his socks.  “Now I’m going to get nude.  Nobody should be alarmed.  The naked body is natural, it is how we were all born,” he said as he removed his tie and started unbuttoning his shirt.  Everyone got quiet.  Mr. Christianson folded each piece of clothing as he took it off.  When he undid his belt and started undoing his pants, you could have heard a pin drop.  Mr. C wore little red briefs.  He took those off, too, and his long, floppy, blond-haired dong swung into view.

He stood back, allowing us to take in every inch of him.

“Now I don’t want to sound full of myself, but I’ve been told that I have something of an ideal male form.  I exercise regularly, which accounts for my lack of body fat, and the definition in my muscles.”

He really did have a nice body – solid and muscular without seeming over-worked, with a light smattering of blondish hair that fanned across his bulging pectorals, flowed down his flat, toned stomach, and ended in a thick thatch of pubes.

“You’ll notice all of the hair on my body – torso, arms, genitals, legs,” he said as he walked among us so we could get a closer look.  “If anyone would like to feel it, please do.  Anthony?”  Anthony Mackelis reached out and felt Mr. C’s chest.  He ran his hand down Mr. C’s stomach but stopped short of his crotch.  Mr. C came over to me.  “Nate?”  I touched his warm, broad chest and ran my hand down his stomach but, like Anthony, I stopped short of touching anything else.  Mr. Christianson moved on.

“Body hair is a secondary sex characteristic, and is something some of you might have already – Kuzac, you perhaps?”

“Huh?” Mike Kuzac said, looking up from staring at Mr. C’s cock.  Kuzac was something of a jock and was not adept when it came to academics.

“Do you have much body hair?”

“Yeah, I guess I do,” Kuzac said.

“Would you mind showing the class?”

“I guess not…”

“Then come up here, please.”

Kuzac ambled to the front of the class and stood next to Mr. Christianson, who instructed him to take off his shirt.

“I’m sure I don’t have to point out the differences to you,” Mr. Christianson said, indicating to Kuzac’s wide chest and the dark swaths of hair that covered it.  “This is thicker, darker body hair, much more copious than mine…” he added as he ran a hand through it; “…including great volume of it across the stomach and abdomen.”  He hooked his finger into the waistband of Kuzac’s shorts.  “May I?” he asked.  Kuzac looked confused, but nodded.  Mr. Christianson yanked down the waistband of Kuzac’s shorts to reveal his dense crop of pubes.  “And it continues all the way down to the genitals.”  We all craned our necks to get a better look.

“Notice that Kuzac’s nipples have become erect.  This can be due to different factors – temperature of the room, a breeze, or even human touch,” he said, flicking his finger over Kuzac’s erect tit.  “Kuzac, if you do the same to my nipple, you’ll notice the same effect.”  Kuzac did so, and Mr. Christianson’s pink nipple puffed up.

“Thank you Kuzac,” Mr. Christianson said, and Kuzac went back to his seat, still shirtless.

“Now we’ll spend some time on the genitals – something I’m sure you’re all familiar with,” he said, smirking.  Everyone chuckled.

“The adult penis varies in size and shape.  There is no right or wrong size- all function in much the same way.  You’ll notice that my penis hangs fairly low, the head going past the testicles.  I am circumcised, probably as many of you are.”  He took his cock in his hand and gently stroked it.

“Notice that as I become aroused, the blood vessels in my penis fill, making the penis fatten and considerably increasing its size.

“Don’t be put off by what is, admittedly, an exceptional endowment.  Not many men can claim a penis of comparable length and girth, not even many of your fathers.  But the size will give you a good opportunity to take a comprehensive look at the erection and what it is made up of.”  Mr. Christianson approached my side of the group.  He held his hard-on in his hand and presented it for our perusal.

“Note the thick, tubular veins that run along the organ,” he said, tracing them with his finger.  “Note as well the smaller, spider-like veins – you may need to lean closer to see.”  We bent forward.  Chucky Sorensen reached his finger out to touch one of the veins, and when he did Mr. C’s cock jumped upward and almost hit his face.

“Sorry about that.  Don’t be afraid to touch it and explore.”  We each did in turn, hefting it in our hands and feeling its length.  I was sort of amazed by the feel of it, so hot and heavy.

“As we’ve studied, the testicles are where our actual sperm cells are stored,” Mr. Christianson said as he approached the other side of the class.  “I’ve refrained from ejaculating for a week so that you’d get a better look at the testicles when they are heavy and full.”  Several of the boys – including Dan DeMarco – hefted Mr. C’s nuts in their hand.  Mr. Christianson’s dick was still hard.  It hung heavily out from his body and had a pearl of precum at the tip.  When Kuzac went to hold Mr. C’s nuts, the tip of the teacher’s cock made contact with his arm.  When Kuzac pulled his arm away the precum stringed out into the air between Kuzac’s arm and Mr. C’s cock.

“Sorry about that,” Mr. Christianson said.  He used his finger to break the string, then he casually popped his finger into his mouth.

“Weird,” Dan remarked.  “You can eat that stuff?”

“It’s a matter of preference, really, but yes, anybody can.”  Everybody looked to Kuzac, who was holding out his precum-spotted arm.  Kuzac shrugged, brought his arm to his mouth, and licked off Mr. C’s precum.

“Seems okay,” Kuzac said.  Anthony reached out for the precum that remained on Mr. C’s dick head and licked it off of his finger.

“Cool,” he said.  Then everyone wanted to try.  Mr. Christianson seemed amused but he complied, parading his dick around the room, squeezing upward from the base to produce more juice so that each boy could get a taste.

“Don’t worry,” he said once he ran out.  “There’ll be lots more.”

He went to the front of the class again.  “Now I want to ask for a volunteer.”  I was feeling brave, and curious about what was coming next, so I raised my hand.

“Nate, fantastic.  One more.”  To everyone’s shock, Dan DeMarco raised his.  Dan never volunteered for anything.  “Nate & Dan then – perfect.  Come on up, boys.”  We approached the front of the class and stood next to each other.

“I was hoping we could get you boys to demonstrate for the class your own sexual development.  Can I have you remove your shirts and pants?”

I looked to Dan, but he’d already started undressing.  It felt weird to strip with everyone watching, but having Mr. Christianson totally nude and hard next to me made it seem more normal.

Dan took his underwear down then off so I did the same, and we stood there naked.  Mr. Christianson walked around us, looking us up and down.

“We really couldn’t have had two better volunteers to compare and contrast.  Note first how Dan’s muscles are developed and shaped…” he said, running his fingers along Dan’s bicep, “…his chest already exhibiting hair growth.  While Nate’s body still retains its boyish appearance with lithe musculature and smooth skin.”  Mr. C ran his rough fingers down my abdomen.  I couldn’t help it – my cock started to rise.  Mr. Christianson took note and said, “Dan, if you also wouldn’t mind achieving an erection?”  But Dan’s cock was already stiffening, and soon both of our cocks were at full attention.

“Note the contrast in their genitalia – Nate’s is obviously quite thick and long, with plenty of loose skin and a bulbous head.  Dan’s is shorter in stature and skinnier.  Note how Dan’s erection is rigid and upright, while Nate’s still hangs at an angle.”  As he explained this his hands were all over us, holding our cocks, reaching under our balls, caressing our stomachs.  I was kind of wishing he’d never stop, but he eventually thanked us for volunteering and sent us back to our seats.

Dan didn’t put his clothes back on so neither did I.  I noticed his cock wasn’t going down, either.

“Okay, class, let’s examine the lower half of the male body,” Mr. C said, gesturing toward his pelvis and legs.  “Notice the definition in the various muscles – thighs, quads…”  He turned around.  “Glutes, ham strings, calves,” he continued.  “Note the classic ‘v-shape’ of the back, tapering at the waist; as well as the rounded, muscled appearance of the buttocks.

“I don’t imagine any of you boys have given much thought to your rectums, except for being the place where we evacuate our bowels.  But as you grow into your sexual development you’ll find the anus can be a powerful source of sexual stimulation.  And it’s worth examining anyway just to understand how they work.  So…”

Mr. Christianson climbed atop his desk and got on all fours with his backside to us.  “Please, get closer, gather around,” he said.  He had a well-developed butt for sure – smooth, rounded, muscular.  He lowered his chest to the desk and spread his ass as wide as possible.  His asshole was pink and fresh-looking and he had a brush of light blondish hair running down his crack.  “I showered just before class, so I should be clean as a whistle.”  Once we were all near to his butt – Dan DeMarco, who’d been the last person anyone would call a brown-noser, practically had his face in Mr. C’s crack – Mr. C continued his lesson.

“Obviously the pink, slick area is the anus.  The ring of muscle there is known as the sphincter.  Notice how it changes when I tense…”  His butthole squinched up.  “…And relax.”  It went slack.  “The sphincter is quite a bit tighter than most give it credit for.

“Dan, would you grab that tube on the desk next to my bag?  I want you to apply that to your finger, and then to my anus.”  Dan grabbed it, and smeared the gooey stuff all around Mr. C’s hole.  “Now push the tip of your finger right to the entrance – ah – that’s it.  Are you getting a feel for how tight it is?”

“Yes,” Dan said.

“Push a little harder,” Mr. C said, and the tip of Dan’s finger slipped inside of him.  “Awww…that’s perfect.  Now feel the difference between when I bear down…”  He paused.  “…and when I relax.  Do you feel it?”

“Yeah, it’s really tight,” Dan said.

“Let the other boys try,” Mr. Christianson said.  We each did, one at a time.  I noticed that the more who tried, the deeper the fingers were disappearing into Mr. Christianson’s hole.  When Kuzac stuck in his fat finger, Mr. Christianson’s cock – which was half-hard and hanging between his legs – oozed out a string of precum that pooled on to his desk.

Now Dan and I weren’t the only ones aroused – most of our classmates were pitching tents.

“It is really tight,” Jimmy remarked on his turn.

“Yes, but you’d be surprised at what the sphincter can accommodate.  Obviously, just as it can stretch to allow the exit of feces, it can allow the entrance of objects just as large or larger.”

“Like how large?” asked Dan.

“Well, many homosexuals choose to have intercourse via the anus.  So yes, the anus is pliable enough to accommodate an erection.”

“No way!” Dan challenged.

“Why don’t you give it a try?” Mr. C said.  I thought I’d seen everything up to this point, but I was wrong.  As Mr. Christianson gave him instructions, Dan lubed up his cock and climbed on to the desk behind our teacher, lining up his cock with Mr. C’s butthole.

“Go slowly,” Mr. C instructed, and we all watched, amazed, as Dan sank his cock into our science teacher’s hole, the inches disappearing until the lower half of Dan’s body was mashed right against Mr. C’s.  Mr. Christianson groaned.  His dick let out another small stream of juice.

“Does that actually feel good?” I asked.

“Indeed it does,” Mr. C said breathlessly.  “Some pain is normal, too, but the rectum is full of nerve endings – there’s lots of feeling.  I’ll bet it feels pretty good for you, too, huh Dan?”

“Oh yeah, Mr. Christianson.”

“Feel free to give it a few pumps.”

“If I do that I’ll cum…”

“Then by all means.  But if you wouldn’t mind, please pull out when you’re ready to ejaculate and do it on my back, so the rest of the class can observe.”

But Dan, who’d already started pumping Mr. Christianson’s butt, had passed the point of no return.

“I’m c-c-cumming,” Dan stammered.  His eyes rolled back in his head and his face twisted up.  Dan grunted, breathing hard.

“That’s it, that’s fine,” Mr. C said as Dan lost it.  “Did that feel good?”

“Yeah,” Dan said.  Mr. C instructed him to pull out.  “I’m sorry I couldn’t do what you asked.”

“It’s okay, Dan,” Mr. C said with some disappointment.  “We’ll just have to have somebody else try.  Would anyone like to volunteer?”

Everyone’s hands went up.  Mr. C, dedicated educator that he was, let everyone have a turn.  I went close to last.  Even after all the dicks that Mr. C took into his ass, it still took him some time to relax his ass to accommodate my dick.

“See class, this is really putting it to the test,” he said after he’d instructed me to inch my way inside, slowly, a bit at a time.  Once I was balls-deep he groaned, a little louder than he had with anyone else, which sort of made me feel special.  I tried to put on a good show, too, working my hips slow and steady and giving Mr. C lots of time to feel it stretching him.  When I was ready to cum I pulled out as instructed.  I shot a ton – all over Mr. Christianson’s back, shoulders, neck, and even the back of his head.  He was covered with all of our loads.

Mr. C seemed beside himself as I pulled out.  He stood up and the two boys who hadn’t had a turn to fuck him voiced their disappointment.

“Now, now, we only have limited time,” Mr. C said.  “You all did great.  Now would anyone be willing to help me achieve orgasm?”  He had us all kneel in front of him.  We took turns stroking his big, dripping dick.  Some of the boys got into eating his precum again and were licking it right off of his cock, which he seemed to like.

“That’s it, that’s it…I can feel my orgasm beginning to approach.  Notice my testicles pulling up tight against my body…that’s good Dan, stroke right below the head – here it comes, I’m going to lose it – Ah!  Fuck!”

His dick swelled up until it looked like a mini torpedo and then he let loose with a shower of cum.  I mean it went everywhere, in our hair and on our faces and all over our clothes.

Luckily we had an emergency shower in the back off the classroom with a drain under it.  It was supposed to be used for chemical accidents, but Mr. C said we could use it to clean up.  We all took turns going under the stream.

Meanwhile, Mr. C took a sample of his sperm off of Dan’s neck and applied it to a glass slide.  He put it under the microscope and we each got to see what sperm cells looked like.

I watched them wriggling around like little tadpoles, and I felt awe for the miracles and mysteries of life.