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I am listening to the album ‘Cape Dory’ by Tennis and thinking that it’s right up my alley and would work great as background writing music.

I’ve been internetting for about the past hour, updating my Star Jones Quotes Twitter and my own Twitter. My Facebook profile is disabled.

I just submitted the fourth chapter of ‘691 Suburban Dr’ to Nifty (the first three chapters are up already and of course if you want to read the whole story you can buy the ebook here). I didn’t write today (except for this) and I feel a little guilty about it.

I realized that I’ve been editing The Anonymous Sex-Confession Blog for almost three years. (Lately I find that time is catching up with me, and it’s a little scary but I know it’s normal). I started this Tumblr to solicit 1) True stories that are 2) Two paragraphs or less. I remember hoping for a larger response at first but over the years submissions have come kinda regularly, about one a month. Some of them seem fake, some of them seem fascinatingly real. There are cute and poignant ones. I often reject the ones that seem too fake, especially if they’re not well written.

This one turns me on more than any of the others:

Best Finish

This is less about sex and more about masturbation. A few weeks ago, I came across a Tumblr post that showed a woman giving a man a handjob. When the guy was close to orgasm, she made him roll back onto his shoulders so that his “member” was pointing towards his face. She kept jerking him off so that he eventually came into his mouth/on his face. Being bored one night, I decided to it out, albeit on my own. Well, I’m glad I did, because that’s the only way I masturbate now. There’s something so unbelievably dirty about it that turns me on more than any other way of doing. Plus there’s no clean-up to speak of. I even don’t mind swallowing my cum!

But I think this one is my favorite:

Mama Found Her Sex Drive After 20 Years

It came back suddenly. I lost my sex drive for 20 years – saw it as a chore, vaguely annoyed by any show of affection, told by my mom all of my life that sex was dirty and gross. One night, I had an amazingly sexual dream and woke up. I was so horny. I attacked my husband and it shocked him – the best sex ever! After that, I could not calm down – we had sex again and again. In between, I pleasured myself. I took him to an adult toy store, went to a racy lingerie store and meandered through the mall with the store bag, titillated a strange man by talking to a saleslady in an adult toy store about vibrators, and shaved my entire crotch. I discovered a few things. My husband loves a shaved crotch. I love oral sex. I am multi-orgasmic, I orgasm with nipple play, I love sex toys and most surprising of all, I like anal play. I love sexy underwear and am throwing out the ugly bras and panties. I love pleasing my husband. It has been a week – I have become more horny, not less. I look forward to lots more sex with my husband! I hope my sex drive never goes away!

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