Act Now

By Natty Soltesz

The body hair problem.  Almost every guy has it.  You spend hours grooming the hair on your chest, back, and intimate areas; and a few days later you do it all over again. Your skin suffers from using uncomfortable and difficult-to-maneuver shavers, implements that may as well date back to the Stone Age.

What does a guy have to do to get that sexy, streamlined look that will make him an object of desire for the ladies and the envy of his frat brothers?  Read on to find out…


Kevin and Dino had spent years dealing with unsightly body hair.  So when Kevin said he’d found a new way to shave, Dino was understandably intrigued.

“It’s a Norancorp® Bodyperfect Groomer,” Kevin explained, holding the box out for Dino to see.  “It’s not like an ordinary electric razor.  It’s designed to shave all of those hard-to-reach places on a guy’s body, the ones that demand grooming the most.”

“You mean no more messy shaving cream, no more rashes or bleeding from nicks and cuts?”

“Yep.  And no more twisting yourself into a pretzel to reach those parts where ordinary shavers aren’t meant to go.”

“Hmmm…,” Dino said skeptically.  “I’ll believe it when I try it.”

“How about now?” Kevin suggested.  “Feel like taking it for a test drive?”

“Sure, why not?”

Wanting to give their full attention to this exciting new product, Kevin and Dino headed to the third-floor bathroom of their frat house, knowing that was where they were least likely to be disturbed.  They locked the door behind them.

“It says here that the Bodyperfect uses a brand-new ‘SafeComfort’ technology that lets the razor head pivot and curve, making it easy to shave just about anywhere,” Kevin said.

Dino admitted that he was most interested in removing the hair that grew on his muscular, linebacker’s shoulders.

Kevin’s lithe swimmer’s body wasn’t as afflicted by hair as Dino’s, but he still required weekly grooming, especially on Saturday nights when he expected to get some “play.”  He told Dino that he was intrigued by the Bodyperfect’s ability to tackle the intimate portions of his anatomy, in particular maintaining the extra optical inch on his cock that weekly grooming provided.

The talk of grooming hair “down there” made them slightly uncomfortable.  They laughed nervously and punched each other’s shoulders.

“To tell you the truth,” Dino confided, “I was also kinda hoping the Bodyperfect could shave my balls.  I always have a hard time with that.”

“It’s designed for that,” Kevin assured him.  “It says here that the Bodyperfect shaves even closer than a razor, while still protecting sensitive skin.”

“Wow!  Let’s give it a try!”

The guys stripped nude in the close quarters of the bathroom.  Dino glanced at the smattering of blond hair on Kevin’s muscular legs and the thatch of pubes around his jumbo-sized dick.  Kevin’s cock was so big, Dino thought, that he probably didn’t need grooming at all.

But Kevin knew that the secret to his sex appeal was a closely shorn and impeccably groomed body.

And though Dino’s beefy body was undeniably sexy, Kevin could see that he was going to need some work.  His meaty pecs, fat nipples, and tight-as-a-drum stomach were covered in a forest of unsightly body hair.

“Shave my chest?!” Dino exclaimed, balking at Kevin’s suggestion.

“C’mon, dude, you can’t expect to have all that hair and still get the chicks.  It’s like, unnatural.”  Dino had to concur.

Clutching the Bodyperfect, Kevin began shaving Dino’s chest.  The hair fell away like magic.  The shaver glided over his slab-like muscles, easily shearing his nubby nipples, making the hair on his stomach disappear.

Kevin did a pass over Dino’s back and they stepped in front of the mirror to admire the Bodyperfect’s work.

“I look like a new man!” Dino said, feeling his hot body.

“Dude, the chicks won’t be able to keep their hands off of you,” Kevin said, running his palms over Dino’s chest and stomach.

Kevin looked down at the Dino’s stout hose, thick like a travel tube of toothpaste, which sat on top of his beefy balls.  All of his junk was nestled in a thicket of thick black hair.

“Think the Bodyperfect can handle it?” Dino asked.

“I’m sure it can!”  Kevin replied.

Kevin got down on his knees in front of Dino’s crotch.  Taking a deep breath, he set the Bodyperfect to work on Dino’s pubic thatch.  The hair fell away in great patches, leaving only natural, milky-white skin behind.  Kevin held Dino’s cock in his hand and lifted the heavy, slightly engorged organ to groom the underside.  Soon, Dino’s cock was looking larger and more glorious than it ever had.  It stood out more from his body, and seemed to gain in girth and mass.

It would certainly make a nice bulge in his Abercrombie cargos, thought Kevin.

“Ready to do my balls?” Dino asked.  Kevin nodded, and began shaving Dino’s swollen, meaty nuts.  The blade contoured perfectly around each egg-shaped orb, making them as smooth and polished as a stone.  Kevin even lifted his friend’s nuts to get at the trouble spot underneath.  In a matter of seconds, Dino had a smooth, supple taint.

Dino was clearly turned on by the sight of himself, as his newly shorn pole rose proudly from his hairless crotch.

“Awesome!” Kevin said, looking at his friend’s boner.  “You gotta do me now, dude!”  Kevin was so excited, he practically forced Dino to his knees, placing his hands on Dino’s shoulders and shoving his crotch in his face.

Kevin’s cock had also become engorged, and Dino took care to let the Bodyperfect glide along the swollen shaft of his friend’s pole, removing those tickly little hairs that ran along the base of his cock.  He did Kevin’s balls and taint, too, and by the time he was done, Kevin was just as smooth and hard as Dino.

They stood side by side in front of the mirror, admiring their newly-beautiful bodies.

“There’s only one more thing that we need,” Kevin said, and he reached back into the Bodyperfect’s box.  He pulled out the bottle of patented SoftOil that comes free with each Norancorp® Bodyperfect starter kit.

“It says it’s specially formulated to work with the Bodyperfect, soothing and moisturizing your skin, turning your body into a ‘work of art,’” Kevin said.

“Sounds good,” Dino said, taking the bottle from Kevin.  He squirted some in his hand and started oiling his friend’s smooth frame.  Dino’s hands glided over Kevin’s hairless body, eventually traveling to his domed pubic mound and along Kevin’s rock-hard shaft.

“It’s so smooth, man,” Dino said, stroking Kevin’s dick.  “Do me.”

Kevin’s fingers slid slickly over Dino’s huge beefy chest, catching on his fat nipples, which puckered and hardened at the touch.  He took Dino’s thick cock in one hand and his hairless balls in the other, marveling at their smooth and sexy feel.

“It just feels too amazing,” Kevin rationalized, working Dino’s meat in his fist.  “Your cock feels incredible – like a polished wooden banister.”

“I know dude, I’m feeling the same thing,” Dino said.

The two buddies shuffled closer together as they jacked each other off, occasionally running their hands along each other’s chest and stomach.  They were so involved in the new sensations they were getting from their closely-shorn flesh that they hardly realized they were approaching orgasm.  As their bodies got closer and their strokes got more insistent, Dino looked up at Kevin.  The feeling was just too intense.  Their faces met, their lips collided, and soon they were making out like a couple of drunken sorority sisters. Within seconds they were losing control.

Kevin erupted first, sending slashing jets of hot white cum across Dino’s belly, the white syrup dripping down off of his nut sack.  Kevin shoved his tongue between Dino’s lips, scooping up his load and using it to lubricate Dino’s cock.  He stroked steadily until Dino exploded, blowing ropes of soupy semen all over Kevin’s tight and tanned stomach.

Dino and Kevin rubbed the sweet nectar into each other’s supple skin, giving their bodies that extra, sexy sheen that just can’t be sold in stores – it has to be experienced for one’s self.


Neither Dino nor Kevin were aware that their housemate, Tank, was lurking just outside the bathroom door.

He’d been listening, and he burst inside just as Kevin was shaking the last drops of cum from Dino’s dick.

“What the fuck are you queers doin in here?” bellowed Tank.

“W-we’re body grooming,” Dino said shakily.  Tank looked down at them with a sneer.  “Here, see for yourself,” Dino said, and handed Tank the Norancorp® Bodyperfect.  Tank turned in around in his paw, gazing at it as though it was from another planet.

“It’s a shaver.  So what?”

“It’s practically revolutionary,” Kevin said haughtily; and he showed Tank the work it had done on Dino’s back, chest, cock, and balls.

“No shit,” said Tank, reaching out to fondle Dino’s body for himself, running his huge hand down his stomach and cupping his balls, letting his sausage fingers glide underneath them to Dino’s glossy taint.

“Yeah, it seems pretty good…” Tank said, slipping off his shirt and shorts.  “…but can it do the same thing to a body like mine?”

Tank stood, hands on his hips, massive chest and crotch puffed out to showcase his brutally muscular body.  Tank was well-known as the biggest and hairiest beast of Delta Tau.  Not only did a thick carpet of hair coat his chest, shoulders, and stomach; but he had even more fur around his horse cock and bull’s balls.

Kevin took in the sight and smell of him, knowing that he was going to be a challenge.

“Whaddya think?” he said to Dino.  Dino winked.

“Let’s do it,” he said.

They set to work on Tank’s hulking body.  The Bodyperfect tore through thick patches of back and chest hair.  It clear-cut through forests of stomach and pubic bush, making short work of Tank’s rank and swarthy underarms.  They even removed the patches of hair from the backs of his fingers.

The moist head of Tank’s cock was peaking out of his foreskin by the time Dino had shaved the sides of his shaft.  Tank grunted as Dino gave his prick a finishing stroke, his hand sliding easily down to Tank’s bare pubis.

By the time they’d finished, the front of Tank had been transformed from caveman to gleaming Greek god.  But Tank still wasn’t convinced.

“That’s all well and good,” he said, looking into the mirror.  “But what I wanna know is, can the Bodyperfect work its magic on this.”

Tank turned and bent over, raising his gigantic beefy ass into the air.  It was enormous – like two halves of a watermelon all covered in course, dark hair.  The fur was sparser around his cheeks but consolidated into a luxurious Mohawk down his canyon-like crack.  Tank’s butthole – a meaty pink pucker – was barely visible in the dense thicket of pubes.

Kevin and Dino’s jaws hung open.  Tank looked at them over his shoulder, smirking.  “Maybe this time, the Bodyperfect has finally met its match.”

Kevin and Dino exchanged glances.  Was it possible?

Not likely.  They smirked and knelt down to start on the big brute’s bountiful butt.

They took turns with the Bodyperfect, sliding it like a skier over the mountainous mounds of Tank’s ass, plowing through hair instead of snow and leaving gleaming white skin in their wake.  Dino let the Bodyperfect do circles around Tank’s quivering hole, feeling it pucker as he shaved it clean.

In a matter of minutes, Tank’s ass was as smooth as ceramic, the giant cheeks gleaming and glowing in the fluorescent bathroom light.

Kevin and Dino stood up proudly – the Bodyperfect had come through.

Now it was time for the finishing touch.  Kevin filled his palm with SoftOil, and set to spreading a gloss of it over Tank’s copious mounds.  Dino helped him out, and they worked their hands in circles over Tank’s firm cheeks.

Tank moaned, pushing his ass back against their fingers as they massaged him.  The skin was so smooth, as slippery as an ice skating rink, and Kevin and Dino’s digits couldn’t help but slide toward Tank’s hole, the slickness of the skin drawing their fingers in like water swirling down a drain.  One by one their index fingers sunk into Tank’s tight asshole.  Tank grunted, pushing back against them and sending a few more inches of finger inside his hot butt.

“Incredible,” Kevin whispered to his friend.  Tank’s ass looked so hot, so inviting, that Kevin couldn’t resist touching his tongue out for a taste.  Once there, Kevin licked up and down Tank’s crack, then speared his tongue right to Tank’s knotted bunghole, working it against the tight ring of muscle until it relaxed and he was able to sink the tip of it inside.

Tank’s warm ass cheeks hugged Kevin’s face as he worked his tongue in Tank’s musky hole.  Dino hovered around, smooching and biting at Tank’s butt cheeks before sliding underneath him and taking Tank’s balls in his mouth.  He rolled them around in his mouth, then reached up to slip his lips around Tank’s fat codger.  He gave it a few hearty sucks.

Tank’s mind was blurred by the sensation of getting head from both ends.  He grunted and moaned, not sure whether to thrust into Dino’s lips or against Kevin’s tongue.

Kevin’s cock was again as hard as a piston.  He stood behind Tank and slapped it against his butt flesh.  Grabbing the sides of Tank’s massive hips, Kevin rode his cock up and down Tank’s crack, letting the pulsing head of his erection press against Tank’s sloppy wet hole.  He slid it inside with nary an effort – smooth as a needle piercing clean flesh. Tank groaned like an animal and went with it, bucking against Kevin as he pumped his hairless butt full of dick.

Before Kevin could cum, he and Dino switched places.  Tank’s already-stretched hole had no problem accommodating Dino’s cock.  Tank was like a smooth and fuckable hunk of flesh; Dino felt like he could have been fucking the cushions of a living-room couch, or a side of beef in a meat locker.

Dino’s cock sliced in and out of Tank’s butt like a hot knife through butter.  Then Kevin swung his leg over them, positioning himself over Dino, lining his cock up right where Dino’s cock sank into Tank’s hole.  With a little effort, Kevin was able to slide his dick right in next to his friend’s.  The three frat brothers fucked like a well-oiled machine, Tank groaning and biting the edge of the sink as Kevin and Dino double-fucked his meatcakes.

Kevin couldn’t handle the sensations he was getting, both from Tank’s tight sphincter wrapped like a rubber band around the top of his cock, and Dino’s fat prick sliding against the underside.  He felt like he was going to lose it.

Just as they were reaching critical mass, Kevin pulled out of Tank’s butt.  Dino did the same.  After a few strokes of their cocks they simultaneously blew thick loads of juice all over Tank’s ass, letting it drip down his cheeks, crack, and gaping hole.  They slid their spent cocks all over that magnificent butt, letting their loads mingle before using their hands to rub it into his gleaming cheeks.

They turned Tank over on his back.  Kevin stuck two fingers up Tank’s slick hole, working his butt while Dino stroked off his dick.  Tank ran his hands over his smooth chest, tweaking his nipples as he lost his load.  His powerful orgasm blasted all over his chest, his butthole clenching Kevin’s fingers almost painfully as he shot jet after jet of hot cream into the air.

It was one of the most amazing loads he’d ever shot, and he owed it all to the Norancorp® Bodyperfect.


So now you’ve heard what the Bodyperfect did for Kevin, Dino, and Tank – but maybe you’re wondering if it can do the same for you?

All we can say is that if you want a smoother, sexier chest; a cut-looking, hairless back; bounteous balls and a thicker, longer-looking cock, there is only one product that will do it – the Norancorp® Bodyperfect.

Order today, and get the kind of sexy and sizzling body you’ve always admired on other men.