A Friend in Need

By Natty Soltesz

Friends have always meant a lot to me, and leaving home for college made them that much closer and more important.  I’m the type of guy who’d do anything for my buds, and I guess I should add “within reason,” the truth is I usually go above and beyond.  Todd being a prime example.

Todd Myers was my dorm mate and the first guy I met on campus.

“Hey there roomie,” he’d said, throwing his bags on the floor.  He held out his hand and smiled.  I instantly liked the guy.  He had an ease about him that came from being so good-looking, maybe, with his messy dark hair and soft brown eyes.

We were fast friends.  He was from a town just outside of Philly, so he knew what was going on in the city.  He had a fake ID and I could easily pass for 21, so we got into clubs all the time.  We’d try to pick up girls.  He was better at it than me.  I’m pretty studly, don’t get me wrong, but patience is more my philosophy.  I like to meet and hang out with people – guys, girls, whatever.  If something happens, so much the better.

A lot of times Todd would take off with some chick and I’d have to wait it out before I returned to our room.  I didn’t mind; that’s just what buds do for each other.

Todd went from girl to girl.  There was something sort of compulsive about it, though I didn’t really think about that until later.  In the meantime I settled into a thing with this cute, fun chick named Lisa.

One night, a day or so before we were to leave for Christmas break, I found Todd in our room clicking through the internet and looking pretty depressed.  He had opened this bottle of horrible-tasting raspberry vodka that we’d been avoiding, and he offered me a swig.  I was done with classes, so I took it.

We were sitting there talking, and the conversation turned to sex, as it normally does with two horny college guys.  I was telling him how the last time I’d gotten with Lisa I’d managed to hold off cumming for a half hour or so, a record for me.  I was learning techniques for holding back.

“That’s fuckin interesting,” Todd said, leaning back in his chair.  He took a swig from the bottle.  “See, I have the opposite problem.  It takes me forever to cum.  If I even cum at all.”

“Seriously?  I’d kill for that problem,” I said.  I hadn’t meant it to sound harsh, cause I could tell it was really bumming Todd out.

“It’s always been an issue.  If I’m really pounding it, I mean just slamming it into a girl I’m good.  But a lot of girls, you know – they get sore or it hurts and then I start to lose it.  Even if they are willing to let me, like, jackhammer away, I still sometimes lose it – cause I want them to be turned on, too.”

“That’s why you go through so many girls.”

“I guess.  I can’t find anybody compatible, who likes it rough, or…”  He took another swig from the bottle.  He clearly had something to say.

“Look,” Todd continued, “if I tell you this you gotta promise me – I mean, it’s sort of embarrassing and I don’t want anyone to know about it.”

“Okay.  What is it?”

“Well, there’s another way I can get off, and really easily, too.  I mean, I get off big time – I can barely hold back.”


“Well, I gotta have something up my ass.”

“Really,” I said, and I think I started getting hard right then, even though we were still totally on the level.

“Yeah.  My girl in high school, Amy – she bought a dildo and used it on me, and I came like a freakin geyser.  And every time after that it was the same thing.”

“That’s understandable.  Don’t they say there’s something up there that triggers it?”  I wasn’t being coy.  I’d never had anything up my butt aside from a finger or two, which felt great, don’t get me wrong, but hadn’t been earth shattering.

“It triggers it alright,” Todd said.  “Feels fucking fantastic.”  I caught him pinch his cock head through his sweatpants.  He must have been as chubbed-up as I was.  “But I still haven’t met a girl freaky enough to try it.  Remember Trisha from last weekend?”  I nodded – Todd had picked that girl up in record time.  “She ate my ass.”

“No way.”

“Yeah.  And it was fucking amazing.  But she’s got a boyfriend or whatever and I can’t get a hold of her.”

“What about like, going out and buying a dildo?”  Todd shook his head.

“I thought about it.  It’s too fucking weird.”

“We could always go to the supermarket and get a cucumber or something.”

Todd laughed.  “Oh man, fuck you!” he said.  There was a pause.

“There’s that too,” I said.


“The real deal.  Ever consider it?”  If I hadn’t been so buzzed from the vodka I don’t think I ever would have said that.  Luckily Todd was buzzed too.  He looked at me, as though gauging if I was serious.

“I’ve thought about it,” he admitted.  “I mean, if you think about it…if it worked…it would really be like, the ideal situation.  I mean if you – or whoever – was into it, and wanted to try it, they could be getting off and I’d definitely be getting off…”

“Kill two birds with one stone,” I said.

“I mean, as long as the guy didn’t mind being used.”


“Yeah, used.  I’d basically be using you – or whoever – like a dildo, something to get me off.”

“Doesn’t sound like a bad deal at all,” I said.  By now both of us were rock hard, I was sure of it.  “We could give it a shot.”

“Right now?”

“Right here.”

“And nobody’s gonna know.”

“Dude, who am I gonna tell?”

“I don’t know.”  He ran his hands through his hair, looked up at the ceiling.  “I mean like, what should we even do?  Should we like, kiss or whatever?”

“Whatever you want, man.  It’s your show.”  He leaned in to me.

“You care if we try it?”  I shook my head.  Then, just as natural as could be, Todd’s mouth found mine.  It was so easy, just like making out with anyone.  Our tongues met and we writhed them around in each other’s mouths, getting hotter and hotter because kissing always does that, kicks it up a notch.  He reached down and felt my body through my clothes so I did the same to him, and it was sort of like an exploration.  Not that I’d been dying to explore another guy’s body, but the curiosity had been there, to feel his muscles, his smooth skin, all that hardness and strength.  When we broke apart both of us were like, whoa.

“Your dick’s already hard, huh?” Todd said, looking down at the tent in my cargo shorts.  I can’t say why the situation was turning me on so much.  Truthfully I’d noticed Todd’s butt before – it was cute, I gotta say, firm and round and sweet.  All I know is that the thought about sticking my dick up his butt was really appealing to me right then.

“Yours is too,” I said.

“You ever touched another guy’s dick before?”

“I’ll do it if you do it.”  We reached out at the same time.  I grabbed Todd’s dick underneath his sweatpants and it was so, so hard.  He was feeling mine and I could feel a wet spot forming on my briefs, I was that turned on.

“Let’s just get naked,” I suggested, so we stood up and started taking off our clothes.  When we got to our underwear (I was wearing my boxer briefs and he had on a little pair of bikinis) we just shrugged and stripped those off too.  He came up to me and then we were just going at it, our hard bodies pressed against one another, my slightly hairy chest rubbing against his smooth one.  We had our tongues in each other’s mouths of course and our dicks were leaking all over each other and you would’ve thought we were lovers, which we were, I guess, all things considered.

He was sucking my neck and we each had the other’s dicks in our hands, stroking each other off, and it was just a matter of like, if we’re going this far… His dick was thick and solid.  I knew he was clean.  I got down on my knees and just took him in my mouth like it wasn’t anything.

Todd gasped.  I sucked his cock, because it seemed like the least I could do if he was going to let me fuck his ass.  I mean, I know having my dick up his ass was going to be for his benefit, but figured it wouldn’t kill me to suck him off a little.  In all honesty, though, I kinda ended up liking it.  I blew him the way I like to have it done – with my lips tight and my tongue riding the underside.  I took his balls in my hand and tugged on them and he really dug that.  He had his hands running through my hair and his thighs were all tensed up; he was practically standing on his toes.

I thought about what that girl had done to him, eating him out.  I didn’t think I could do that but I did want to get a look at the butt I’d admired when he’d walk around naked in our room.  So I popped his prick out of my mouth and turned him around.  He braced himself on the desk and I took in the sight of his little sexy butt, peach-colored and hairless.  I spread his cheeks and his asshole was winking at me.  I’d never fucked anyone up the butt at this point and it almost didn’t seem possible, but then I knew he’d had stuff up there before.  I had a feeling it was going to be great – it just looked so tight and hot – and he was shaved clean.

I’d been running my hands all over his smooth ass and I let my fingers drift down his crack.  Finally I touched his hot butthole and Todd was like Oh, yeah.  I thought I’ll just nibble and suck on his cheeks a little.  I guess I’m sort of an orally-fixated dude, that’s what Lisa always said anyway cause I’d eat her out for days.  So I was sucking and nibbling and eventually I just went for broke, running my tongue down his crack and getting closer and closer to the slick skin of his butthole and still pretty much digging it.  Then Todd let out this whimper, like a puppy.  Man, that just did me in.

What can I say?  I dug my tongue into his butthole and lost all my inhibitions about it, once I was in there I was fine; more than fine.  I was using my tongue to do circles around his hole and spearing it in, shoving it up as far as it could go.  Todd’s legs were wobbling and he was holding himself up by the desk.

I stood up and slapped my cock in his crack, just to get a feel.  Todd humped his ass back; he was insatiable, man; he just really, really needed it.  I was holding on to his hips and working my fat dick back and forth against his slot.  My cockhead started catching on his hole.  We were pretty slick and sweaty and at one point I thought it even went in.

“Do you want to use a condom?” I asked.

“I don’t care if you don’t,” he said, and I know it was stupid but Todd and I were close, about as close as two buds could get, and I trusted him.  It was a risk but whatever.

Todd grabbed his jack off lube and directed me on how to grease myself up then get some on his butthole.  I worked it in a bit with his finger.  He was tight, I mean really snapping tight, and the thought of working my dick in there was just killing me.  I didn’t want to hurt him so I took it really slowly, but he helped me out all the way.  When my cockhead popped inside we had to take a few minutes for him to adjust.

“Gimme a little more,” he said, and I slid in fine like a hot knife through butter.  “All the way dude, balls deep.”  I stuffed my cock inside him completely.  “Fuuck that’s good.”  What a fucking trip.  I was fucking my best friend in the ass.  I reached around to feel his cock and it was completely hard.

So I was working my cock in and out of him, sort slow and deep, cause every time I’d bottom out in his ass Todd would groan so I knew I was getting him good.  Then I started to speed up and Todd really began to sweat.

“Fuck me, bro,” he said.

“Are you sure you’re okay?” I asked as I pumped a little harder.

“More than okay.  Dude, you can pound me and it’s cool.  Go off, man – slam me, fuckin go to town.”  How could I resist with encouragement like that?  I rode his ass like a piston in a car going 95 mph down the freeway.  I think Todd wanted to get back what he liked to give to girls, like to prove he could take it as well as he could dish it out.  I was clutching his hips and working away and Todd was jacking himself off.  He was still braced up against the desk and we were shaking the whole thing so hard the lamp fell to the floor.

I was fucking him and I was thinking I could get used to this, because his ass was so sweet, and we were such tight bros, that it seemed like nothing should be stopping us from doing it all the time.  That was a pretty interesting thought, and it made me teeter toward the edge.

“I’m gonna cream soon, bro,” I said.

“Me too.”

“Where you want me to do it?”

“Just blow inside me, I don’t give a fuck,” Todd said, and then I could tell he was coming because his moans were really filling the room.  His ass clenched tight around my dick with each shot of his load.

I was like fuckfuckfuckfuck and I just kept pounding and shooting at the same time, I mean right inside him raw as fuck, each thick shot of my load filling up his butt, and I shoot a lot of jizz.  I slowly pulled out when I was done and had a look at what I’d wrought.  Todd’s hole was a little red and raw and some of my white cream was already seeping out, but all in all it looked alright.  I stuck a finger back inside just to see and it was still tight, a little more accommodating but fine.

“Dude, you’re a prince,” Todd said, standing up straight.  His dick was dripping on to the floor and from the look on his face I could tell he’d gotten what he needed.  He snapped on his bikinis and turned to head toward the bathroom.  I couldn’t resist giving that sweet butt a slap.  Todd just smiled.

“So,” he said, “looks like we got a deal?”

“Looks that way,” I said, and we kissed again, just as natural as could be.

From then on whenever Todd needed a jump start he’d ask me if I wanted to play “hide the salami.”  It was a little joke and our own secret code.  The thing I had with Lisa tapered off slightly but for the most part I had enough to go around.  I guess I have an affinity for that, feeling useful for someone in need.  I wouldn’t go so far as to help hide a body, but for Todd I’d hide the salami, any old time.