‘691’ on Nifty

The first chapter of ‘691 Suburban Dr’ is available on Nifty. I’m going to be publishing one chapter a week on Nifty and in a few months the whole book will be there. It’s like the opposite of what I usually do – taking the stuff I’ve previously published on Nifty and packaging it as an ebook. That’s worked well for me, and I’m hoping that this approach can increase sales for ‘691.’ In the interest of balancing out my crass money-grubbing, I’m donating fifteen percent of what I make from ‘691’ in the months of September and October to the Nifty Archive. You should donate to Nifty, too: http://donate.nifty.org/donate.html

Or buy ‘691’ if you haven’t already: Queer Young Cowboys

What else is going on? I spend about half of my time working at my job. The other half is divided between social functions and writing, though it all ebbs and flows. I’m writing a novel, it’s going really well. I go swimming, I go dancing. I’m reading a lot. I have sex now and again. Watch movies. My cats love up on me when they’re not driving me nuts. Dats about it!