428 College St XVI

By Natty Soltesz

We didn’t know it at the time, but the spring semester of our junior year was the last time we would ever live together.  Our time at 428 College Street would be coming to an end before July.  Maybe if we’d known that, we would have been able to appreciate it more.  I don’t know.  Maybe you can never fully appreciate anything until after it’s over.

We were messing around everyday, in every sense of the word, rarely studying or going to class.  While we fucked and sucked away, the wolves gathered outside the door.

We got our grade reports that May.  I’d managed to squeak by, and Darrin had of course sailed right through.  Randy, though, had failed, and his parents were making him move back home.  We told him he should stay with us and assert his independence, but in retrospect it wouldn’t have made sense.  None of us had jobs, and when it came down to it we were under our parents’ thumbs – Randy more so than any of us.

Our lease was up in August and we spent the first part of the summer in blissful denial.  The sex was hot and heavy.  We got really good at it.  We could ride each other all night, getting off three or four times a piece.  It was heavenly.

We didn’t have any hang-ups as to who did what to whom.  Sometimes we rolled the dice to see who would be taking it that evening, but in the end it didn’t matter.  We all enjoyed ourselves no matter if we were taking it in the ass or giving it.  Everyone got their rocks off in the end.

Randy and I liked to take turns sitting on Darrin’s dick.  Darrin, the lucky little bastard, would just sit back, drinking his beer or smoking a doob while we used him as a human dildo.  We’d have contests to see who was the better fuck, with Darrin doing the judging (and fucking).  Randy usually won.  He had the best ass, and was the most enthusiastic.  Darrin had the best cock.  My role was a little less defined.  Darrin once told me I was the glue that held it all together, and I wondered what he meant by that.

Then one evening, an evening just like any other, I heard a knock at the door.  This startled me, because we rarely had any visitors to our little refuge, except for those unfortunate times when the landlord stopped by.

“It’s McConnell,” Randy yelled from the kitchen.  “I called him.”  I hadn’t seen McConnell in ages.  Apparently he was back, and back in business.

“Well, hello Nathaniel,” he said when I opened the door.  He looked tan and muscular, and he was carrying a case of beer.

“Thanks for picking up that case, man,” Randy said, handing him a wad of cash.  McConnell set the beer on the floor.

“No problemo, man.  Here’s the trees.”  He dug a fat plastic baggie out of his tight jeans pocket.

“Excellent,” Randy said, turning to me and holding up the bag.  “Instant party.”

“Hells yes,” McConnell said, digging into the case and bringing out three beers.  He handed one to Randy and one to me, then sat beside me on the couch.

McConnell told us about how he’d had to lay low in his hometown of Groom, Texas for a while.  “It was all good, though,” he said.  “I met a nice young filly from my hometown; she was in the sixth grade when I graduated, but lookin damn fine nowadays.  She kept me pretty busy while I was hiding out.”

“Well it’s good to have you back,” I said.

“It’s good to be back, son,” he said, and rubbed my thigh.  My pulse quickened, my throat constricted.  I don’t know why I was so nervous, considering I’d never really been nervous around McConnell before.  But there was something different about tonight. There was a charge to the air.

“Back and better than ever,” McConnell continued.  “Only sans girlfriend.  But there’s always remedies for that situation, right Nathaniel?”  He grinned at me.  I’m sure I went three shades of red, but Randy didn’t seem to notice.  “In fact, I’m feelin kind of horny right now.”  He cupped the bulge in his jeans.

“Talk to Randy,” I said, “he might be willing to help you out.”

“Is that right?” McConnell said, looking over at Randy.  Randy shrugged.  Just then Darrin came downstairs from a nap.  He seemed just as surprised as I was to see McConnell sitting in our living room.  We passed him a beer so he could get caught up.

Two joints and three quarters of a case of beer later, we were all feeling painless.  As we shot the shit, I couldn’t take my eyes off McConnell, whose hand kept going to his crotch.  He was really casual about it, just kind of cupping it absently as he spoke. Though I couldn’t be sure, I could swear that it was growing.

“Fuck, boys, I am horny,” McConnell said finally.  He unabashedly grabbed hold of his bulge.  “Sometimes it sucks, havin a big dick like mine.”

“Why would that suck?” Darrin said.

“Cause I can’t always find somebody who can eat it good.  Chicks never know how to suck a dick, and they especially have a hard time with a big piece of meat like mine.”

“Darrin, do you find that to be the case as well?” Randy joked.  Darrin got embarrassed but McConnell just smiled and wrapped his arm around his shoulders.

“Yeah, you’d think us big dicked boys’d be lucky, eh Darrin?  But the only ones who could ever take my meat as it should be taken were guys.”  There it was – the taboo had been broken, it was all on the table.  Darrin was visibly surprised by this information, but Randy didn’t even flinch.

“I mean, check this out,” McConnell continued.  He unbuckled his belt, and stood up to unbutton his pants.  All of our eyes were on him as he unzipped his fly and pulled out a thick, tanned horse-dick which looked even larger than I remembered.  He stood there, his hands on the waistband of his jeans, letting us admire his half-hard piece.

“Holy shit,” Randy said, “it’s fucking huge.”

“Bigger than Darrin’s,” I said.

“You think?” Randy said.

“I don’t know.”

“Probably,” Darrin said.

“Take it out, Darrin,” Randy said.  Darrin stood up and pulled his pants down.  His thick dick hung from its hairy nest over his balls.  The two of them stood there, facing each other, as Randy and I appraised their dicks.

“It looks like Darrin’s dick might be thicker,” I said.

“You have to get them hard before we can really tell,” Randy suggested.

“Yeah get em hard,” I said.  McConnell smiled.  I think he knew the game we were playing better than we did.  He put his hands on his hips and bounced his dick a couple times, the flared pink head darting into the air and falling back again.  It started to swell. He watched it as it got bigger, almost like he was willing it up.  The head rose up into the air and didn’t fall back, the shaft filling out, fattening, until it was a big, hard pole that reached up and beyond his belly button.  It was enormous.

When I looked back at Darrin, he already had a hard on.  Unlike McConnell’s dick, the sheer girth that Darrin was packing meant his dick just hung pendulously over his big nuts.

“Put em against each other,” Randy said.  Darrin stepped closer.  He grasped the head of his cock with his fingers, and raised his cock up off his balls.  Then he and McConnell brought their cocks together, so the undersides of their dicks were pressed together. They pulsed and oozed.

Darrin’s cock was maybe a bit thicker, but really there was no contest.  McConnell just had a huge, honkin dick.  It must have been eleven fucking inches long.

“Dude, you win,” Darrin said, and we all laughed.

“Don’t discount that piece you got there, though,” McConnell said.  “That’s a nice slab of meat.”


“Well, you guys are all getting a show, I think it’s only fair that Darrin and I here should get something from you,” McConnell said.  He sat back down on the couch and stroked the length of his dick.

“What do you think Darrin?  Don’t you think these boys should show us some attention, us being the biggest-dicked guys in the room?”  Darrin sat back and smiled.

“Yeah,” he said.  “Sounds good to me.”

“I mean, it’s only fair,” McConnell said.  “Randy, why don’t you go over there and show your buddy some attention.”  Randy smirked and got down in front of Darrin.  Slowly, he slid Darrin’s big dick in his mouth.  Darrin groaned.  He looked over to McConnell and they smiled at each other as Randy’s head bobbed up and down.

“That’s the stuff, eh?” McConnell said.  Then he turned to me.  “Nathaniel…” he put out his finger and beckoned me to him.  I kneeled in between McConnell’s legs.  His dick stood before me like a monolith.  “Go head and touch it, it ain’t gonna bite you.”  I reached for it with my fingers and tentatively touched my tongue to the tip.  “That’s the way, buddy.”

I could hear Randy beside me, taking Darrin’s dick down his throat like a champ.  I put my lips around McConnell’s dick.  Just the head of that monster filled my mouth to capacity.  I swirled my tongue around his piss hole, gradually taking more and more, my lips stretching as his shaft sank inside.  McConnell was patient, he just sat back and let me work.  By relaxing my throat I got about a little more than half of it in me.  It was hot being stuffed with so much dick, but I didn’t think I could take any more without choking. I came off it and caught my breath.

“Aw, Nate, is that the best you can do?  C’mon, give it another try.”  I grabbed hold of his hot balls and took as much into my throat as I could, making several passes up and down that tower of flesh and sliding my tongue along the surface as I sucked.  Pretty soon I could take him almost the whole way.

I looked up at McConnell and he smiled down at me.  I gave a few more slow bobs on his dick.  McConnell took off his shirt and closed his eyes.  He ran his veiny hand across his chest, tweaking his nipples.  I felt Randy’s eyes on me and realized he was watching me intently.

“Get down there too, Randy; don’t be shy,” McConnell said.  Randy scooted next to me.  I slid my lips off McConnell’s dick and handed it over to him.  He brought it to his greedy mouth, running his lips and tongue all over it.  I got down and went to work on his low-hangers.  Randy, being the expert cocksucker that he was, had McConnell’s dick all the way down his throat in no time.  We switched off for a good ten minutes, from dick-sucking to ball licking, while Darrin stroked his meat and watched the show.

McConnell put a hand on each of our heads, urging us on as we worshipped his cock.  We had our lips wrapped around either side of McConnell’s prick, sucking up and down the length.  McConnell looked up at Darrin.

“What should we have these boys do for us next, bud?” he asked him.  Darrin shrugged.  “Tell you the truth, I could shoot just like this, both you boys workin on my cock.”

“You should have Randy show you his ass,” Darrin piped up.

“Oh yeah?” McConnell said, with a note of surprise.  “Now that sounds interesting.”  Randy took his lips off of McConnell’s genitals and sat back.  I did the same.

Randy stood up.  I thought he looked a little apprehensive.  Maybe he was just nervous.

He turned around and dropped trou.  McConnell let out a long, low whistle.

“That is a nice ass, buddy,” he said.  Randy spread his legs a little.  He reached back and spread his cheeks, showing off his asshole.

“You should feel that around your dick,” Darrin said.

“I wouldn’t mind!” McConnell said, chuckling.  Randy turned back around.  His own dick was hard as a rock and leaking juice. “You boys up for something like that?” McConnell asked.

Randy stared at McConnell’s huge, throbbing cock.  “I’ll sit on it,” he said finally.  “But only if Nate does, too.”

Typical Randy, I thought.  Always upping the ante.  I looked at the snake protruding from McConnell’s lap and tried to imagine it stretching my ass and filling me up inside.  My asshole twitched and my cock oozed a teaspoon of juice.  I wanted it, or at least wanted to try.

“Shit,” I said, watching McConnell give a languorous, seemingly endless upward stroke on his dick.  “I’ll give a try, but I’m not promising anything.”

Then from out of nowhere, Darrin spoke up.  “I’m with Nate,” he said.  “I’ll give it a try, but I don’t know if I can take all of that.”

“Hell, I ain’t gonna complain,” McConnell said, clearly pleased that the three of us were all eager to attempt taking his dick up our asses.  “Who’s first?”  Randy responded by taking off his clothes, and I followed suit.  He walked over to the CD tower and grabbed the lube; then swaggered over to McConnell, squirting a glob of lube on his fingers and working it into his asshole.  He squeezed another dollop on his hand, and worked it into McConnell’s dick.  I didn’t know if we’d have enough lube to cover every surface inch of that fucking monster, but Randy got it as slick as he could.

McConnell just sat back and relaxed.  Randy swung his leg over until he was straddling McConnell, and he brought McConnell’s dick to his asshole.  Slowly, and with a look of intense concentration on his face, he sat down on McConnell’s dick.

I was thinking to myself, ‘is he going to be able to do it?’, when the head of McConnell’s cock popped inside.  Randy’s eyes opened wide in pain and surprise.  His breathing got really shallow, and then slowed down as he got used to it.  Slowly, almost imperceptibly, he inched more and more of McConnell’s fuckpole into his butt.  To me and Darrin’s amazement, he took it almost halfway.

“Holy fuck,” I said.  Randy rested there, catching his breath.  “How does it feel?”

“Not too fuckin bad,” Randy said in a shakey voice.  He rose up until the tip of McConnell’s dick was just inside his hole, thenbrought himself back down on it again.  He wasn’t able to take it balls-deep, but he sure seemed to be getting off on what he was able to get up his ass, impaled on the top like a flesh lollipop.  Randy’s dick, though not completely hard, was leaking a steady stream of pre-jizz which ran down his shaft and balls.

Randy started to ride him, stroking his own dick and passing a little bit more of McConnell’s meat into his butt.  He let himself get into it.

“That’s the way, buddy,” McConnell said.  He held Randy’s waist steady.  Randy, though, couldn’t take it any farther.

It was time for the next of us to give it a try.  Randy slid off with a groan and I stepped up to take his place.  I grabbed the lube and greased myself up.

I straddled McConnell and let his dick connect with my butthole.  It felt like a doorknob trying to bluntly force its way inside of me.  For a minute, I thought of backing off.  But then I saw Randy and Darrin there, watching me to see if I would go through with it. I couldn’t back out now.  Especially since Randy had taken most of it.  I had to get at least as much as Randy had.

I took a deep breath, relaxed as much as I could, and bore my ass down on McConnell’s cock.  Apprehension aside, the feel of his big knob against my anus was seriously turning me on.  I pressed harder, feeling it stretch, remembering to breathe, and then it went inside.  Holy fuck.  The pain was intense, but I knew it wouldn’t last.  I couldn’t make the pleasure happen, I had to relax and let the pleasure happen to me.  So I took my mind out of the picture, I forgot about my dick which was practically soft and hanging over my balls, and I concentrated on filling my butt with my hot drug dealer’s dick.

More and more of him slid into me, but I didn’t stop to think about it, or even imagine how much was inside.  Finally I felt something touch the back of my ass, and was wholly shocked to realize that I was sitting in his lap.  I had actually run out of dick – I had taken the whole fucking thing.  I became aware of Randy, who was hollering out his admiration, but I could hardly pay him any mind.  My whole existence was that dick.  I started to ride him, feeling my own dick start to rise again in the process.  McConnell grabbed my hips and helped me along as I rode his pole, stroking my own hard dick and shuddering with the pleasure of getting so totally plowed.

I could literally feel McConnell’s ball sack against my ass when I took it all the way, sitting on his toned legs just amazed at the entire pulsing mass of him all up in me.

But I had done what I had to do.  I slid off of him and stepped aside.  It was Darrin’s turn now.

At first he just stood there, contemplating it.

“C’mon dude.  We all did it,” I said.

“Yeah Darrin, let’s see what that tight little skater-boy ass can really do,” Randy chided.  “He’s never gonna be able to take it,” he said to me.  Frankly, I was inclined to go with Randy.  Darrin had taken it up the ass from the both of us numerous times, but this was a different thing entirely.  Still, my dick drooled in anticipation of seeing him try.

Darrin finally broke down and strode over to grab the lube.  A big grin spread across McConnell’s face.

“That’s the spirit, buddy,” he said, as Darrin greased up his hole.  McConnell put his legs close together, making a lap for Darrin to sit on.  Darrin straddled his legs and backed his ass up to meet McConnell’s dick.  The tension in the room was thick as McConnell’s cock head touched Darrin’s sensitive butthole.  Darrin never flinched.  He was insistent, putting his weight on the dick set to impale his ass, biting his lip, a steely look in his eyes.  Right then, I knew he was going to take it all the way.  There was just no stopping Darrin when he put his mind to something.

After what seemed an eternity, it slipped inside.  Darrin’s jaw dropped.  He put his hands on McConnell’s thighs to brace himself.  When he caught his breath, his teeth clamped back down on his lip and he put his weight back on it.  I watched in amazement as more and more of that cock disappeared into Darrin’s ass.  He never hesitated after that first moment, and within seconds he had McConnell’s dick all the way inside of him.

Darrin didn’t pause for a moment to contemplate his accomplishment.  In one fluid motion, he raised his ass up, then lowered himself back down, fucking himself on McConnell’s cock like it was the most natural thing in the world.

Randy and I both took up our cocks at that point.  Darrin got a rhythm going.  His eyes were closed, and little moans started escaping his lips.  His half-hard piece was hanging from his body like a big metal faucet, dripping juice and pulsing every time McConnell’s cock would bottom out in his butt.

I walked over to them.  Darrin seemed unaware of my close proximity.  I took his half-hard cock in my hand and let his dick ride into my slick palm, the juicy head of it nubbing across my calloused skin.  He never opened his eyes.  He may have forgotten we existed.

He started to speed up his thrusts, working McConnell’s dick in and out of his ass like he was churning butter.  I felt his dick go harder in my palm as Darrin picked up speed.  He was really fucking himself on that dick.

“Uhhh…uhhhh…oh fuck…oohhhhhhh,” Darrin moaned.  He cock pulsed in my hand, and a rope of jizz spurted out and landed on my stomach, hot and thick.  Darrin screamed as come sprayed out of his dick, showering me and McConnell’s legs.  He never lost his rhythm, and each thrust of McConnell’s tool into his ass seemed to send another spurt of come out of his cock.

Randy stepped beside me.  I could tell from his breathing that he was nearly ready to shoot.  I took hold of my own forgotten cock and realized I was close, too.  Randy held onto my shoulder as we stroked our dicks, both working ourselves up to orgasm.

“Bring those here, boys,” McConnell said, and Darrin got up off his lap.  McConnell got his face down in front of our dicks just as Randy was starting to lose his shit.

“Oh fuck man, here it comes,” he said, pointing his dick at McConnell’s open mouth.  My own nuts contracted, my load ready to pop.  I put my dick next to Randy’s and let loose.

Come shot out of our dicks and covered McConnell’s lips and tongue.  He licked it up and swallowed it down.  More flew onto McConnell’s upper lip and chin.  He swirled it around with his fingers, rubbing it into his face.  Then he brought his fingers to his mouth and licked it off.

McConnell stood up.  He looked kind of delirious.  I supposed it had been a while, if ever, that he’d messed around with a bunch of sluts like us.

“Get down in front of me,” he said, and we all complied.  We’d used him enough for one evening, now it was time for McConnell to get his.

He waved it in front of our faces, thrusting his hips slowly and sexily as he worked his dick in his fist.  “I got a load like you won’t fucking believe,” he said.  Darrin, Randy and I put our faces together and got ready to take it.  I wanted to feel him unload all over my face, his cum like ooze from a hot glue gun, just covering me.  But McConnell didn’t hurry.  He took his time.  He made us want it.

He planted his thick legs apart on the floor, and with one final thrust into his hand, a thick white jet of his sweet cum streamed out from the head of his magnificent prick, flying through the air and landing with a splash on Randy’s lips and tongue.  More and more came, and McConnell aimed it our foreheads, our tongues, our chests.  Cum streamed out of his dick like it was never going to stop. By the time he was done, I was covered in his load.  I looked over, and Darrin was covered too—he had it dripping off his goatee, he had it in his eyes.  Randy was rubbing it into his chest, the look in his eyes was one of intense satisfaction.


I was still buzzing from it all when I stepped out for a cigarette.  I felt different somehow.  I felt like I’d come full circle.  I couldn’t explain how, but the feeling was there.  Something had changed.

Maybe it started with that night in the dorms.   No, maybe it was the day I’d made friends with Darrin, or the day we met Randy.  But that first night, jerking off together in the dorms, that had clinched it.  That sense of possibility, of something feeling new and scary, definitely scary, but infinitely attractive and therefore so hard to deny.

Then with McConnell, telling me that he’d messed around with guys, and making it all seem so common, which it was.  Normal, even.

I thought about girls.  I tried to imagine myself with one, imagine a life with one, and all that turned up was a beige, blank page.  It was possible, sure; anything was possible, but that didn’t mean to it had to make sense.  It didn’t make sense.  Everything about it was wrong.

I could hear Randy, Darrin and McConnell in the living room, talking over music and a TV show.  I inhaled the smoke into my lungs, feeling it expand inside of me, and expelled it out into the night air.

I’m gay, I thought, and the thought was like a stone dropped into a lake.  It surfaced again.  I’m gay, and I’m in love with my friends. I paused for a minute to ponder these words, to feel them where my chest met my throat.

I’m gay and I’m in love with my friends.

Probably, I thought, snuffing out my cigarette on the side of the house before going back inside.

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