428 College St XV

By Natty Soltesz

I crashed at Darrin’s house, and ate leftovers with his family the next morning.  I thought my ass would be sore, but it felt more like a pleasant, warm burn.  Darrin and I even found time for a quick sixty-nine in his bedroom before he had to go visit his grandmother.

He drove me back to my parent’s house and I sat up in my old bedroom.  My mind was swimming.  What was the protocol when having your best friend’s dick up your ass was pretty much the best sex you’d ever had?  Did you go out and get a girlfriend, just to make sure you weren’t gay?  Or did you relax and enjoy it, and do it as much as you wanted without feeling any guilt?

I had no idea.

A few days later Darrin’s parents picked me and drove us back to the city.  428 College Street was exactly the same as I’d left it.  Still a pile of dirty dishes in the sink.  Still the same cellophane cigarette-pack wrapper in the middle of the hall.  Randy’s bedspread was still mussed, exactly the way it had been when I’d finished fucking him.

Darrin’s parents left after helping him bring in his stuff, and I realized that for the first time we were truly alone.  My asshole relaxed and my cock started to swell.  I wanted it again, and badly.  I’d been thinking about it during the entire car ride.

We got high in the kitchen, with the light on and the cold windows framing the night outside.

“Darrin,” I said finally.  “You know how I said if you ever wanted a blowjob, to just ask, and I’d be up for it?  Well, I’d kind of like the same thing from you.”  He blew out a hit and looked at me seriously.

“You want my dick?”

“I know you can’t guarantee you’ll always be up for it, but as a favor to me…”

“Are you serious?”  Darrin said.  I nodded.  “Nate, I’m totally up for fucking any time you want.  Dude, seriously, any time you want my dick, just fucking let me know, because I am always up for that shit.”

“How about right now?”

“Fuck yeah,” Darrin said, laughing.  He stood up; he had an obvious tent in his pants.  “Where should we go?”

It didn’t matter, I told him.  Anywhere would do.  He ended up bending me over the computer desk.

“Your ass is so tight I never feel like it’s actually going to work,” he said.

“Just keep working it against there,” I said, which he did, working his dick head against my hole, pressing inside, backing off, finally giving that final push and opening me up.

“Fucking tight ass,” he said.  My ass was practically propped up on his erection, speared at the tip but not going in any further as of yet.  Again there was that initial desire just to call it off, because it hurt so badly.  But then the pain subsided, and I felt so incredibly horny, my ass hungry for more dick, the pain long forgotten.

Once I relaxed enough Darrin fucked me rough and raw.  He seemed a little more confident this time, less concerned with my comfort and more inclined just to go for it and use my ass to get his nut.   I was bracing myself against the desk with my hands as he knocked me forward with each thrust, pulling practically all the way out before slamming right back in again.

We shot together, he in my ass and me all over the desk.  I have to say, getting fucked was even better the second time, because I was able to relax and enjoy it.

Afterwards Darrin and I took a shower and flipped on the TV.  About an hour later, Randy walked in the door.

“How was your Christmas?” I asked once he got settled.

“Well, I’m glad to be back.”  I knew exactly what he meant.

“That chick’s hot,” Randy said; referring to the TV movie we were half-watching.  It started in on a sex scene, and even though it was pretty tame and censored, it was apparently enough to turn Randy on in his sex-starved state.

“Fuck do I need some of that,” he said.

“Some of what?” I asked.

“Some of whatever.  You got something?”  I just laughed.  “What?” Randy said, peering over and Darrin and me.  “You guys already got off, didn’t you?”  We didn’t say anything, but I imagine it was written all over our faces.  “Fuck you guys,” Randy said, but I sensed a hint of relief in his reaction.  Things were back to normal.

“Couldn’t you have waited for me?  I’m so fucking horny, I need to get off like you wouldn’t believe.  Dude I need at least a blowjob or something, I’m going crazy.”

Darrin and I just laughed at him.  He finally gave up and went upstairs to beat off.  I didn’t feel really bad, because it wasn’t like we were intentionally holding out on him.  I just wasn’t feeling all that horny.  And besides, it was fun putting Randy in his place. After he came back downstairs, still fuming but noticeably relaxed, I decided to tell him the news.

“So Darrin popped my cherry.”

“No fucking shit,” Randy said.  He seemed kind of surprised, but not jealous or anything.  “How was it?”

“Pretty fucking nice.”

“Well, this calls for a celebration.”  He brought a bottle of wine out of his suitcase.  “My parents made this in their basement.”  Randy poured us each a third of it.

“So how’d you end up sitting on Darrin’s dick?” he asked.

“We were just wasted and bored.  He talked me into it.  It hurt at first but it was fucking hot.”

“Isn’t it just insane that we can do this?” Randy exclaimed.  “I mean, not only does it not hurt to take it up the ass, but it actually feels really fucking good.  We’re totally set.  Guys go crazy because chicks won’t let them stick their dicks in them as much as they want to.  We can fuck as much as we want now.  We can get laid every fucking day if we want to.”

Randy could’ve been a preacher or a salesman.  He had that way of convincing you in something you maybe didn’t entirely believe in to begin with.  I mean, I knew in my head that it couldn’t last forever.  It had to be something for right now, just an experimental phase, or something.  I couldn’t live my whole life like this, could I?

School started back up the next day.  When I got back from class that afternoon, I went to the kitchen to make myself something to eat.  No sooner did I open the fridge than Randy came down in his towel.  When he saw me he stopped in his tracks.  He looked startled.

“What?” I said.

“Nothing.  I just didn’t expect anyone to be here.”

“What’s wrong?” I asked.  Randy smirked and pointed to the sink.

“I just washed my buddy over there, I was going to go upstairs and use it.”  Sure enough, his fucking dildo was drying on the dish rack.  He looked to me.

“Of course, maybe now that you’re here, I won’t have to use it?”  I answered his question by telling him to drop his towel and bend himself over the sink.  Christ his ass was hot.  I got right into his hole and fucked his ass properly.  We both must have needed it, because I blew my load into him after about two minutes, and then he spooged right into the sink.

So this was how it was going to be at 428 College Street, I thought.  A hole and pole free-for-all.  Randy had bought a case of beer that night and we started drinking as soon as Darrin got home.  I was pretty intent on going another round, and this time having all three of us in on the action at the same time.  I was pretty sure Darrin and Randy felt the same way, but we didn’t mention it as we ate our dinner of pizza and beer.  Afterwards, we sat around in a semi-uncomfortable silence.

“Alright, let’s cut the bullshit,” Randy finally said.  “We all want to get off here, so let’s quit wasting our time and just get to it.” He lifted his shirt over his head and pulled his shorts and underwear down, his soft but growing dick popping out in front of him.  “I’m ready to get fucked,” he said, draping himself belly-down over the back of the couch.  I took in the sight of his thick shoulders in the warm light of the living room, curving down into the small of his back, then the plump, soft cheeks of his ass, which looked so inviting.

“Whichever of you guys wants some of this, go right ahead.  Just lube me up first.”  Darrin stood up, obviously feeling it.  He went over to Randy and parted his ass cheeks, moving his face into Randy’s crack.  Randy smiled and made a contented sigh, nuzzling his face in his arms.  Nothing like a rim job to get things started, I thought.

I liked watching Darrin do it.  His hands were keeping Randy’s cheeks spread wide.  The lower part of his face was buried in his ass, and he moved his head in small, tight motions as he worked his tongue into Randy’s hole.  Sometimes he would close his eyes, like he was really getting into it.

I walked over to where Darrin was kneeling.  His cock was tenting out the front of his nylon pants, his big dick in desperate need of attention.  I knelt down and pulled the waistband of his pants over his dick and balls.  He wasn’t wearing any underwear.  His thick pole hung perpendicular from his crotch, throbbing and leaking pre-come.

I lifted his heavy dick to my mouth, suckling on the tip like it was the teat of a cow, drinking the cream off the tip.  Darrin moaned into Randy’s butt.  He slapped Randy’s ass nice and hard, and his cock pulsed between my lips.  I took my time with his dick, going down to his balls and lolling them along my tongue before sliding all of his cock down my throat.

Eventually Darrin took his face out of Randy’s ass and started fingering him.  I stood up and got the hand lotion off of the CD tower.  Randy was still bent over the couch, his back arched, straining his head to watch Darrin’s thick fingers pump his hole.  I got down and slathered the lube onto Darrin’s dick.  Then he squeezed a big dollop right on to Randy’s pulsing asshole.  They were both ready as ready could be.

I took out my dick and beat off as Darrin grabbed Randy’s hips and positioned his cock at the entrance to his big butt.  Darrin had a look of concentration on his face as he steadily pressed his dick against Randy’s asshole.  Darrin was really a natural at butt fucking, I think.  He never rushed, but he wasn’t hesitant, either.  He was cock-sure and confident.

The fat head of his dick popped inside and Randy suppressed a moan.   I watched, fascinated, as each thick inch of Darrin’s schlong stretched my buddy’s hole open wider and wider.  I could hardly believe that my own ass had taken such a piece, but it had. Randy seemed more practiced at it, anyway.  He didn’t seem to be in any pain at all.  Still Darrin took it slowly.  When he was about halfway inside, Randy reached back, grabbed a hold of Darrin’s ass, and pushed Darrin into his ass until his big butt cheeks were smashed up against Darrin’s slim hips.  I walked closer to them and looked down at where they were connected.  Darrin withdrew slowly, his pole unplugging Randy’s butt with just as much control as when he’d entered it.

They built up a rhythm that I mimicked on my own dick.  Watching Darrin’s tight ass flex as he pumped into Randy gave me an idea.  I got behind Darrin and dove my face into his ass, quickly finding his asshole with my tongue.  He whimpered with pleasure as I rimmed him, moving my head with the motions of his ass as he fucked Randy.

Eventually Darrin pulled out of Randy’s butt and stepped aside.

“He’s all yours,” he said.  I walked over and slapped Randy’s ass, hard.

“Gimme a good ride, bitch,” I joked.  Randy didn’t miss a beat.

“Your tiny dick’ll be a relief after Darrin’s big schlong.”

“Ha, ha, asshole.”  I greased up my dick.  I pressed it to Randy’s loosened hole and pushed in.  Darrin had definitely stretched him out, but he was still tight as fuck.  I liked the way his big, soft ass cheeks kind of rippled as humped him.

After fucking him for a good while, I pulled out, intending to offer Darrin another go.  He was watching us from the sidelines, caressing his meat with the palm of his hand.  Randy sat his used ass down on the couch, and noticed me staring at Darrin’s cock.

“Dude, I want to see how you take Darrin’s dick up your ass,” he said.

“Alright.”  Darrin sat on the floor, his back propped up against the couch.  Randy got in front of us to watch.  I greased up my hole and leaned over Darrin’s lap.  He propped up his hard-on with his hand, and I sat down on his dick.

I was determined to take it all without complaint.  I didn’t want Randy to think I was a wuss.  Still, when it hurt when it first popped inside.  I tried not to show it on my face.  Slowly, my asshole relaxed, and it started to feel good.  I sank all of his dick into my hole.  Fuck, it felt good.  Finally, I was sitting in Darrin’s lap, with his entire cock buried in my ass.  I started riding him.  He wrapped his hands around my waist and bounced me up and down on his pole.

“Feels good, huh?” Randy asked.

“Fuck yeah,” I said in between breaths.  I rode Darrin’s dick for a few more minutes before Randy got another idea.

“Daisy chain,” he said.  “This’ll be awesome.”  He bent over, bracing himself against the banister.  I got behind him and sank my dick back into his ass.  Darrin got behind me and slid his dick back into my butt.  I paused for a second; I didn’t know if I’d be able to handle getting fucked and fucking at the same time.  Once I got used to it, though, I really sort of dug it.   I felt like the piece of beef in the middle of a skewer.  I would back my ass up onto Darrin’s dick, withdrawing from Randy’s butt.  Then Darrin would hump into me, and my own dick would bottom out in Randy’s ass.  I was barely holding on to my orgasm with that kind of treatment,and I had to call it off.

Darrin and I took turns fucking Randy’s ass.  Randy was a totally insatiable sex pig.  He was begging each of us to fuck him. Finally, I was fucking Randy’s ass and Darrin was right beside me stroking off.

“Gonna cum, dudes,” Randy moaned.  I sped up my thrusts, ready to blow my load right into his hole.  Randy had other ideas, though.  “Cum on my ass, both of you…fuck…oh…fuck yeah!” he screamed, and I felt his ass tighten around my cock as he blew his load all over the banister.  That was enough to send me off.  I pulled out of his ass and Darrin got right beside me.  We pointed our cocks at Randy’s butt, mine at his left cheek, Darrin at his right cheek.  Darrin put his arm around my shoulders.  We stroked for a minute before we were both ready to blow.

“Fuck yeah,” I said as my load rose out of my nuts and the first spurt of my jizz flew out of my cock, landing in an arc over the soft peach flesh of Randy’s left ass cheek. Darrin moaned, holding his enormous hose by the base as his load began to gush out.  I rubbed the head of my cock against Randy’s cum-covered butt cheeks, slathering the last drops on his soft flesh.  Darrin squeezed his pole from the base to the tip, and a final tiny dollop fell off and landed right on the tip of Randy’s butt crack.

We both got down and started cleaning our loads off of Randy’s big butt.  Our jizz was pretty mixed, and we licked and swallowed each drop, savoring the taste of his ass flesh underneath the heavy coating of our cream.  We were cleaning up the last drops when our tongues met.  We started making out.  My tongue was going deep in Darrin’s mouth, tasting our combined loads. Darrin pressed his mouth into mine, his stubble and goatee teasing the soft skin on my face.  Fuck, I was consumed with lust for this guy.  When I kissed him, it felt fucking serious.

“Cut it out, you homos,” Randy chided, and we broke it off, laughing as we looked for our respective clothing, all strewn about and tangled together on the floor.

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