428 College St XIV

By Natty Soltesz

Being home for Christmas was always a little disorienting—getting back into the swing of the family thing and all.  I felt like I was living the more boring half of a double life.

Midnight mass, family visits with grandparents, cousins and uncles all running around…I walked through it in a daze, my mind continually drifting back to my friends and the fun we’d had in the past months.  I was eager to get back to 428 College St.  It was, after all, my real home now.

I watched so much television that my brain felt as glazed and fried as a donut.  Finally, on Christmas night, I decided to call Darrin.  I’d been hesitant to contact him at first, because I’d been such an ass before he left.  Of course, any resentment I felt had since vanished; and frankly, I was curious as to how he’d react to the news that Randy and I had fucked.

“Are you as bored as I am?” I asked when I got him on the phone.

“Dude, I’m about ready to kill myself.”  I could hear the desperation in his voice.  After all, he’d been home a few days longer than I had.

He came by to pick me up.  We stopped at the local bar and grabbed a couple six packs.  Some guys with whom we’d graduated were there, and we just narrowly avoided have to talk to them.

We went to Darrin’s house, creeping upstairs to his room in an effort to not wake up his parents.  He had his old Nintendo hooked up, so we cracked open our beers and played some games.  It felt just like old times.  Several beers later, we were feeling pretty good.  I managed to swallow my apprehension, and came out with the news.

“So I finally tried it.”


“With Randy.  I stuck my dick up his ass.”

“He let you stick your dick up his ass?”

“Well, yeah.”  I was surprised by his reaction.  He seemed taken aback, and maybe even a little jealous.  “Doesn’t he let you do that?”

“Well yeah, but…I’m just surprised, that’s all.”

“Why surprised?”

“I don’t know, I guess because you were so weird about it before.”

“I know.”  I was getting a strange vibe from Darrin.  He seemed almost hurt.  “Is that cool?” I asked.  I was genuinely concerned.  I didn’t want anything to fuck up our friendship.

Darrin sighed and crushed his beer can.

“Yeah, it’s cool,” he said.  “So how did it happen?”  I told him the whole story, about how we’d been beating off and he’d opened his ass and told me to give it a try.  Darrin hung on my every word.   I left out how Randy and I had made out.  It seemed like it would be too much for him.

“Yeah, that’s pretty much how it went down.”  I cracked open a fresh beer.  “So, what have you guys been up to?”

Darrin shrugged and started to smile.

“We’ve just been chilling.  I don’t know.  He likes to sit on my dick, and I can’t complain about that, you know?  Every once in a while I’ll flip him over and fuck him when I’m ready to get off.  That’s about it.”

“Has he fucked you any more?”

“Just a couple times.  He’s more into that than I am, so I usually just give it to him.”

“You didn’t like getting fucked?”

“No, I…actually…I don’t know.”  He opened another beer and took a big swig.  “I kind of understood where you were coming from when you got weirded out about it at first.  Because it is kind of fucking crazy.”

“I know, but I figure, if Randy’s into it, that’s cool with me,” I said.  Darrin agreed.

“Dude, so now we can take turns.”

“Gang-bang him,” Darrin said, and we both laughed.  I finished my beer and crushed the can, the empty sound echoed through Darrin’s room.

“Wish he was here right now.”

“Fuckin’ a.”

“You wouldn’t be willing to bend over for me?” I said, kind of jokingly.  Darrin stood up, a huge smirk plastered on his face.

“No, but I got something you might not mind bending over for,” he said, grabbing his crotch.  My dick started to get hard.

“Dude,” I said, “take it out.”  Slowly, and still with that smirk, Darrin unzipped his pants and heaved out his heavy horse dick.  It hung there, half hard, a drop of pre-come forming at the tip.

“How the fuck does Randy take that up his ass?” I asked as I gazed at his cock.  He was so thick, it seemed like it would split me in two.

“Maybe you should try it,” Darrin said.  He had a teasing quality to his voice that I’d never heard before.  “Maybe you’ll like it,” he said, heaving his cock up and stroking its length.  Slowly it got harder.  Darrin’s dick never fully rose up from his balls when it got hard, because it was so heavy.  It just sort of hung there.  He milked it with his hand and stared at me.

“I’ll suck it,” I said.

“Of course you will.”  I scooted over on my knees.  Darrin unbuckled his belt, unzipped his pants and let them fall to the floor.  He slid off his boxer briefs and stood here in only a t-shirt, his horny meat jutting out from a nest of black pubes.  I took hold of his balls and raised his package to my lips.  Jesus I loved the salty-sweet taste of the head of his fat dick, the slick texture of his pre-come.  Something about Darrin’s dick just made me lose control.  I wanted it all over me.  I wanted to suck the sweet juice out of it until it unloaded onto my tongue.

I ran my tongue down his shaft and licked his balls.  His dick was rested on my face.  One by one I rolled his nuts around in my mouth.  They were so fat and hot.

“That’s it,” Darrin said, breathing heavily.  “I haven’t shot a load in forever.”  I could tell; his nuts seemed even more swollen than usual.  He grabbed my hair and put his dick in my mouth, sliding his pole into my throat.  I let him take control.  Soon my nose was buried in his public hair.  I’d taken him all the way in my mouth, which I’d never done before.

He held tighter onto my head and started fucking my face.  I kneeled there and let him use my mouth like a pussy.  I wasn’t even having that much trouble breathing, it felt so natural.

After a while of this, with Darrin panting and getting hotter by the second, I reached down was surprised to feel my rock-hard, leaking dick.  I’d been concentrating on pleasing Darrin so much, it barely even registered how turned on I was.

“Fucking sweet,” Darrin said with his balls pressed against my chin.  He must have been too close because he pulled out.  I took his spit-slicked cock in my hand and stroked it.  It was just so fucking handsome.  I couldn’t get enough.  I rubbed it all over my lips and face.  Darrin shifted his hips from side to side, bouncing it back and forth and rubbing it against my lips.  He took it in his hand and dick slapped my cheeks and forehead.  I held out my tongue, straining for a taste.

I told him I wanted him to lie down.  He got on the bed and stretched out on his back.  He put his hand behind his head, and his dick lazily rising toward the ceiling before falling back on his stomach.  I crawled in between his legs and held up his cock.

“I’m gonna try and sit on it,” I said, “But I’m not making any promises.”

“Dude, have at it.  It’s yours.  Do whatever you want,” Darrin said with a smile.

“You got any slippery stuff?” He pointed to the lube on the dresser.  I grabbed it, squeezed a glob on my palm, and stroked his dick.  His eyes rolled back in his head.  I could’ve made him cum just like that, but this wasn’t about his pleasure, as far as I was concerned.

I massaged some of the lotion into my asshole.  It made my whole body tingle.  My anus felt tighter than tight.  Despite all the dildos I’d had up my hole, it was technically a virgin ass.  I relaxed it, darted a finger inside, and clenched it up again.  My cock was so hard it was virtually immobile.

I grabbed onto Darrin’s dick and held it up for me then swung a leg over and straddled him.  I crouched down and traced the blunt head of his cock along my slick ass crack.  When it touched my hole I held it there, relishing the feel of it, so much power just waiting to plow into me.  My cock was so hard it hurt.  I could’ve cum with his dick just poised at my entrance, but I wanted more.

I bore down harder onto his cock.  Darrin reached out to stroke my bitterly hard dick.  I knocked his hand away, because I was entirely too close.  It felt like I was trying to shove a log in to a mouse hole.  I sat down harder, trying to relax, but soon realized it was futile.  My ass was just not going to give way; not tonight, anyway.

“Dude, it’s not going in.  It’s too fucking big.”

“That’s okay.”

“Just get on top of me and rub it against my ass.”  Darrin got up and tossed me on my back, kind of forcefully.  I threw my legs up in the air and he settled his fat, greasy dick into the crack of my ass.  He pumped his hips, riding his log across my hot, pulsing hole.  I started stroking my dick.

“That feels so fuckin good.”

“Fuck yeah, dude.”  It was so intense, feeling his fat hog sliding along my ass crack—so thick and throbbing; like a big, greased pole rolling right along where I was most thrillingly vulnerable.  He sat back a little until the tip of his dick was resting right against my hole, then bore down on it.  My heart jumped and raced.

Darrin was gritting his teeth, my ankles in his hands.  He pressed harder, and it sunk in just a little, but still not past the sphincter.

“Fuck, dude,” he said.  He seemed frustrated and turned on.  Steadily he rubbed the underside of his dick against my ass, occasionally jabbing the head in to my asshole.  I squinched it up, kissing the tip of his dick with it, then relaxed.  Suddenly Darrin gave a jerk forward, and the head of his cock popped inside of me.  It took my breath away.

“Oh yeah dude, I’m in,” Darrin said, panting in my ear.  My whole body felt like it was on fire.  Darrin, my best buddy, was mounting me, was fucking me.  Darrin looked down at his dick, singularly focused on getting more inside.  Slowly, he sank another inch into my elastic fuck hole.  I fucking moaned, that’s how good it felt.

I closed my eyes and concentrated on breathing.  He kept giving me more and more of his cock, and it kept feeling better and better.

“Aw, give it to me,” I moaned.  With one final thrust Darrin sank all of his nine inches in my ass.  His belly was pressed against my abdomen, his face right next to my face.

“I’m all the way inside you, dude.”  He rocked back his hips, removing his log-splitter slowly.  Just the head of his prick was left inside.  It left a void that I immediately wanted to be filled.  Inch by inch he pushed it back into me.

He was full-on buttfucking me then, using his slim hips to thrust all his meat stick in.   My butthole was completely relaxed by now, just letting him have his way with me, feeling the pleasurable pull as my hole grasped it like a velvet glove.  Bang, bang, bang; every time his dick shoved all the way into my ass I saw stars, he was touching this incredible place inside me I never knew existed.  I grabbed his hairy ass, guiding each inch of his dick as it speared inside.

“Gonna cum,” he grunted, picking up speed.  I hoisted my ass up to give him easier access.  He fucked like a champ, like it was something he was born to do, never slowing down, never missing a stroke.  His dick speared in and out of me, faster and faster now. “Ah!  Fuck!  Can’t fucking stop it!” he cried.  He yanked himself out of my butt and stroked his meat right over my body.  I wanted him to shower me with his load, and that’s what he did.  It spewed come like a water cannon, streaming shot after shot of steaming hot cream onto my sweat-slicked face, chest, and stomach.  Some fell on my lips and I stuck out my tongue to taste it, as I rubbed the rest into my body.

He shook out the last drops, then immediately got down and jammed one of his fat fingers into my ass.

“Oh fuck,” I said, giving my ass over to his finger.  He put his face to my dick and licked the hot pools of his cum off of my body, eating my cum-covered nipples, working his way back down to my stomach and then making a meal out of my hard, come-drenched cock.

He chugged my dick between his lips while he finger-fucked my hole.  He had to have known I wouldn’t last a goddamned second.  I didn’t even get a chance to give him a warning, I just let loose right into his mouth.  His neck, rough with black stubble, undulated as he gulped down my load.

When I was done, he slid his goateed mouth off of my dick, sucking up the remaining drops of cum like he was sucking milk from a straw.  He brought his face up to mine and without hesitation we kissed.  The taste of our combined loads was still on his tongue.  I reached for the back of his head and brought him in tight with mine, and deep in my head, I heard it.  Those three dangerous little words.

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