428 College St XIII

By Natty Soltesz

We sat on the couch for the rest of the evening, our stomachs full from Randy’s dinner, watching “Law & Order” and getting hopelessly high.

“I have to piss,” I said in the non-committal way that stoners do when they have a notion that they don’t really intend on seeing through.  After a few minutes I said it again.

“Well fucking piss then,” Randy said.

“Ehhh, I will in a minute I guess.”

Randy sighed and stood up.

“Now I have to piss.  I guess I’ll get up there before you do, you lazy ass.”  He turned toward the steps, hesistated, and turned back.

“Speaking of ass,” he said, and bent over in front of me.  He slid down his mesh shorts to reveal his firm, globular ass cheeks, “I bet you’d like to fuck this ass again, wouldn’t you?”

“Yeah, I think I would.”  My cock started to swell at the sight of it.

Randy pulled them back up, snapping the elastic band against his waist.

“Well, we’ll see.”

“What do you mean, we’ll see?”  I called as he walked up the stairs.  I listened as his piss splashed in the bowl.  He took his time before answering me.

“Get my laundry out of the dryer, then we’ll talk it over.”

“Oh fuck that,” I yelled.  We had a washer and dryer down in the basement.  It was pretty convenient, but our basement was nasty.  None of us liked going down there.

“Dude, a piece like mine don’t come for free,” Randy said when he came back down.  “So get my laundry out of the dryer, bring it up here, and we’ll talk about it.”  It was just like Randy to pull some sort of stunt like this.  Still, I couldn’t deny the boner that was forming in my sweatpants.  With a final ‘fuck you’ I pushed myself off the couch and headed to the basement door, followed by Randy’s lunatic laughter.  He had me, all right.

I trudged down the basement steps, thinking of the ways I’d have Randy when I went back upstairs.  Maybe I’d bend him over the kitchen table like I’d imagined earlier that day, give him the reach around and watch him shoot all over the table before filling his ass with my load.  Maybe I’d have him sit on me, ride my dick until I was ready to turn him over, throw his legs up in the air and give him a good pounding.  Or maybe I’d do him on the staircase, just lay him face down and sink my dick into his hole until I shot my load all over his ass.  Whatever I did, I intended upon making it last.

I walked to the dryer and unloaded Randy’s whites into a laundry basket.  Randy usually wore tightie-whities, but he had a few pairs of bikini briefs that I guess he kept for special occasions.  In the state I was in right then, I actually found myself getting a little turned on at the thought of Randy’s ass in them.  In a moment of unsupervised spontaneity, I brought a pair up to my face and sniffed them.  They smelled of combed cotton and Downy Fresh, with just a hint of muskiness.  My dick throbbed and oozed in my sweatpants.

I brought the basket up to the living room and set it on the floor.

“Here you go,” I said.

“Sooooo …” Randy said, an expectant look on his face.

“So … bend over!  Wasn’t that the deal?”

“The deal was, you get my laundry out of the dryer, and then we’ll talk it over,” Randy said.  “Start folding, and then we’ll talk some more.”

“Fuck this,” I said.  Then I sat down and got to work.  Randy laughed, watching me with great glee.  “I can’t believe I’m folding your goddamned socks.”

“You’re doing a good job.”

“This sucks.”

“Here,” Randy said.  He got up on the couch and turned his ass to me again.  “I’ll give you a visual to help keep you going.” Again he exposed his naked ass.  It was so big, but so firm, and the cheeks were hairless and smooth as the skin on a peach, with a warm, even skin tone.  I folded faster.

“Okay, now I’m doing your underwear.”

“Awesome,” Randy said.  He reached back and pulled apart his cheeks, revealing his clean, pink pucker.  I’d always just assumed most asses were ugly, but Randy’s was honestly beautiful.  I couldn’t imagine why anyone wouldn’t want to stick their dick in there.

“Okay, just your t-shirts and then I’ll be done,” I said with a noticeable loss of breath due to my increased heart rate. Randy’s breathing was also deeper.  He touched his hard dick underneath his shorts.  One time Randy told me that spreading his ass gets him instantly hard, because of the fresh air that caresses his hole.  I guessed that was what was happening now.

“Make sure everything’s folded,” he said.  He got his finger wet and sloppy and pressed it to his tight hole.   I watched it almost like it was in slow motion as he slid it inside all the way up to knuckle.

“All done,” I said, standing up.  My cock was straining painfully against the front of my sweatpants.  “You ready to rock ‘n roll?”

“Fuck yeah,” Randy said.  “I’m horny as fuck.  Let’s do it.”  I got naked.  Randy took out his finger and presented his ass to me, arching his back and wiggling it just a little as he shifted down to give me better access.  As soon as I got up close, I knew I had to eat him out.

I brought my face up close and took in the heady, musky smell of his ass.  Such a turn-on.  I started licking the space underneath his balls, slowly working my way up his smooth crack.  The tip of my tongue reached the tangy smooth skin of his anus, and Randy shuddered.  I rimmed the perimeter of his butt hole, just lightly enough so he could feel it.  Then I ran my tongue light and quick all the way up and down his ass crack, just skimming across his pulsing hole.

Finally I got down to business, tonguing right into his sensitive, quivering anus.  His asshole unclenched as he completely gave himself over to me.  My whole head was buried in his ass.  I loved the way his butt smothered me, like I didn’t have any choice but to chow down.  I screwed my tongue tight into his steaming asshole.  Somehow, the knowledge that I was soon going to sink my dick inside had me working his asshole with even greater abandon.

Eventually we were both ready.  I stood up, shifting my hips forward and humping my dick against his ass, the underside of my shaft sliding against his white-hot hole.  I pressed the tip right to it and he kissed me with his asshole, signaling he was ready to draw me inside.

Behind us “Law & Order” was wrapping up.  I looked all around the living room but I couldn’t find our hand lotion.

“Hey Randy, where’s the lube?”

“Fuck the lube.  You got me pretty wet already.  Just slick your cock up with spit and slide it inside.”  I did as he said and got back into position.  Just as I was thinking there was no way I was going to get my big cock inside that tiny hole, Randy pressed his ass into me and my cock head popped inside.

“Oh fuuuuck,” he moaned in a deep voice.

“Fuck yeah, dude, I’m inside of you.  You want more?”

“Yeah, gimme some more,” Randy said, and I inched my spit-slicked cock into his soft, yielding entrance.  “Oh fuck yes,” Randy said.  “This is fucking nice.”  There was something incredibly hot about doing it with no lube, incredibly hot and incredibly close.  Raw and dirty.

Finally, I was balls deep.  The feeling was incredible—-the entire length of my cock, buried in to his tight shit chute.  I let it rest there for a minute, just to savor the sensation and let him get used to it.  I had a weird, lucid moment.  I started thinking about the snow falling outside, about how it was just me and Randy, all alone in this big college town, doing our own, private thing in the living room of our apartment.

I rocked my hips backward.  Centimeter by centimeter, my dick slid out of Randy’s hole.  When I was most of the way out I slid back in.  Then out.  Then in again.

“UUUuuuhhhh,” Randy groaned.  I felt under his stomach for his dick.  It was rock hard, pressed against his belly.  I got a hold of it but Randy swatted my hand away.

“Too fucking close,” he said.  “Just fuck my ass.  Concentrate on fucking my ass.”  So that’s what I did.  I fucked his ass and forgot about everything else.  Never for a second did I doubt that Randy was getting just as much pleasure as I was.  He was with me for every thrust.  It was slow, and it was intense.

After taking him from behind on the couch for a good fifteen minutes, I decided I wanted to change things up.

“Lemme fuck you over the kitchen table.”  Randy just gave me a knowing smile.  We uncoupled and I followed his naked ass into the kitchen.

“Right over the table?” he asked.  His whole body was flushed, his dick read and oozing.

“Yeah, you’re the main course,” I said.  He grabbed hold of the sides of the table pushed his ass back.  Slowly, I slid my cock up his hole.  It went in easily now, and in no time I was porking Randy for all he was worth.  The table shook underneath us. My hips met Randy’s ass cheeks in a series of staccato smacks.

I fucked Randy all over the apartment that night.  We took it up to my room for a while, just for a change of pace, and I fucked him on my bed with his legs thrown over my shoulders.  I took him rough, and I took him gentle.  He got on top of me and rode me like a horse; then I got on top of him and fucked him like a bitch in heat.  We came, then came a second time, then started fucking again.

Finally we ended back where we had begun, on the couch, doggy-style.  I was fucking him hard, pinching his nipples as his dick slid in and out of my fist.

“Feels so fuckin good,” he said.  “Fuck I’m gonna cum.”  His ass clenched down on my dick and his sperm shoot in hot rivulets, dribbling down my knuckles.  That was enough to set me off.

With one great thrust I pushed inside of him as far as I could go.  I started sperming in his butt, but then had a change of heart and whipped it out.  I pointed my dick at his ass and unloaded several thick shots off jizz down on his ass cheeks.  Then without even thinking I bent down and started licking it up, eating my load off of his cheeks.  I even went back to his worn-out hole, tasting the remnants of the two loads I’d deposited there earlier in the night.

We were exhausted, I mean totally washed out.  We sat on the couch in the afterglow, watching an infomercial for a metal tray that defrosted things like burgers and steaks.  Neither of us could muster up the energy to find the remote, let alone get dressed.

Eventually I noticed the clock.  It was 3 am.  We must have fucked for a good four hours.

“Dude, I am played out,” I said.

“You’re telling me.”

“Guess I better go to bed,” I said, rising up off the couch.  I paused, and for a moment I thought about asking Randy to sleep with me.  It just seemed strange to leave his side, especially after the intimacy we’d just experienced.  But I didn’t want to make things weird, so I pushed the thought from my mind.  “I guess I’ll see you in the morning?”

“Yeah, well, my parents are coming pretty early to pick me, but if you got some morning wood and want to slide it in me one last time, don’t hesitate.”

“Sounds good, dude,” I said.  I collapsed on my bed and fell immediately asleep.

I dreamt about Randy’s ass all night.  I was still half asleep the next morning when I stumbled toward his bedroom, my thick slab of morning wood leading the way, thinking of the big, warm ass that was waiting for me at the end of the hall.

He was laying face down under the covers.  I called his name and he didn’t answer, so I pulled the covers down and exposed his naked ass.  It stuck out from his body like a small mountain.  I gently parted his cheeks touched my tongue to his hole  That got him up quick.  He ground his morning wood into the bed, savoring my tongue action in his half-awake state.

When he seemed ready I grabbed some lube from his dresser and lined my dick up with his hole.  I slid it all the way home in one thrust as Randy moaned into his pillow.  I got a rhythm going, feeling more awake by the minute.  Soon Randy was up on his knees, banging into me just as hard as I was banging him.  There was no way I was going to make it last that morning.  I came right inside of him before I could even think about stopping myself.  Just as the last of my load was spilling into his guts, the doorbell rang.

“Shit!  It’s my fucking parents,” Randy said.  He threw me off of him and scrambled to get dressed.  He put on some pajama pants and went down to answer the door.  I listened from his room as he talked to them.  I couldn’t help but smile, thinking of the cum that must have been dripping from his asshole the entire time.

Somehow, he convinced them to wait in the car while he got ready.  He ran back up the stairs and closed the bedroom door behind him.

“Quick,” he said, pulling down his pajama pants to reveal his still-stiff dick.  “I gotta get off before I get in that car.”  I took his hard dick into my mouth and sucked it into my throat.  It didn’t take him long to get off.  He held on tight to the back of my head and blew his jism down my throat.  I drank it down with great relish.

When we were finished he threw some clothes into a book bag, along with his toothbrush and some hastily-wrapped gifts.

“Gotta go.  Dude, have a nice Christmas.”  He leaned down into me and met my lips in a kiss.  Our tongues writhed together, mine still coated with the aftertaste of his load.

Randy broke away and, smiling, headed downstairs and out the door.

I sat and listened as they drove away.  I was alone.  The silence in the house was deafening.  I laid back in Randy’s bed, which was still warm from where I’d fucked his brains out not five minutes earlier.

What a gift, I thought.

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