428 College St XII

By Natty Soltesz

Randy ran his fingertips around the rim of his hole before plunging them back inside.

“Like I said, it’s your call, dude, but I’m definitely in to it.  Just slide it in, see how it feels.  If you don’t like it, no big deal.  I got a nice, tight fuckin ass, though.  Darrin loves it.”

Still, I hesitated.

“C’mon man,” Randy said.  He took his fingers out and winked his hole at me.  “Think how it would feel around your cock.  I love it man, I love having stuff shoved up my ass.  And your dick is just as good as any dildo.  Grab that lotion.”

I stood up.  My dick felt as hard as a diamond, like it could go right through anything.  My legs just seemed to naturally take me toward Randy.  I’ll just try it, I thought to myself.  I’ll just put it in there a little bit, and maybe the whole way.  Only because he wants me to.  Just to see how it feels.

I reached for the lotion and squirted some in my palm.  I slathered it on myself, relishing the feel of my powerful dick in my fist, so hard and slick.

“Lemme see that,” Randy said, and I walked over toward him, my cock bobbing out in front of me.  I handed him the lotion.  He squirted a dollop of cream on his fingers and worked it into his butthole.  “Makes it easier,” he said, his fingers darting easily inside himself.

I knelt down before him and pointed my erection at his asshole.

“So you just want me to do it,” I said.  “Just stick it inside you.”

“Yeah.  Just slide it on in there.  Take it slowly, though.”  I moved forward on my knees.  The position was awkward and uncomfortable.

“Would it be alright if you turned around, to get your ass up a little higher?  I think it would be easier for me,” I said.

“Yeah, sure, that’s cool.  Hit me from behind, it doesn’t matter.  I dig it all.  Let’s just get it on,” Randy said, turning over and getting up on his hands and knees.  Something about seeing him in this position made it even more irresistible.  His thick back muscles tapered off to his waist, then fanned out again in to his big, plump butt.  The parted cheeks of ass were inviting.  He turned his head to me and smiled.

“It’s all yours.  Go for it.”   I knelt in between his legs, my knees sinking into the couch.  He arched his back and the tip of my dick met his hot, pulsing hole.  My whole body shuddered.  I’d never felt anything so hot before.

Randy took in his breath.  He squinched up his hole, kissing the end of my cock with his greased anus.  I steadied myself and leaned my weight into him.  The pressure and resistance that met the head of my dick were intense.

Randy was breathless with anticipation.  I pressed again, and the head just popped inside.  Immediately I could feel Randy’s ass tense up, gripping it greasily.  I had to resist the urge just to shove it all inside.  It was too great a rush.  I had to take it slowly.

Randy quickly relaxed and pushed his ass back, wanting more.  I grabbed hold of his big butt to steady him, and savored the feel of his tight ass ring on the head of my dick.  Slowly I pulled him back on to me, the thick inches of my dick sinking steadily into his hot, tight ass.

“Feel so fucking good,” Randy moaned.  He was bracing himself with both hands on the back of the couch.  I sensed his dick was rock hard, because his ass kept clenching up, like he was so hard that it couldn’t help but spasm.

His asshole stretched to accommodate the thick base of my dick as the rest of my shaft sunk inside.  Finally his ass pressed against my balls, and I realized I’d bottomed out.  This time, when Randy squeezed my whole dick with his bowels I actually had to stop and catch my breath, because I felt like my load would just spurt out spontaneously.

I was all the way inside of him.  If this was still an experiment, it had gone as far as it was supposed to go.

“My cock’s all the way inside of you.”

“Uhhhawww, yeah.”

“Does it feel okay?”

“Dude, it feels so hot.  It feels so good.  Does it feel okay to you?”

“Better than okay, dude, much better than okay,” I said, laughing.

“Your dick feels good.  Sometimes Darrin’s hurts, it’s so fucking fat.  But yours is like perfect.  See if you can get it in any farther, push as hard as you can,” he said.  I pressed myself deep into his ass, and found I could get in a little further.  Randy whimpered.  Just this slight movement had me feeling like I was going to cum.

I was balls deep in Randy’s ass.  What would be the point of turning back now?  I was going to buttfuck my best friend.  For Christ’s sake, he wanted me to use his ass like a pussy.

“So what now?”

“So fuck me,” Randy said.  “Pull your dick out as far as you want.  Feel how tight my ass grips your dick.”  I pushed his fat ass away, moving his body forward.  My cock slid out slowly, with Randy’s ass lips tightly gripping every horny millimeter.  I stopped when my head was just about to pop out.  Then I slowly pressed back in, bringing Randy’s butt back on to it, the sensitive ridge on the underside of my dick being massaged and kneaded by his tight asshole.

“Oh, my God,” I couldn’t help saying, as my dick went back inside of him.  It really hit me, then:  this ass was mine for the night. I could fuck the shit out of my best friend and it didn’t matter.

Even more extraordinary was that I didn’t feel the anxiety I’d experienced when I’d fucked girls.  Those experiences were always apprehensive, like I had to be gentle and go easy on them.  But this was Randy, my buddy, and he was giving up his tight, sweet piece all for me.  I could do whatever the fuck I wanted and he was tough enough to take it.

“Feel good?” Randy said between breaths, as I pumped in and out.

“Fuck yeah.”

“Then ride ‘em cowboy.”

“Yee fuckin haw!” I shouted, giving his fat ass a healthy slap and plunging back inside.

Even though I tried, I didn’t last long inside Randy’s ass.  The excitement of having my dick somewhere so tight and so willing was just too much to bear.

I got rough with him, shoving my dick in as far as it would go, ramming his ass with all my might.  And Randy gave it right back to me, bucking backward to meet each thrust, and saying the horniest shit imaginable.

“FUCK yeah, bro, ram my ass, fuckin awesome,” he cried.  He loved every inch of it.  I slapped his ass hard as I fucked him, squeezing his cheeks around my dick and spearing it in.  I tried to slow down when I felt my load rising up, I tried to pull back and stop altogether, so I could keep it going.  But Randy wouldn’t stop.  He pushed back into me, fucking himself on my cock.  He had an agenda, his hand was moving a mile a minute on his own prick.  He was relentless.

“Shit, slow down,” I told him, but he just kept going, swallowing me with his ass until I realized I wasn’t going to be able to control it; my load rose up from my balls and was ready to let loose right there in my best buddy’s butt.  It felt so fuckin dirty, but also so thrilling.  I could shoot my whole load into him and it wouldn’t matter.  I didn’t even stop to ask him.  I didn’t have time.  But in my head I imagined Randy saying “No worries, man.  Just shoot it off into my ass, it doesn’t matter.”

“Gonna fuckin blow,” I spat out, and before I even finished saying it the first stream of cum poured out of my cock head and spewed inside Randy’s pound cakes.  I felt his ass contract around my dick and I realized he was shooting off too, and we hadn’t even been trying to time it.  It just worked out like that, the point of no return had come naturally and we were both going off together, me in his ass and him all over our couch.

When it was over I let Randy pull himself off of me.  He stood up, sweat beading on his forehead.  He reached behind himself and felt his asshole.

“Damn, dude,” he said.  “Way to shoot a fuckin load.”

“I’m sorry,” I said, “I should’ve warned you, but I couldn’t stop.”

“It’s cool, man.  What’s it even matter?  Not like I’m going to get pregnant.”  Of course we hadn’t used a condom.  We were young and dumb.  These days I know better.  In a way, though, the fact that we hadn’t used protection made it even more of a thrill, made it feel even closer.  With Randy, it was always complete abandon, and it was hard to imagine it any other way.


Nothing changed, the day after I fucked Randy in the ass.  Nothing changed, except that I thought about it a lot.  I thought about Randy, and his ass, and how it gripped my dick so tight and never let up; how I’d fucked him until my load just spilled inside his body and it felt so right.  I thought about how I wanted him that very second, wanted to bend him over the kitchen table and fuck the shit out of him until I spracked all over his back and he pulled off his pud all over the plates that were still sitting out.

The heavy resistance that had blocked my mind like a wall for the previous week had suddenly burst down, and had somehow let loose a turbulent rush of lust.

It was the night before Christmas Eve, and almost a foot of snow had fallen during the day.  Outside the world was quiet and expectant.  Inside 428 College Street it was warm and bright.  We had Led Zeppelin playing through Darrin’s ghetto-rigged surround sound.  Randy bought a bag of groceries and was making dinner, with garlic and cheese and bread.

“My parents are coming to pick me up tomorrow morning,” he said as he lowered a steaming strand of fettuccini into his open mouth.

“Yeah, mine too” I said.  I didn’t feel like thinking about going home.  I’d slept all afternoon, and now that it was evening I felt more awake than ever.

After we were finished with our fettuccini alfredo Randy leaned back and lit up a cigarette.

“What are you thinking about?” he asked.

“All kinds of shit.”

“Like what?  As if I don’t know.”

I took a deep breath.

“Well, for starters, aren’t you confused by all of this?  Even just a little?”

“You mean buttfucking?”

“No … I guess I mean all of it.”

“Well, not really,” Randy said.  He put his cigarette out on his plate.  “I don’t know, it’s weird … I mean, I always used to mess around with my friends, when I was a kid.  Play doctor and shit.  And I guess this seems the same way.

“I mean, sometimes I wonder why I don’t have a girlfriend, and shit like that, but the trick is remembering that most people just don’t know what the fuck they’re talking about.  They want to put labels on everything and everybody, and say that if you do this, then you’re this way, and if you do that, then you’re that way.  They just do it to make it easier on themselves.”

“But do you think you’re … I guess … bisexual or whatever?”  Randy just shrugged.

“Who gives a fuck?  All I know is I’m enjoying myself,” he said, getting up to put his plates in the sink.  He looked back at me. “Are you enjoying yourself?” he asked.

“Yeah,” I said.  It was true, but I still had things on my mind.  I didn’t want to press the matter, because I didn’t want to ruin the experience; like when you have to explain a joke to somebody and it isn’t funny anymore.

The fact was, if Randy was going to offer his ass to me like he had the past night, I was willing to ignore my own misgivings, or keep my thoughts to myself, if it would keep it going.  It was that good.

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