428 College St XI

By Natty Soltesz

I’ll be the first to admit that my thinking on this whole situation was fucked up and confused.  I don’t think I’d ever been so tormented in my life.

The situation was this:  I dug getting off with my friends.  I enjoyed the hell out of it, all the stuff we did—sucking each other off, eating each other’s come, even licking each other’s buttholes.  But buttfucking just crossed some line in my head.  It was the one thing that made it all serious.

It wasn’t like I was a virgin-—I’d had a few awkward encounters with girls while in high school.  I’d never been laid properly, though, and part of me knew that buttfucking with my buddies might turn out to be the best sex I’d ever had, which freaked me out.  I know this is weird, but in the back of my head I kept thinking I should save myself for a girl.

But what if I crossed that line?  I wasn’t sure if I could ever go back.  I mean, if buttfucking really was as nice as Darrin and Randy seemed to think, what was to stop us from doing it all the time?  After all, there was a world out there, and I knew what people would say about three dudes who lick each other’s buttholes and suck each other off.

Almost unconsciously I began to distance myself from them.  Randy tried to get me to come out of my shell, but I was not having it.

One night I was sitting in my room doing homework when Randy knocked on the door.

“Hey dude,” he said, looking down at me apprehensively.  “You horny?”

“No,” I said.

“Well, anyway, Darrin’s on his bed with his ass in the air.  You can go stick your dick in him, if you want.”

“No thanks.”

“Alright then,” Randy said as he turned to the door, “that’s your problem.”

Winter break arrived.  Darrin went home right away, but Randy and I stuck around until Christmas Eve.  That meant it was just us, alone in the house.  At first we did a fairly decent job at avoiding one another, but the fact was that we had absolutely nothing to do.  Campus was deserted, and the weather was too shitty to go outside.  Finally the loneliness and boredom got to me.  I got out my weed and, deciding to use it as a peace offering, knocked on Randy’s bedroom door.

“Come in,” he said.  He was lying down, reading a book.

“Want to smoke a joint?”

“Yeah, sure,” he said.  I got some rolling papers from his desk and sat down on the bed at his feet.

“I’ve been so fucking bored,” I said.

“Tell me about it,” Randy said, “I’m reading this shitty novel.”  We laughed, and that seemed to break the tension.  I licked the joint, lit it up and inhaled.  The smoke was thick and sweet.  I passed the joint to Randy.  He’d just gotten out of the shower.  He was scruffy, with a few days worth of stubble on his face, but it made him look handsome.

The only sound in the apartment was the crackling joint and our breath as we inhaled and exhaled.  We got high like that, silently, and the high crept up over me and coursed through my body.  I passed the joint back to Randy and felt his fingers tangle with mine.  The joint got shorter and shorter, until it was barely there.

“You want to shotgun it?” Randy asked, and I nodded yes.  I sucked a deep drag off the roach, then made a tunnel out of my hand and held it up to my mouth.  Randy put his mouth on the other end and I exhaled.  A lot of the smoke passed through the spaces between my fingers, as Randy tried to suck it into his lungs.

“Didn’t get too much,” Randy said, taking the roach from me and pinching it between his thumb and index finger.  There was probably one hit left.  He sucked in the rest and motioned me toward him.

“Let’s try it this way,” he said, then pressed his lips against mine.  His mouth was soft and open, and the feeling went straight to my cock.  He exhaled, I inhaled, and the breath and smoke went from his lungs into mine.  When he was finished I pulled off.  A huge cloud of smoke blasted from my lungs.  I started coughing, and then Randy was hacking up a lung until he eyes looked ready to pop.

“Fuck, man,” I said, laughing.  “That was a monster hit.”

“I know, dude,” Randy said, trying to catch his breath.  I put the roach in the ashtray on Randy’s nightstand and we sat in silence.

“Fuck I’m horny,” I said almost before I realized it.  Randy didn’t reply.

“When was the last time you made out with a girl?” he eventually asked.

“A while, I guess.”

“I love making out,” Randy said.

“Me too, it gets you so fucking hot.”

“I know.”  We sat there for another minute.  You could practically hear our minds whirring.

“I was kinda getting turned on there when we were shotgunning,” Randy said.

“I know.”

“I never made out with a dude, though.”

“Fuck!  Me neither.”

“I don’t really see what the big deal is.  I mean, I’d try it,” Randy said.

“Yeah, I mean, we’re alone.”

“Nobody’s gonna know,” Randy added.  “You want to try it?”

I looked at him.  We leaned in to each other.  Our open mouths met and Randy’s tongue found mine.  We touched our tongues together, tentatively at first.  Then Randy grabbed the back of my neck and pulled my head into his, and we sucked each others lips and tongues, full-on making out.

Randy was aggressive but I was giving it right back to him, kissing him passionately and letting it take me away.  My cock was totally hard.  We fell back onto the bed and I drew my arms around Randy’s waist, pressing his body against mine.  I ran my arm up his back and through his hair as I shoved my tongue into his mouth.  Randy humped his hard dick against mine, grabbing on to my ass.  He moved down and started sucking on my neck.

“Oh, shit,” I said.

“Does that feel good?” Randy asked.

“Yeah.  But I just need a breath, here.”  We sat up beside each other on the bed.

“Whew.  That was intense.  I need to get off now,” he said, rubbing his erection underneath his jeans.

“I know.  What do you want to do?”

“Let’s sixty-nine,” he said, so we got undressed and into the yin/yang position on his bed.  I took Randy’s fat plug into my mouth and he smoked mine, both of us rock hard and way too close to cumming.  A couple times we had to stop, just to slow down and make it last.

I got on top of Randy, swallowing his prick while I fucked his face.  Licking under Randy’s fat balls, I bent my head until my tongue was pressed into his ass. He groaned around my cock, and I pressed my face into his butt, shoving my tongue into his tight hole, making him moan and open his legs.

Randy lifted his head and worked his way up to my ass crack.  He touched my asshole with the tip of his tongue, and I felt my whole body go loose and trembly.  I wanted his tongue up my ass so bad, but he was teasy about it.  He licked around the rim of my hole, only lightly poking his tongue into it.  It was driving me crazy.

Then he shoved his tongue right up there, using his entire mouth to eat me out.  I did the same to him, and we lost ourselves in to an ass-eating sixty-nine.  We slapped each other’s asses as we ate, and there was something so fucking hot about the pleasure we were getting from having our asses eaten out, simultaneously.

Eventually we went back to each other’s dicks, and when Randy slipped a finger into my hole I did the same for him.  We were going at a pretty good clip, and I felt my load rising out of my nuts.

“Dude, I’m gonna cum,” I said, stroking him.  Randy took my cock out of his mouth and jerked my dick as I jerked his.

“Me too, dude.  Let’s swallow, alright?”

“Fuck yeah,” I said, and I went back down on him and he went back down on me.  We were gauging each other’s body responses, trying to time it out so we could eat each other’s cum at the same time.  I had Randy’s fat ass in my hands, poking a finger into his butthole while I fucked his face.  Suddenly Randy groaned.  His dick pulsed in my mouth, and his hot seed spurted out, coating my tongue and shooting into the back of my throat.  That was all it took to send me off.  As my load rose out of my balls and into his mouth, I drank and sucked the come out of his dick, tasting his salty jism and rubbing his spent dick all over my face.

When he was done I ate the come that was left on the head of his dick.  He cleaned me off, too, and then turned around and pulled his face toward mine.  We made out, the combined tastes of our cocks and cum mingling together in our mouths.

After a few minutes of this, I actually felt my cock starting to come alive again.

“Fuck.  I can’t believe how hot this is making me,” I said.

“I know,” Randy said.  His dick was fatting up again, too, but we decided to cool it for the moment.  I think I needed it, because it was almost too much to handle, especially after I’d held out having sex with him for all that time.  For some reason, it felt different messing around with only Randy there.  I felt like I had more control over the situation.

I was spent, relaxed, and happy that I had my friend back.  We passed the rest of the day lying around in our underwear, watching TV, then watching movies, then watching porn.

Randy slid his briefs down to his ankles, stroking his balls on the couch across from me.  I watched as his finger crept down underneath them toward his asshole.

He grunted as he worked his butt with the tip of his finger.  Then he took out his finger, got it wet, and put it back down.  Slowly, as I watched, more of his finger slid inside.  He diddled himself like it was nothing.  Then he had two fingers inside, just shoving them in without a care in the world, as he beat his dick with his other hand and watched the porno.

I was beating off too, but totally fixated on him, the porn all but forgotten.  He was aware of me watching, but he didn’t call me out on it.  He would just glance at me occasionally while he fingered his ass, as if to say “you enjoying this as much as I am?”

He put his legs up in the air, giving himself full access to his cornhole but also assuring that I could see every inch of his deep ass, with a tight, fleshy pink hole in the center.  He had his two fingers in there, slip-sliding right in, and still his prick was stiff as an arrow and looked about ready to pop.

There I was, my fat, hard cock in my fist, turned on as all fuck with one of my best buddies laying across from me with his ass up in the air, hole open, exposed, and stuffed with his own finger.  Fuck, his hole looked tight.  It looked clean, it looked fucking hot. And then, as if reading my mind, Randy turned to me.

“Hey dude,” he said, his fingers still pumping his hole.

“Yeah,” I responded.

“You know you could stick your dick in here if you wanted.”  I said nothing, just kept stroking myself, my eyes trained on Randy and his ass.

“Seriously,” he said.  “It wouldn’t hurt.  In fact, it would feel pretty fucking good.  And I know it would feel good for you.  All you need to do is grease yourself up with that hand cream over there, and then you can give it a try.”

“I don’t know,” I said, but in the back of my mind I knew.  I fucking knew.

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