428 College St X

By Natty Soltesz

After the Sharpie experience there seemed to be no end to what we would stick up our asses.  Mostly we used our fingers—-or each other’s fingers.  Randy was always the most eager to take things up his ass.  He would be on all fours on his bed, bucking back on to three of my fingers implanted in his hole, beating his meat furiously and reaching orgasm in no time flat.  Darrin loved to lie back and have me or Randy slide a finger inside him while he beat off.  He said it helped him shoot off.

One night in November we drove to the porno store as an adventure.  I was contemplating the DVD section when Randy called me over to the wall of dildos.

“Check this out,” he said, holding up a slick-looking vibrating dildo, white and about the circumference of lead pipe. “This would be perfect.”

He bought it, and Darrin and I bought a couple cheap DVDs, which we immediately threw in when we got home.  Pretty soon we had our pants off and our dicks out, and we started beating off.  Then Randy unwrapped the dildo.

“Alright, I’m gonna try this out.”  He slicked it up with hand lotion while Darrin and I watched.  It seemed like ages since I’d watched McConnell poke himself with his dildo, but I remembered how much he’d seemed to enjoy it.  The dildo was considerably bigger than a Sharpie, and I wondered how Randy would take it.

He threw his legs up over his head and pressed the tip of the dildo against his hole.  Randy’s ass never seemed as tight as mine was. I guess his asshole kind of fit his personality—loose and ready for anything.  He pressed the dildo slowly inside.  His cock was rock hard.  His balls were drawn up really tight against his body, he was so turned on.  Like butter, the dildo went right in to the hilt. Randy held it there and let out his breath.  His cock was rock hard, his balls almost disappearing into his body he was so turned on. Slowly, he slid the dildo in his ass.  When he had in into the hilt, he let out his breath.

“How’s it feel?”

“Fuckin’ goooooood,” he groaned.  He slid it back out, stretching out the lips of his asshole, then pushed it back in again, them time faster and further.  He was really getting into it—fucking himself and loving it, just like McConnell had.

Darrin was as hard as I was, both of us steadily pumping our cocks as we watched Randy, who was fucking himself at a clip. Darrin touched his fingers to his own asshole, casually pushing them inside as if to gauge how the dildo would feel.

“You want to give it a try?” Randy said, sliding the dildo out and holding it to Darrin.  It didn’t look dirty or anything.  Darrin slid off his pants and took it from him.  He put some more lotion on it, hoisted his legs toward his chest, and pressed it to his butthole.  It took him a minute, but he eventually worked it all the way up there, his hole stretching to accommodate.  He seemed to be holding his breath at first, but when he finally let it out he relaxed and got into it, fucking himself while his dripping dick lay throbbing against his stomach.

When Darrin had pumped his hole for a few minutes he slid it out and looked toward me.

“Guess it’s my turn,” I said.  I was apprehensive, just because it was so big, but I knew I was horny enough to give it a try.  I hooked my elbows under my knees, hoisting my legs up and exposing my hole.  Darrin had the hand lotion, he rubbed a dollop of it onto my hole and some more onto the dildo.  I pressed it against the entrance to my ass.  The sensation was undeniably horny.  I rubbed it back and forth over my pucker, just marveling at the size and power of it and bracing myself before it invaded my ass.

“Stick it in,” Randy urged.  He had Darrin’s cock in his hand and was jerking him off, and Darrin was returning the favor.  I gasped as the dildo went past my sphincter.  It was as big of a thing that I had ever had up my ass and it was a little bit uncomfortable at first.  But as I held it there the pain started to fade.  I pushed it in further and found I wanted more and more inside.  Then I had it all the way in, and I still wanted more.

“Fuck yeah,” Randy said.  “Fuck yourself with it.”  I slid it in and out.  The feeling when it was pressed in to the hilt was indescribable.  I felt unbelievably full, just totally stuffed.  It was pushing me toward orgasm without having anything to do with my dick.

Randy wanted it again.   We ended up passing the dildo around the circle, with each of us getting a minute or two with it up our asses.  When Darrin got it the third time around, he couldn’t hold back anymore.

“Gonna fuckin’ blow,” he said, using the dildo to furiously fuck his hairy hole.  He rubbed the end of his cock a couple time and his load flew up into the air, splattering his neck and chest.

Randy and I were watching him, both of us finger fucking ourselves as we beat off.  I came next, rubbing my load all over my cock and balls and into my ass.  Randy had his ass up in the air, two fingers pushing in and out of his hole.  He directed his dick toward his lips, and blew his own load right into his mouth.


The fall semester was in full swing but we were too interested in fucking around in our apartment to do anything else.  We made it to a couple of parties, but other than Randy making a few futile passes at girls, we mostly just kept to ourselves.

“Look what I picked up after class” Randy said one day while Darrin and I were sitting around the kitchen.  He had a paper bag, and pulled out a double-dong dildo, about a foot long and made out of red rubber.

“I thought it might be fun,” he said.  I was a little unsure about it, but Darrin was willing to try it out with Randy.  There was a lot of laughing going on as they greased each other up and got on their backs, positioning their asses on opposite ends of the dildo.  They took it inside them at a leisurely pace, and as they got more comfortable they shoved their asses on to it, Darrin trying to match Randy’s intensity.  It was really hot watching them—they were basically fucking each other’s butts onto the same dildo, attached ass to ass.

We ended up having a lot of fun with that thing.  Darrin and I usually liked to do it on our backs, seeing if we could get each end in as far as it would go, so our asses would be practically touching in the middle.  Then we would stroke each other’s dicks until we popped.

Randy was a dirty dog.  He liked getting on all fours and sticking one end inside of him, then having me take the other end doggy style, as well.  He’d buck back and forth, and I would have to buck back too, and we’d get a pretty good rhythm going, fucking ourselves with those dildos.

Throughout all of this I was constantly amazed at the lengths I was willing to go.  What would have seemed too freakish, or even unthinkable before, turned out to be quite a bit of fun.  For some reason, with Randy around, it didn’t make me feel guilty or dirty.  There was a group mentality—we were all doing this, so what was the problem?  It wasn’t like anybody had to know.

I ended up going out and buying my own dildo so that Randy and Darrin and I wouldn’t have to share anymore.  It was made of clear green plastic, just like McConnell’s.  Now we each had our own.  Randy had his little white bullet, Darrin had one end of the red rubber double dong, and I had my green Jolly Rancher.

When Darrin and Randy got home with some beer I showed them my new toy.  Darrin liked it, but Randy looked at me kind of strangely.

“Now we each have our own,” I explained.

“That’s cool,” he said, but I could tell he had something on his mind.

There we were, all three of us, sitting around the TV with dildos shoved up our asses.  We blew our loads, then started in on the beer.  About halfway into the case I brought up the subject of my green dildo again.

“You guys can use it anytime you want,” I said.  “It’s pretty slick, and it vibrates, too.”

“Fuck yeah,” Darrin said.  “I can’t wait to try that shit.”  Randy took a deep breath, and then looked at the both of us.

“Am I going to have to be the first one to say this?” he said.  I looked at Darrin.  We were both confused.  “If we’re all pumping our asses with these dildos, what’s the next logical step?  Why don’t we just use each other?”

I didn’t say anything.  The fact was, the thought had occurred to me, just as I’m sure it had occurred to Darrin.  When I was eating him out, and my finger was pumping inside of him at the same time, and my hard cock was pointing toward that warm, soft hole…well, it just followed that I imagined my dick being up there.  But it wasn’t a subject I was comfortable approaching—or a line I was comfortable crossing.

“That’s pretty heavy, man,” I said.  “I mean, buttfucking?”

“Think of it this way—-we can just try it.  Instead of using a dildo, I’ll use Darrin’s dick.  If it’s good for me, it’s sure as hell good for Darrin.”  I looked over at Darrin, and he looked just as scared as me.  Scared, and excited.

“Let’s drink some more of this beer,” Randy said, and he passed us out a round.

Before I knew it, we were all three sheets to the wind, and Randy had persuaded Darrin to try it.  Of course, it helped that Randy was offering to sit on Darrin first.  I stood back and watched in curious amazement as they got ready.  Darrin had his shorts off and was rock hard.  Randy got completely naked.

“Eat me out a little to get me ready,” he said, bending his sweet ass over in front of Darrin.  Darrin leaned forward and buried his face inside.  Randy groaned.  Darrin slipped one finger, then two, into Randy’s hot hole, working it in and out, and I could just imagine the hot tightness of Randy’s fine butt.  I could just imagine the intense anticipation of knowing you were going to stick your dick into that warm, tight place, and how hard that would make your dick.  I was so fucking hard I was almost splitting open my jeans.  I let my cock out and stroked it.

“Alright, I’m ready,” Randy said, and he got the hand lotion and put some on his asshole.  He handed it back to Darrin who rubbed a big glob all over his handsome pole.  I wondered how the hell Randy was going to take that humungous cock up into his ass.  It seemed like a bit more than any of us had ever taken before.  But Randy seemed determined, even eager.

“Here goes nothin,” he said, swinging one leg over Darrin’s lap.  He was facing away from Darrin, toward me, as he lowered his ass down toward Darrin’s dick.  Darrin held his prick steadily in position.  Randy’s asshole must have made contact with the head of Darrin’s pole, because he stopped.  He wiggled his ass around, like he was warming his squinch up against the hot head of Darrin’s pole.  Gritting his teeth, he sat down harder.  I guessed the head of it popped head inside him, because Randy took in his breath really quickly and Darrin groaned at the same time.

“Fucking fat dick,” Randy said, in between short, jagged breaths.  After a while I guess he got control, because he lowered more and more of his ass onto Darrin’s dick.  I watched in amazement as inch after inch of Darrin’s fat pole disappeared into Randy’s ass. Then Randy was sitting full-on in Darrin’s lap.  He let out his breath and Darrin’s threw his head back in ecstasy.

“How is it?” I asked Randy.

“Fuck man, fuck,” he said, clearly in his own world.  “It’s actually not so bad.  It’s actually turning me the fuck on.”  Darrin’s dick slid out again as Randy raised himself up, then he suddenly plunged back down, sending all eight or nine inches of Darrin’s dick all the way up into his guts.

“Fuck, your fat dick feels so good in my ass,” he said.  Darrin just laid back and let Randy fuck himself on his dick.  I could barely believe what I was seeing.  It just wasn’t sinking in—my best friends, buttfucking right in front of me.  And totally digging it.

Randy sped up, furiously stroking his prick as he rode Darrin like a carnival ride.  Suddenly his cum was flying everywhere, showering from his dick like a fountain.  Randy cried out.  Darrin grunted too, and I assumed he was unloading himself right into Randy’s butt.

After they’d come, they both got up to clean themselves, then came back downstairs.  We had enough beer left and enough night left for just about anything to happen.  And so far, I had a pretty good idea of what that was going to involve.

“Well, who wants to go next?” Randy asked.  I was still beating off, but I didn’t say anything.

“I guess I’ll give it a go,” Darrin said with a smile on his face.  He looked to me.  “You gonna be the one to make a man out of me, Nate?”

“Yeah,” Randy said, standing up excitedly.  “You do Darrin, then I’ll do you.  We’ll all take each other’s virginity tonight!”

“No, I don’t think so,” I said simply, still beating my meat.  I said nothing more, but the look on my face must have spoke volumes.

“Suit yourself,” Randy said after a minute.  He was already hard again, and he motioned Darrin over.  “Guess I’ll be doing the honors,” he said.  Darrin was all smiles as he hovered his ass over Randy’s pulsing prick.  Once Randy got himself all lubed up, Darrin crouched down and lined up his hole with Randy’s cock.

“Oh my fuckin God that feels so hot,” Randy said, his cockhead pressed against Darrin’s hole.  With a look of intense concentration, Darrin sat harder onto Randy’s lap, until at last his dick passed inside.  Darrin’s eyes got wide, he gritted his teeth, but he went down harder, sliding all of Randy inside him in one smooth pass.  Darrin was fine once he got past the initial shock of it—I mean, none of us were strangers to having something large up our asses at this point.  Randy, though, was carrying on like I’d never seen him before, running his hands up Darrin’s back, touching his ass cheeks.

“Fuck your hole is so hot, so fucking tight around my dick.  Oh my God,” he kept saying.  Darrin slowly moved up and down, riding Randy’s pole in sure motions.  I could see the base of Randy’s dick, and watched again as Darrin’s ass devoured it to the hilt.

“Shit, feels kinda good,” Darrin said once he got into the swing of it.  He began to stroke himself, and soon his dick was hard as a rock all over again.  At a couple points they went off at great speed, Randy holding onto Darrin’s ass and fucking himself into him like a rabbit.  I couldn’t believe Darrin was just taking it like that, but even more than that was he seemed to be enjoying it.  He had his mouth wide open, lost in the clouds as Randy fucked his ass.

After a little while I think Darrin and Randy forgot that I was even there.  I went off into my own world.  The weed and alcohol were wearing off, and I was starting to get a headache.  I felt off somehow.  I tucked my deflating cock back into my pants and kept watching.

They increased in speed, Darrin shoving his ass down into Randy’s lap to meet his every thrust.  With each hump, Darrin’s big dick was bounced down between his legs, still hard but thick and heavy with blood.  Suddenly Randy held tight onto Darrin’s slim hips and shoved all the way inside.  He held himself there, his face in a tight sweaty grimace.  I figured that he was shooting his load up Darrin’s ass.  He groaned as his nuts unloaded into his buddy’s butt.

Suddenly, a thick spurt of jizz shot out of Darrin’s dick and into the air.  Darrin opened his eyes, staring down at his dick in surprise as Randy fucked each spurt of cum out of him.  It splattered onto the floor in wet plops, the sound augmented by Darrin and Randy’s bestial grunts and groans as they came.

When they were finished Darrin carefully lifted himself off of Randy, taking in his breath as Randy’s dick popped out.  He looked down at Randy and smiled as the two of them caught their breath.

Then Randy caught me out of the corner of his eye.  Darrin looked at me then, too.  Now that they were finished, and I’d pretty much made up my mind that I wasn’t going to do it, I felt a curious mix of emotions, disgust, anger, jealousy, and lust.

“Oh, well,” Randy said, “Guess you missed out this time.”

“That’s okay,” I said, and headed upstairs.

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