428 College St VIII

By Natty Soltesz

The next morning Randy broke out a fresh bag of weed to celebrate our new place.  We smoked up Darrin when he woke, and then someone decided we needed a case of beer.  By noon, we had a pretty good buzz going.  It was obviously going to be an interesting night.

Randy told us about his past year, which had been fairly uneventful, though he had had an affair with one of the older women in his office.  It hadn’t lasted long, he said, because she was in the process of transferring jobs when she’d hooked up with him.  Even still, they’d had a pretty good go at it, and under his dad’s nose no less.

“She was fucking freaky.  She did everything.”

“What’s everything?” I asked.

“Ate my load.  Loved getting it up the ass.  She had a thing for ass.  She even rimmed me.”

“No fucking shit.”

“No shit.”  It was 9 p.m. by this time and we were so far gone.  I’d been expecting something to happen all day but nothing had, and as we sat in a semi-comfortable silence I felt confident that it was going to take a turn.

“So what’d that feel like?  A rim job,” I explained.

“Unbelievable.  I’ve never come so hard in my life—-I’m serious.”

“Yeah, but that’s so nasty,” Darrin said.  “You’d have to be pretty fucking nasty to lick somebody’s ass.”

“Fuck that.  I’d do it to somebody, if they were clean.  What’s the big deal?”  Randy said.

“You would lick ass.”

“Yeah, I would.”

“Prove it,” I said.

“Alright,” Randy said resolutely.  Then he turned to Darrin.  “You want to know how it feels?”

“You’re fucking crazy,” Darrin said.

“Dude, go upstairs to the bathroom and wash yourself really good.  Like make sure you’re really clean and come back downstairs.  I’ll fucking eat your ass out, I don’t care.  I’ll chug two more beers while you’re up there, and when you come down I’ll be ready.”  Darrin looked half-incredulous and half-interested.  I was totally turned on, and decided that if Darrin wasn’t willing to get rimmed, I’d step in and volunteer.

But Darrin stood up cockily and said to Randy, “Fine.”  Then he booked it upstairs.  Soon we heard the water in the bath running.

“You’re really gonna do this,” I said incredulously.

“Hell yeah I am.  Dogs do it all the time, right?  Hopefully one of you will do it for me.” He winked at me and pulled a beer out of the case.  He cracked it open and downed it in one smooth gulp.  After a moment he pulled out another beer and did the same.

Darrin came downstairs a moment later, naked except for a towel wrapped around his waist.  His dick was half-hard, pressed against the towel, but he still had a cocky smile on his face, like he really didn’t believe Randy would go through with it.

“Drop it,” Randy said.  Darrin undid the towel and it fell to the floor.  His dick bobbed out in front of him.  Randy stood up and motioned him toward the couch.  “Get up on there.”  Darrin looked at Randy, then crawled onto the couch on his hands and knees.

“Get down,” Randy said, pushing his head toward the couch.  Darrin’s perky ass was right before me.  I have to say I’d never really thought about his ass before, but viewed in this light and knowing what was probably going to happen, it looked pretty good.  “Spread your cheeks.”  Darrin must have figured that Randy meant business, because he reached back and spread it.  His butthole was slick and pink.  It looked clean enough.

Randy got on his knees behind Darrin and put his hands on Darrin’s butt.

“Here goes nothing,” he said, and dove his face in.  I couldn’t see exactly what was happening, but Darrin’s reaction was immediate and intense.  It seemed to take his breath away.  He struggled to catch it.  His body made slight jerks and shudders as Randy continued to work on his butt, his face still buried deeply in there, seeming to work his tongue around.

Darrin was completely hard now.  His thick pole jutted out from underneath his stomach.  Randy backed off and spread Darrin’s ass wide.  His butthole was slick and wet from Randy’s spit.  He stuck out his tongue and massaged Darrin’s anus with it so I could see. When Randy would tongue him lightly, Darrin would just moan into the cushion.  But then Randy would press his face in and get in there good and deep, and Darrin would buck his ass into Randy’s face, trying to get it in deeper.

Finally Randy came up for air.

“Fuck,” Darrin said.

“It’s not gross?” I asked Randy.

“You wanna try it?”

“No,” I said.

“Just c’mere,” he said, and pulled me down onto the floor beside him.  I thought, as I looked at Darrin’s hole close up, I might just be drunk enough to do this.  “Just try it,” he said, and gently pushed my face into Darrin’s ass.  I stuck out my tongue and made contact with his pulsing hole.  It had a definite taste to it, but one that was not altogether unpleasant.  I licked lightly around the perimeter of his hole before spearing my tongue right in the tight center.

As I ate him out I unzipped my pants and freed my cock, stroking it as my lips and mouth worked on his hole.  The whole thing began to take on a definite tone of unreality.  I was actually tonguing my Darrin’s ass, giving him a rim job.  At this point, the alcohol excuse could only go so far.  I got so weirded out I sat back and laughed.

“This is fucking crazy,” I said.

“Keep doing it,” Randy urged me.

“I want to watch you do it a little.”  Randy shrugged and got right back in.  He seemed to have no inhibitions when it came to eating ass.  Darrin seemed perfectly content to just kneel there and let us work his asshole.  He was whimpering like a puppy.  I wondered what he must be feeling.

After swigging a beer, I pushed Randy aside and went back down on Darrin’s ass.  I licked his hole just like Randy had, getting in deeper and deeper until I felt comfortable ramming my tongue into it.  Then I grabbed hold of his hairy cheeks, pulled them as far apart as I could, and tongued his hole for all it was worth.  Darrin loved it.  Sometimes, usually when he wasn’t jacking himself, he would keep his hole all loose and receptive, so I could really get in there.  Then when he started jacking himself again, he would clench up and I would rub my tongue against his pucker trying to force my way inside.  My face was getting sloppy, but then so was everything.  I was—we were—totally drunk.

At some point Randy got down underneath Darrin and put his lips around the end of his cock, milking the end of his prick.  I felt Darrin’s hole relax even more, allowing me to squirm even more of my tongue inside.  Darrin groaned, louder and louder, signaling that he was getting ready to cum.  I sped up my own strokes on my dick, wanting to shoot off the same time he did.  Finally, his hole clenched hard in several sharp motions, and I figured he was filling Randy’s mouth with his load.  I shot off my own load then, spilling my seed all over the carpet and Randy’s leg.

When Darrin finished coming he sat down between us on the couch and wiped his brow.

“Fuck…” he said.  “That was awesome.  Thank you, guys.”

“You really want to show your appreciation?” Randy said as he stood up.  Darrin looked to me.

“Yeah, fuck it.  I’ll do it, too.” he said.  “Lemme drink some more beer first.”

“Do like I did.  Drink two while I’m up there,” Randy said, and dashed up the stairs.  I sipped my own bottle while Darrin chugged down his first.  A slight taste of his asshole lingered on my lips.

“Was that great?” I asked.

“Dude, just wait till you feel it.  It’s so fucking good.”

Randy descended the stairs butt-assed naked with his hard-on leading the way.  He had a shit-eating grin on his face as sidled up beside us and bent over the couch, presenting his ass to us.

“Alright buds, supper’s ready,” he said.  Darrin and I got behind him and I took in a view of his ass.  I’d seen it up close before, but I’d never really admired it like I did now.  He had a big ass, but it wasn’t flabby or anything.  It was firm and round, and it stuck out from his curved back like a big bouncy ball.  Also, it was practically hairless.  I could see just the faintest hint of a baby pink hole in between his pert cheeks.

Darrin took me by surprise by having the first go.  He was very no-nonsense in his approach, just got his tongue right in there and ate it out.  Because of the size of Randy’s butt, Darrin had to really get his whole face in there.  It looked like he would disappear.

Randy was really getting off, saying all kinds of horny shit.  “Yeah, eat my fuckin ass buddy, oh yeah, get your tongue right in there…yeah…deeper…oh FUCK yeah!”  He grabbed the back of Darrin’s head and pushed his face in, no doubt suffocating him between those big fat ass cheeks of his.  Randy put both of his hands on the couch cushion and bucked back into Darrin’s face, gyrating his hips, practically fucking himself on Darrin’s tongue.

Eventually Darrin had to come up for air, and I took the opportunity to have a go at it.  Randy’s big butt was in my face, slick with spit.

“C’mon buddy, do it for me.”  I pulled his big butt cheeks apart and moved in to his deep cleft hole.  I really had to reach for my tongue to make contact, but there was something really hot about that.  I had my whole head buried in Randy’s big fat ass, giving him the ultimate illicit pleasure.  The lack of hair was really appealing to me, I could run my lips and tongue all up and down his crack and it was slick and smooth as a shaved kitten.

I loved Randy’s enthusiasm.  I had my tongue extended, firm and erect and positioned right at his hole.  Randy would push himself into me in sharp, staccato motions, a little whine escaping his lips each time it penetrated his hole.  He started instructing me.

“Lick my crack.  Lick up and down my crack and then just shove your tongue in there.  Now eat my hole.  Fuck yeah. Tongue my balls.  Get your nose in my hole.”  And so forth.  Everything about it was turning me on, I guess just from the excitement of being able to please my friend this way.  I honestly thought that if I kept it up I might shoot off without even trying, so I let Darrin take over duties for a bit.

Darrin and I were both beating our recharged tools, and Randy was obviously getting closer.  I decided to give Randy back some of what he’d given Darrin earlier, so I got underneath him and took his dick into my mouth, sliding his meat firmly into my mouth.  I wanted him to shoot in my mouth so bad.  It didn’t take long before I got my wish.  With Darrin’s tongue in his hole and my lips around his cock, Randy unleashed and unloaded, sending spurts of jizz down my throat, which I eagerly gulped down.

Somehow, I’d managed to hold my own load inside.  Darrin and Randy, both naked with semi-erect, dripping dick, saw the state I was in and laughed.

“Your turn, dude,” Randy said.  I made a beeline for the bathroom, and stripped off the rest of my clothes.  I washed my cock, balls and ass from the side of the shower, not really wanting to get in, but getting myself almost entirely wet anyway in the process.  I really tried to make sure my ass was clean.  I slid my wet fingertips against my rubbery butthole, wondering what it would feel like to have a tongue there.

I came down naked just as my buddies were slamming their beers.

“So how do you guys want me?”

“Whatever you wanna do,” Randy said, slurring his speech.  “You wanna sit on my face?”

“Yeah, fuck yeah.”  Randy set down his bottle and laid down on his back.  I positioned my ass over him and slowly crouched down. At first I felt his tongue reaching for the sensitive rim of my hole.  I gasped.  The sensation of it was so intense, so unexpected, I felt like I might shoot off there and then.   I kept my ass hovered just above Randy’s mouth, and he took it really slowly at first, teasing me by licking really lightly around the rim, never applying too much pressure.

As I calmed down a little I got on my knees and sat more of my ass down onto his face.  He started his tongue at the space underneath my balls and lapped up until he was prodding the outer ring of my butthole with the tip of his tongue.  It really was beyond any sensation I’d ever felt before.  I felt ecstatically out of control, almost the opposite of what I felt when I was stroking my dick, but even hornier.

Darrin stood before me, stroking his dick as he watched me sit on Randy’s face.  As I got more used to the sensation of Randy’s tongue working against my hole, I really smothered him with my ass.  He responded by pushing more of his tongue against me, letting it dart up inside.  A big squirt of juice leaked out of my cock, almost like I was cumming but I wasn’t.  Darrin leaned before me and slid his lips down my cock, slurping it clean.

Randy lifted me off his face and stood up.

“Lay down on your back and put your legs up in the air,” he said.  I did as I was told.  For some reason, exposing my ass like that made me feel really sexy.  Randy looked to Darrin, who took hold of my legs and lifted my ass up in the air, burying his face right in my crack just like he’d done with Randy.  He had an incessant technique that put me right on the edge again.  I struggled to keep my fist away from my dick, which by now was aching for release.

At some point Darrin got uncomfortable on his knees and had me sit down on his face.  His rough goatee against my crack was really stimulating.  He had his own hard dick waving in the air.  It was way too inviting, so I leaned forward and took it down my throat.  The arrangement worked out perfectly, Darrin had his head buried in my ass, moaning into my hole, while I sucked his dick.

Randy stood over us.  He was hard too.  He walked closer and I turned my attention to his dick, grabbing onto his nuts and working my fingers against the space underneath them.  I was so wasted and turned on that I was barely aware of what I was doing, going from cock to cock, sucking both of them like a madman.

I couldn’t hold out anymore.  Darrin’s tongue was touching something inside of me that just made my cock explode without my even touching it.  I had my throat full of Darrin’s dick as I blew my load all over his chest and stomach, clenching my asshole around his tongue.  I heard Randy groaning and felt something hit my back.  I realized he was coming again, and his load was spraying all over our bodies.  Tugging on Darrin’s balls, he shot a nice healthy second load of his seed into my waiting mouth.

After it was finished we stood up and looked at each other.  Darrin and I were covered in Randy’s jizz.  It was too funny, what we had done, too crazy to comprehend in our inebriated state.  We didn’t make any effort to clean up, just sat next to each other covered in cum, laughing our asses off.  I’d never felt as comfortable around another human being as I felt with those two guys. I opened a beer, but about halfway through it I could tell I wasn’t going to finish it.  Darrin had rolled up a joint but somehow it never got lit.  We passed out cold.

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