428 College St VII

By Natty Soltesz

I avoided Darrin for the rest of that winter.  If you’d have asked me why, I’m not even really sure I could tell you.  I guess, in retrospect, I wasn’t enjoying my time at State University as much as I’d enjoyed my freshman year, and I was blaming a lot of it on Darrin.  He didn’t have any friends except me, which meant I was always stuck hanging out with him.  I blamed him for the fact that I wasn’t meeting anybody.

We still sucked each other off a handful of times, but only after I initiated it, and it was only when I was really desperate.  Whereas the thought of engaging Darrin’s bone had used to turn me on, now the idea of it made me feel like I was doing yet another household chore that he was avoiding.

We moved out of our place on Romeo Way one unseasonably hot day in May.  Darrin was going back to our hometown, while I had found a summer sublet off campus.  We were exhausted and sweaty from taking several loads of my shit to my new place with Darrin’s mom’s truck, and we were getting ready to move Darrin’s stuff after that.  We sat down on the last boxes sitting in our nearly empty living room, grabbed two of the remaining beers from the fridge and cracked them open.  I saw Darrin looking at me.  I knew exactly what that look meant, and it brought forth this rage in me.  I didn’t know why, but I wanted to crush his skull.

Usually, the look I gave him would’ve been enough to deter him from going in the direction he was going. But he didn’t.

“Dude, you owe me for helping you move all your shit,” he said.  I glared at him, but still he didn’t take the hint.  He pulled down the front of his shorts to reveal his fat, fleshy cock hanging over his sweaty balls.

“Why don’t you suck me off and we’ll call it even,” he said.  I got up and walked out of the room.  It was the only thing I could think to do to save myself from killing him.

“What the fuck is your problem?” Darrin said, following me into the kitchen.

“I’m just not into that shit anymore, Darrin,” I said, half-honestly.  Truth was, I was confused.  Part of me was just as horny as he was, and I wanted to get between his legs and take a good whiff of his dick, lick the sweat off his balls, suck on the head until he was big and throbbing and I could barely wrap my lips around his prick, shoving it down my throat until he coated my tonsils with cum.  But the other part of me hated myself for wanting to do that.

“You were surely into that shit a couple months ago, what the fuck changed?”

“I did.  I can’t spend the rest of my life sitting around here jerking you off while you play video games and let the dishes pile up in the sink.”  I guess I pissed him off, because he just turned around and slunk back into the living room.  We completed the move in a tense silence.  Neither of us said goodbye when he dropped me off at my new place.

The summer was uneventful.  I avoided calling Darrin.  I thought I’d enjoy the time to myself, I thought I’d be free to make new friends and live my own life. But everybody was gone for the summer.  State University was all but a ghost town.

I guess I spent that summer fairly depressed.  I slept a lot, watched movies by myself, and smoked a ton of weed.  It was definitely a low point in my life.  I started wondering what was going to happen in the fall.  I thought about calling Darrin but my pride prevented me from doing so, and Darrin couldn’t call me because he didn’t have my phone number.

Then one day near the end of July, I ran into McConnell.  I’d been taking a walk toward the trees behind the fine arts building, when he came cruising past in his car.

“Hey man, what you up to?” he asked through his window.  It was great to see him.  He looked like the epitome of the laid-back summer vibe I’d been so unsuccessful in cultivating.

“Nothing man, just taking a walk,” I said.  McConnell held out a joint.

“Feel like a burn run?”

“Definitely.”  I got into his car and we headed off down the road into the afternoon sunlight.  He lit up the joint and we got high as we drove further out of the city.

“So I talked to your old buddy Randy,” McConnell said.

“Where’d you see him?”

“I ran into him at the bar the other night.”  I was shocked and kind of hurt at the news that Randy had been in town and hadn’t looked me up.  But then again, I don’t even know if he’d of been able to find me if he’d tried.

“Wow.  What’s he doing here?”

“Apparently he’s moving in with your other buddy, Darrin.  They’re getting an apartment together, in one of those row houses over Panther Hollow.”   I was floored.  I didn’t know what to say.  The pit of my stomach felt empty and hollow.

He dropped me off where’d he’d picked me up.  I told him we should hang out some time.

“Didn’t you hear?” he asked.  “Shit’s goin down.  A bunch of people I know have gotten busted, so I’m ditching the business and getting out of town for a while.  I just finished moving all my shit into storage.”  He said he was going back to Texas and he didn’t know when he’d be back.  Despite the fact that McConnell and I hadn’t been really close friends, this news only made my depression worse.  I felt really alone.  Utterly out of the loop.

So I swallowed my pride and called Darrin’s house that evening.  I apologized for being an ass, but Darrin didn’t make a big deal out of it, and I was glad.  I felt bad enough for having avoided him, and I told him as much, but the fact was we were buddies, and it was easiest just to put everything behind us.

“Randy convinced his parents to let him come back to school,” he said.  “We found a place.  It’s on College Street.”

“McConnell told me.”

“You should move in with us.  We need another roommate.”

“Who were you going to get to live with you?”

“I don’t know.  I guess we hadn’t really thought about it.”

“Well fuck yeah I’ll live there.”  I had no plans for where I was going to live after the first week of August, so this came as a huge relief.

“Randy kept bugging me to get a hold of you but I didn’t really know how.  Plus we’d left things so strange…”

“I know.  But it’s cool.  I’m over it,” I said.  And in a way, I felt like I was acknowledging that I was ready to pick up where we had left things off.  All three of us, even.

“Excellent,” Darrin said.  “So when do you want to look at it?”


As soon as I stepped inside, I felt something.  Like I knew this was where I was going to spend the best year of my life.  It was an awesome place, huge and high-ceilinged, but homey.  I got the sense that you could do anything you wanted there and you wouldn’t attract any attention.

Darrin picked up the keys from the landlord that afternoon.  We decided to spend the night there, with no electricity or furniture.  We picked up a six pack and killed it, just shooting the shit and catching up on what we’d done over the summer.  It was great to be back with my friend.

As the night progressed we lit candles and got more and more buzzed.  Somehow we ended up sixty-nineing, right there in the middle of the living room floor.  I had Darrin’s fat cock ramming in and out of my throat, and he was grabbing on to my ass cheeks, pulling them apart as he slid my prick between his lips.  And I had to admit, I hadn’t had this sort of excitement since I’d messed around with McConnell months ago.

We passed out on the carpet.  When the morning light crept into the window, I looked over at Darrin, lying there in a pair of loose nylon running pants, his fat dick hard again and throbbing against his stomach.  I was horny as fuck, so I reached over, pulled his dick out of his pants and gave him a good morning blow job. Darrin had his hand on my head, urging me on, until he blew his load down my throat.  Then he went down on me.  I leaned him up against the wall and fucked his lips, until I shot my load all over his face and mouth.  We were in a great mood that morning, and why not?  Randy was coming back, we had this amazing place, and we were picking up where we’d left off.

Randy moved in the next week.

“Hey you fucker,” he said, giving me a great big bear hug and a pat on the ass.  “Where the fuck have you been?”

“Nowhere.  Here.  Shit – it’s good to see you.”  His parents pushed past us and set some boxes in the middle of the living room.

“Likewise,” he said.  We helped him move all his stuff and spent the rest of the evening setting things up, taking time out for the occasional toke and a beer run. It was the first night in our new house at 428 College Street.

Randy, after having spent all of last year living in his parent’s house, was really excited about having his own place.

“I can walk around here butt assed naked all the time, if I want to.”

“Not if I’m around, I don’t want to see your nasty ass,” I said.  Darrin laughed.

“Fuck you, I got a great ass,” Randy said, and he stood up and pulled his shorts down.  His ass was beefy, firm and hairless.  He turned around and gave us a good look.  “Tell me you wouldn’t enjoy looking at this ass.”

“I wouldn’t enjoy looking at your ass,” I deadpanned, though I was kind of enjoying it.  He had a nice butt.  Randy smirked at me and pulled up his shorts.

“Fucking liar.  Let’s see your ass, if it’s any better.”

“I’ve got a nice ass.”  I stood up and pulled down my shorts.  Randy got behind me and examined it.

“Hey, that is pretty nice,” he said.  “Spread your cheeks, let’s get a look at the whole deal.”

“Fuck you!” I said, and pulled my pants up.  Frankly, I needed to pull my pants up, because I was starting to get a little turned on.

“Alright Darrin, stand up.  Let’s get a look at your hairy ass,” Randy said.

“Fuck you homos,” Darrin said, and kept his eyes on his video game.

“Homos?” Randy said.  “From what I understand, you were the guys who were sucking each other’s dicks at every opportunity this past year.”  I choked on my beer, sending Randy into fits of laughter.

“What the fuck Darrin?” I said when I’d recovered my voice.  “You told him?”

“Hey, no biggie,” Randy said.

“Anyway,” I said, turning to Randy, “you were the horny little cum junkie who started this whole thing last summer.”

“Yeah, that’s right.  We’re all a bunch of cum-sucking fairies.”  We clinked our bottles together and laughed.

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