428 College St V

By Natty Soltesz

The majority of Romeo Way is taken up by a long row of connected three-unit houses, of which ours was smack in the middle.  The block was almost entirely populated by students, and parties were rampant.  It was Indian summer, and kids were hanging out on their porches 24/7.

For what it meant to us, however, they may as well have not even existed.  Oh, we went to a few parties here and there, and we knew our neighbors well enough, but we were having so much fun messing around with each other that the outside world seemed secondary.

Darrin didn’t waste any time holding me to the promise I’d made after that night.  The next day was hot and muggy.  I was watching TV in front of the fan, and Darrin had just returned from his phys ed class.  His hair was sweaty.  He had on a sleeveless black shirt, and his underarm hair glistened when he reached up to push his hair back.

When he sat down beside me I saw his fat dick flop about in a pair of mesh basketball shorts.  I could smell him and feel the heat coming off of his body, as I packed up a bong and handed it to him.

“How was your class?”

“Stupid,” he said, taking the bong and ripping a monster hit.  “Shit,” he said, blowing out. “I could really use a blowjob right now.”  I took the bong from him.


“Are you sure?” he asked.  “It’s no big deal if you don’t feel like it,” he said, and he stuck his hand down the front of his shorts and started rolling his fat tube along his leg.

“I feel like it.”  I reached over and put my hand under his.  I felt his dick underneath his shorts, felt it start to fatten up.  Darrin let his head fall back against the couch and closed his eyes.  I got down in between his legs and slid his shorts off.   He wasn’t wearing any underwear.  I first exposed his black bush, then the base of his hot tool.  It hung heavily over his balls.  Once exposed to the air, it started to thicken further and rise up.  I hefted it in my hand.  I couldn’t believe the weight of the thing.  His balls, sticky and sweaty from the humidity, stuck to his cock as I peeled it up.  Blood seemed to be pouring into it, until it was as hard as it was going to get.  I leaned down and milked the head between my sweaty lips.  He tasted salty and sweet.

“Mmmm,” Darrin moaned, peeling off his shirt.

Any self-consciousness I had the first time I sucked a cock was well done away by now.  I was rock-hard at the suggestion of Darrin letting me suck his dick, and the weird thing was, I didn’t really care if he reciprocated.  I just wanted a chance to engage that gorgeous dick of his, which had begun to take on mythical proportions in my mind.

Darrin kept a steady hand on the back of my head, urging me on as I chugged his pole in and out of my throat.  My mouth would stretch around the base, my nose pressed in to his musky nest of pubic hair.  Then I’d back my throat off and slide it all the way back, my muffled moans making my appreciation known.  Darrin was just as vocal.  We really had each other going pretty good.  I cupped his sweaty nuts in my hand, my fingers even ventured to the space underneath him, pressing gently at the firmness there under the skin.

The smells coming off of his body were intense.  Drops of sweat fell from my hair and forehead, mingling with the rivulets of sweat streaming down his chest and stomach.  I glided my hand along his slick flesh, feeling his hairy chest and tweaking his fat nipples.  His balls pressed against my chin.  I furiously worked my tongue across the underside of shaft, pressing firmly against the hard knot underneath his nuts.

“Fuck dude, here it comes,” he said, and his perineum pulsed, throwing a thick rope of cum against the back of my throat.  I swallowed it down.  He held my head down, bucking his hips into me.  “Ah! Ah! Oh fuck!” he was crying, so loudly I was sure the girls upstairs could hear.  My mouth filled up with more and more of his seed, all of which I drank easily, savoring the taste and texture.

When he was done I cleaned the last drops of cum off of his shaft and balls.  I stood up.  My cock was resting like a steel pipe along my leg, pressing against my shorts.  Darrin raised his head, a lolling, satisfied smile pasted across his face.  He glanced down at the profile of my erection beneath my shorts.  He looked up.

“Want me to do you now?”


A lot of kids go home for Labor Day weekend, but Darrin and I stayed.  It was like a ghost town, nobody was around. Luckily I’d talked McConnell into buying us a case of beer.  We sat out on our back porch Saturday night, and had our own private party.

I hadn’t really gotten a chance to hang out with McConnell ever since he’d basically admitted to me that he liked to get it on with guys.  I’d thought about talking to him about what my friends and I had gotten into, but the time never seemed right.

Darrin had just brought us out a fresh round of beer, when McConnell said he had to head out later to a party at the house of these sucky people I hated.

“Well I’d just as soon stay here, but there’s this red-headed chick, you see—Lydia’s her name—and she’s going to be there.” he said.  Darrin and I nodded.

“What about you two?  You guys gettin laid much?”  He sucked back his beer bottle.  I said ‘no’ quickly, and looked over at Darrin.  There was an uncomfortable silence.

“Alright,” McConnell said, smiling.  I think he definitely knew what was going on.  He finished up his beer and stood up. “Well I guess I best let you two boys alone,” he said, slapping me on the back and nodding at Darrin.  “Ya’ll have a good night.”

Another beer on our own and the awkwardness passed.  Darrin attempted to roll a joint, having a harder time than usual because we were pretty drunk.  He had balanced a bottle of beer on the arm of his plastic chair, but when he went to hand me the joint he knocked it over and it landed in his lap.

“Shit,” he said.  The beer had pooled in the crotch of his shorts, and he stood up to try and wipe it off of him, but most of it had soaked through.

“Just take them off,” I suggested.  Darrin looked around.  Nobody was out.  He slid off his shorts and underwear and sat back down, naked.  In the yellow light of the bulb that hung over the porch, I could see drops of beer in his pubes.  He smirked at me, knowing I was enjoying the view, then spread his legs a little.  His fat cock hung heavy between his hairy thighs.

“I just figured I’d get my dick drunk,” Darrin said, puffing on the joint.

“Let me clean you off,” I said.

“Be my guest.”  I got down and started licking the beer off of his thighs.  I moved in closer to his crotch, enjoying the taste of his beer-soaked skin.  I darted my tongue against his balls and started licking them, lapping them up in my mouth and rolling them around on my tongue.  The beer made them taste extra good.  It was a chocolate/peanut butter kind of thing—two great tastes that taste great together.

I licked all of the beer out of his pubes and then I started cleaning his shaft.  I started licking the top side of his meat, running my tongue from his cock head, up his shaft, to his pubes.  Then, as he got harder and his cock lifted up, I started licking the underside, from his balls, up his shaft, to the head.  By now he was rock-hard.  I took the fat head between my lips and suckled it, just to make sure I had him totally clean.

Then I grabbed my beer from the table, and poured some more over his cock.  It ran down his legs and pooled under his ass.  He was startled, but I got right down and started licking the underside of his balls, lapping up the beer and cupping my tongue all along his shaft to taste more.  I ended up pouring some more on him after that.  Eventually I think he came to like it.  He was buzzed,toking a joint and working on a beer bottle, bare-assed in the night air, sitting in a pool of beer.

I went down on him with a mouthful of beer, letting it run down his balls and legs.  It was fizzy and meaty.  I was drunk on dick and beer, but I sucked him intensely, keeping a firm grip on his dick, stroking it as I curled my lips around his shaft and slurped it in and out of my mouth.

His dick exploded, sending his burning hot jism right on my tongue.  I washed it down with some cool beer, and took the joint from his fingers.

Darrin didn’t always take care of me, afterwards.  Sometimes he would beat me off, or else I’d jack myself off while I was sucking him.  But that night he was so drunk and horny that he took me into his bedroom, laid down on his bed and had me fuck his face.

It was totally hot to see my cock ramming into his sweet lips.  He had a really thick goatee at the time, and I loved the way his lips and mouth curled around my boner, tight like a hairy pussy.  I let loose without even asking and he gulped it all down, shooting his own load across my back as he did it.

True to my word, I would suck off Darrin absolutely anywhere he wanted.  Before class, after class; it didn’t matter.  Tuesdays, when we each had a class at the same time, we’d sometimes meet in the bathroom and I’d suck him off in a stall.  There was other shit going on in that bathroom, too, but we didn’t pay it any attention.  We were doing our own thing.

We were doing our own thing so much to the exclusion of almost everything else.  Like I said, we kind of became hermits, or the only members of some weird dick-sucking cult.  It wasn’t that serious, but we weren’t making any friends, and as the semester went on and the weather got colder, I started to feel a little cut off.  We began to get on each other’s nerves.  In retrospect, I guess the honeymoon had to end eventually.

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