428 College St IX

By Natty Soltesz

I woke up—or, rather, returned to the world of the living-—sometime around 1pm the next day.  The ache in my head was there, rather dull right then, but I felt like it was going to get much worse.  My mouth was completely dry.  The sun was shining through the window, and I wished it would go away.

Randy and I were lying on opposite sides of the couch, our legs entangled in the middle.  Darrin was sprawled out below us on the floor with dry mats of cum on his stomach.  I stumbled toward the window and shut the curtains tight.  It was Sunday, and I was going to do my best to pretend the outside world didn’t exist.

I checked the fridge, found a beer and drank it down.  Afterwards I felt a whole lot better.  Randy and Darrin got up next, so I got them some beer and we nursed our hangovers until we started to feel a little better.

“What are we going to do today?” I asked.  It was just a general question, I didn’t really expect an answer.  But Randy had one.

“I picked up some new porn yesterday,” he said.  “I say we take a shower, smoke a bowl or two and get really fucking high, then watch porn and beat off for the rest of the night.”

I looked at Darrin and we nodded.

“Sounds like a plan.”


And so it went for those first weeks of living together at 428 College Street.  With Randy back in the picture, everything just seemed to fall into place.  School started up.  I had a little more time to pick a major, but I’d pretty much decided on writing.  I liked my classes, and I went to them every day.

I’d come home and usually either Randy or Darrin would be there, and they’d smoke me up.  Then we’d either talk about going out, or resign ourselves to spending the night in.  At least that fall, we spent a lot more time staying in.

Eating ass became our new favorite activity.  Darrin never seemed as keen on giving it as much as Randy and I were, but as a general rule, giving it was the only way to get it.  To not reciprocate was just out of the question.  We had each other’s backs, literally.

At any rate, once we got going Darrin usually forgot his hesitance and went with the flow.  I guess it was the prospect of getting your ass eaten out, or just having had your ass eaten out, or even just being around your buddies when you’re horny as fuck—it all contributed to an atmosphere of overpowering horniness.

Jerking and sucking were always cool, but eating ass was something we all had to agree on.  We were kind of ritualistic about it, with the washing and everything.  And it was always a little nerve racking to broach the subject before it had happened.

It took a few days after the first night we all ate each other out for it to happen again.  When Darrin and I came home from class that day Randy pulled out a bowl and offered to smoke us up.  I threw my bag on the floor and sat on the chair across from Darrin and Randy.  We passed the bowl around slowly.  Randy took a drag off the almost-finished bowl, and ended up sucking in a couple glowing embers.

“Awwk,” he said, picking the ash out of his mouth.  He stuck his finger in the bowl and fished around.  “Cashed,” he said, and set it on the coffee table.  I looked at Darrin.  Darrin looked at me.  Then I looked at Randy, who was already looking at me.

“Well…” Randy said.

“Yeah,” I said, grabbing my crotch.  Randy and Darrin smiled.

“Okay,” Randy said, “but let’s try doing it all together this time, instead of one at a time.”  I said I was game, and Darrin agreed, so we all went upstairs into the bathroom together.  We took our clothes off.  Randy and I were fully hard, and Darrin’s was thick and dripping with pre-come.

Randy bent Darrin over the tub.  He got a wet washcloth and washed his ass for him.  Once he got Darrin’s ass wet and soapy he just used his hand, running it up and down Darrin’s crack and poking a finger inside his hole.  “Just makin sure you’re all clean in there,” he said.  Darrin seemed really turned on, grinding his thick cock into the cold porcelain of the tub.  I reached over and helped him out, too, even sticking a finger inside, just a little, like Randy had done.  That was something we’d never done before, but Darrin seemed to dig it.

After he was done we all got in the shower together.  Darrin rinsed off, and then we took turns cleaning each other’s asses. First Randy bent over the side of the tub and we got our hands in between his big ass cheeks and soaped up his hairless hole.  Just like with Darrin, we took turns poking our fingers inside.  It felt tight and hot, and Randy was really into it.   Then they washed my ass.  Darrin only put the tip of his finger in my asshole, but when Randy did it he really got his finger in there, not all the way, but enough so you could definitely feel it.  I was surprised to find it really turned me on.  Something about the vulnerability of it was so hot.

After we were all clean and dry, we went back downstairs and got down on the floor.  We arranged ourselves in a line on our hands and knees.  Darrin was in front, with me behind him, and Randy behind me.  At the same time we all got into each other’s asses.  It was fucking crazy to eat butt and get mine eaten at the same time.  After a little while of that, we switched, and Darrin ate out Randy’s fat ass, while I ate out Darrin’s firm, hairy little skater butt.  Then we switched it up some more, with Randy on his back, Darrin parking his butt on Randy’s face, and me holding Randy’s legs up in the air and tonguing his pink pucker.

As we got more comfortable with eating each other’s asses, it started to get a lot easier to approach the subject with each other.

One day, after I’d sat around all morning putting things off, Randy came down from the shower wearing his towel.  He sat down beside me.  On the TV some white-trash chick was getting reamed out by Judge Judy.

“Where’s Darrin?” he asked.

“He’s got class all day.”

“What’re you doing?”


“You horny?”

“Yeah, I guess.”

Randy shifted in his seat and turned toward me. “I want to ask you a favor,” he said.


“Can I sit on your face?”  I didn’t have to think about it.  My swelling prick did all the thinking for me.

“Yeah, I guess,” I said.  Randy stood up and dropped his towel, his rock hard prick jutting from his body.

“Fuck yeah, man, I am so fucking horny.  I got extra clean in the shower just in case you were up for it.  Just lay back on the couch,” he said.  I did as he instructed.  Randy swung on leg over onto the couch and sat his big butt down on to my face.  I was being smothered in asshole, but I didn’t mind.  Randy was squirming, moaning and groaning, whimpering like a puppy.  He obviously needed it badly.  It didn’t take long before he was shooting his spooge all over my chest.

“Thank you so much,” he said as he got off my face.

“No problem.”

“I owe you one.”


I think he paid me back early one morning when we had to get up for class.  My alarm hadn’t gone off, so Randy came into my room to make sure I was up.  I sleep naked, and I was lying on my stomach atop the covers, with my ass sticking out when he came in.  I had a stiff morning woody, too, so I casually asked Randy if, maybe when he had a minute, he could eat me out so I could cum.

He obliged, lifting my ass up to his face and sliding his tongue right toward my sensitive pucker.  It was the first time we’d ever eaten ass without doing the whole washing-up ritual.  I guess we were all pretty used to the taste of each other’s asses by that point.  I got on my back after a minute so he could eat me out while I beat myself off.  He kept my butt up in the air, munching down on me like I was a side of beef.  My orgasm came quickly.  I felt my ass spasm around his tongue, and my load shot all over my face.  We were both late for class that morning.

And so it had gotten to the point where we were didn’t all have to do it together, every single time.  Once I came home to find an unlocked door, but nobody downstairs.  I could hear sounds coming from the upstairs, so I crept up quietly to investigate. They were coming from Darrin’s room, and I cautiously peeked inside.

They were on Darrin’s bed, sucking each other off.  Darrin was on top, suckling Randy’s prick while he impaled Randy’s face with his fat pole.  They were quite a sight—Darrin’s thin body over Randy’s thick and meaty frame, clearly blissed-out and enjoying each other’s cocks and mouths.

I watched as Randy worked his mouth down to Darrin’s ass.  Darrin let Randy’s cock slip out of his mouth when he felt Randy’s tongue worm inside his butthole.  He raised his face and shut his eyes, groaning in ecstasy.  Then he hoisted Randy’s fat butt up and dug his tongue inside, and soon they were lost in a hot ass-eating sixty-nine.  They were frantic about it, mouths and lips working furiously as they grasped each other tight and hard.  They had no idea I was watching them.

Darrin lifted his head out of Randy’s ass and put his finger against his hole.  I was kind of shocked when he slowly slid it inside.  Randy groaned into Darrin’s ass as Darrin got his finger in to the second knuckle.  Then he was fully fingering Randy’s ass, pumping his digit in and out.  Randy really seemed to be getting off on it.  Darrin sucked Randy’s cock as he fingered his hole, and then Randy tentatively poked his finger into Darrin’s asshole.  I thought Darrin would react negatively to that, but instead Darrin spread his knees to allow Randy further access.  Pretty soon, they were unabashedly fingering each other’s asses as they sucked each other off, carrying on like I’d never heard them before.

It was kind of weird, because even though we’d sort of fingered each other that day in the shower, we’d never done it again after that.  At least, I hadn’t done it with either of them.  But watching Darrin and Randy finger each other had me feeling, well, a little jealous actually.  Left out.

I never said anything about it to either of them

The next night we were all sitting around beating off to some of Darrin’s porn.  This chick was getting it up the ass, and Randy started speculating on what it might feel like.

“There was this one guy I worked with last year who used to like to have his girlfriend fuck him up the ass with a strap-on dildo,” he said, “so I guess it must feel good, for some guys.”

“Wait,” Darrin said, “he told you this?”

“Yeah, he just liked having stuff up his ass.  So his girlfriend bought a strap-on to fuck him with.”

“That’s crazy.  I mean, that’s got to hurt.  Right?”

“I don’t know.  I mean, that chick seems to be enjoying it.  It might feel actually kind of good to having something up your ass.”

“I’ve stuck things up my ass while I was beating off,” Darrin said.

“Yeah me too,” Randy said immediately, and they started cracking up.  “So much for speculation.  What about you, Nate?”

“No.  I mean, aside from having you jackass’s tongues up my butt, nothing.”

“Dude, you should try it,” Randy said, and Darrin seconded the motion. “Let’s find something to use,” Randy said.  He went scoring the house and came back with three Sharpie markers out of a pack I’d just bought at CVS the other day.  “These might work,” he said.

“A date with a Sharpie.”  Randy also procured a jar of Vaseline.  We greased up the end of our Sharpies and were ready to roll.

“Alright, put your feet up on the couch and scootch your ass to the end,” Randy instructed.  It was pretty hot looking at them both with their holes exposed.  We were all so fucking horny.  I watched as Randy shoved the Sharpie right into his ass without hesitation, grunting as he took it all the way to the cap.

I pushed mine inside and found, as small as a Sharpie was, that it actually hurt a little bit.  But I took my time and slowly slid it past the tight entrance of my hole.  After that, it started to feel good.  Really fucking good.

I looked over and Randy and Darrin were both fucking themselves good with the pens.  Then all three of us were pumping it in and out of our asses and beating our dicks at the same time.

“Oh, shit,” I said.  My load felt like it was just going to spill out of me.  The sensation was just so incredible, like this total loss of control.

“Feels fucking good, don’t it?” Randy said.

“I’m gonna cum,” Darrin said.  I turned and watched him.  He buried the Sharpie in his ass as far as he could.  His dick shot a thick jet of sperm up his stomach, as his asshole pulsed around the marker.  More and more shot out, as he moaned deeply, the marker firmly implanted in his butthole.

Darrin got up to wipe himself off and Randy stretched out on the couch where he had been.  He threw his legs back over his head so his ass was sticking up in the air.  He pounded his hole as best he could with that fucking marker, getting closer and closer to cumming.  Sweat beaded on his handsome face.  He pointed his dick straight toward his mouth, and then he came.  His load sprayed out of the end of his dick, some of it landing on his tongue, which he sucked down eagerly.

That pretty much did it for me.  I fucked my ass steadily with the Sharpie, and it seemed to pump my load right out of my balls and into my dick.  My jizz shot up like a fountain, hitting my chin and streaming down my smooth chest.  Caught up in the moment, I swabbed it off of my chin and ate it hungrily as I pumped myself dry of jizz, the Sharpie causing sensations in me that I hadn’t known existed.  I rubbed the jism into my skin as my orgasm subsided.

One more funny/sick story about those markers—a couple of weeks after this happened, Darrin’s dad stopped by our place.  He was looking for Darrin, but I was the only one home.  I went to give him Darrin’s new cell phone number, but I couldn’t find a pen anywhere.  Suddenly, Darrin’s dad reached down behind the couch and pulled out one of those Sharpies—the one, I believe, Randy had fucked himself with.

“Here we go!” he said.  I handed him the paper and dictated the number to him.  After he left I threw the damn thing away.

Randy really got a kick out of that story.  Darrin didn’t think it was so funny.

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