428 College St III

By Natty Soltesz

We didn’t hear anything from Randy until mid-July, when he called to tell me that he was coming out for a couple days. Darrin and I were excited, not only to see Randy, but because it would be a nice break from our usual routine.  If there was anybody who could make something different happen, it was Randy.

He showed up two days later, driving a beater car that his sister had lent him.  As it turned out, he was spending the summer working at his dad’s car dealership, answering phones.  He said that it sucked, and he was obviously happy to be getting away.

To make things even better, Darrin’s parents were away that week, so not only did we have Randy’s sister’s car, but we had Darrin’s house all to ourselves.  The icing on the cake came when Randy pulled out his back pack, into which he had stuffed a fifth of tequila and sack of dank, green nuggets.  Life was looking pretty good.

We spent that first evening driving around and getting high, showing Randy all the nooks and crannies of our suburban hellhole.  It was great to have us all back together again.  It was like Randy had never left.

That night we ended up in Darrin’s room, drinking tequila, listening to music and getting thoroughly shit-faced.

Darrin, of course, turned on the Playstation and was trying to get Randy to focus on “Tekken,” but all Randy seemed interested in were the video game girls.

“Fuck, she’s hot,” Randy said.  He leaned up out of his seat and pinched his dick.  I turned to look at the screen and saw a big-breasted girl kicking the shit out of a panda.  I laughed.

“You’re obviously hard-up,” I said.

“No shit.  You try getting any in a town like mine.  Fuck, I barely have anything to beat off to.”  I watched Darrin’s girl kick the panda in the face.  “What about you guys?” Randy said, taking a swig of tequila.  “Either of you getting laid?”

“No,” we said, in pathetic unison.

“Me neither,” Randy said, sitting back on his elbows.  “So how long before we can tuck into some of Darrin’s good porn?”  I had to laugh.  It was just Randy’s way-—after Darrin and I had avoided the issue for weeks before finally confronting the issue, he just came out with it.

Randy poured us some shots and we loaded up a DVD.  I realized I’d been anticipating this ever since Randy’s arrival-—in fact, I’d been looking forward to it.  As comfortable as Darrin and I had gotten, beating off with each other, it seemed to make more sense with Randy there.

The movie got going, and Randy was the first one to take out his cock.  The tequila had me feeling no fear, as I unsheathed my boner and held it out for Darrin and Randy to see.  Darrin hauled his out next, and then we were all shamelessly checking each other out.

“This is hot,” Randy said, turning back to the porn on the TV.  He stood up, giving us both a good view of his hard dick as he held it out in front of him, stroking and pulling on it.   I got up, too.  The tequila made me feel light-headed and, at the same time, very grounded.  I stood next to Randy, pointing my cock out and really getting into it.

After a minute I glanced beside me. Darrin was there, two inches from me, heaving his big dick and squeezing it through his fist.  We gathered into a loose circle, then Randy reached over and took Darrin’s piece in his hand, Darrin took mine, and I took Randy’s.  I was beginning to get a feel for what Randy liked—-I stroked his dick in quick, upward passes, paying special attention to the head.  He was a leaker, and his cock was slick with pre cum.

Darrin just wrapped his big paw around my dick and stroked me with a firm, strong grip.  I began to thrust my hips in time with his strokes, while Randy hefted and tickled and cupped and pumped Darrin’s dick with both of his hands.  He reached up and started tweaking his nipples, which Darrin really seemed to like.

I silently thanked the tequila, not for lowering my inhibitions so much as for making me slightly less potent, because I didn’t think I’d have been able to last as long as I did.  I was getting extremely close when Randy let go of Darrin’s dick and pulled away. Darrin stopped what he was doing and we looked to Randy.

“You guys…” he said, looking both of us in the eyes.

“What?” Darrin asked.  Randy was definitely drunk.  He looked down at the floor before addressing us again.

“We’re stroking each other’s dicks, for fuck’s sake,” he said, holding up his hands.  “I mean, let’s just…” He took his cock back in his hand, started stroking it.  “I mean, why not just take it one step farther?”  I looked at Darrin.

“I mean, I’ll try to do it first, if that would make you guys comfortable,” Randy continued.

“Do what?” Darrin said.

“Suck dick,” I said.  “Right?”  Randy nodded, as it sunk into Darrin’s head.  I started stroking myself the way Randy was.  The thought of it was turning me on.  “I guess I’d be down for trying something like that.  I mean, if you guys would.”  Darrin looked thoughtful.  “Just to check it out, or whatever,” I added.  Randy seemed pleased.  Darrin shrugged and said, “okay.”

“It’ll just be like sucking your own dick, you know?” Randy said, perking up now that the awkwardness had passed.  “Like, I’d totally do that if I could.  And of course I’ve tried.”  Darrin and I laughed.  “But all you can get is just a little bit in and it’s really fucking uncomfortable.”  Randy kept going on, but he really didn’t have to sell me the idea.  I was curious.  I was ready.

“So how do we do it?”  Darrin asked.

“Let’s roll the dice,” I said, spying Darrin’s Monopoly game on his shelf.  “The one who gets the smallest number goes first,” I suggested.  Everyone agreed.  I got the dice and we sat in a circle on the carpet, our hard dicks poking out of our laps.  I rolled first, and got snake eyes.

“Motherfucker,” I said.  Randy gave Darrin a high-five.  Randy went next.  He rolled a nine.  Then Darrin rolled a seven. They both looked at me, stroking their dicks which looked like they’d grown a few inches at the prospect of getting sucked off.

“So how is this going to go down?”  I asked.

“How about we’ll sit back and let you figure the rest out,” Randy said, grinning from ear to ear.  They stood up and sat beside each other on the bed.

Maybe it was the tequila, but I wasn’t feeling all that apprehensive about giving my first BJ.  These were my friends, after all, and they couldn’t be expecting all that much.  I decided to go with Randy first.  I knelt down in between his legs and took his boner into my hand.  It got harder and harder, until it felt like it was going to burst out of its skin.  Cautiously, I brought my head closer, then I opened up and slid it inside.

“Awwww,” Randy gasped.  I used my lips and tongue, sliding up and down his modest dick, being careful not to scrape him with my teeth.  It didn’t taste bad at all.  Rationally, when I thought about the fact that I was sucking a dick, it seemed unbelievable. But I kind of liked the way it felt.  I started to get into it, running my tongue along his slick, hard shaft.  I sucked how I knew it would feel good, and Randy moaned in encouragement so I knew I was doing it right.  There was something really hot about that, the way I was getting him off.  I realized my own dick was still rock-hard, and I reached down to jack myself off while I sucked his dick.

His balls were fleshy and ripe, hanging low from the heat, so I held on to them as I smoked his bone.  I was starting to develop a real rhythm, or I should say we were, because Randy was using his hips in time with my mouth.  We went faster and faster.  He seemed to be getting near the brink.  I was almost ready to cum myself.  I figured I had done my job well, so I took his cock out of my mouth and let it slap against his stomach.

“How was that?” I asked.  He took a minute to catch his breath.

“Not so bad,” he said.

“Fuck you, dude.  You think you can do a better job?”

“We’ll see,” Randy said.  I got in between Darrin’s hairy legs.  There was his boner, laying across his leg, big and thick as all hell.  My stomach fluttered a little.  I didn’t know if I could take it all in my mouth, but I was sure interested in trying.  Darrin looked down at me with a slight grin.  He seemed more bemused than excited at the prospect of having me suck his dick.  I took it as a challenge.

I started by licking his shaft up and down, as it rested lazily along his leg like a steel pipe.  This had the desired effect—-he got harder and harder, and his prick rose up to touch his belly button.  He shifted in his seat a little, but I teased him a bit more before wrapping my mouth around the head of that big dick.

I knew about that heavenly sensation of having a hot, wet mouth slide down your dick, so I took my time as I engulfed his prick slowly between my lips, letting the corded underside ride against my tongue and into my throat.  I would have thought that I’d have a harder time taking Darrin’s piece, but it was almost as easy as Randy’s.  My throat just seemed to accept it.

The feel of it in there—-the whole big mass of it—-did something to me.  I was more turned on than I could have ever imagined.  I felt an itchy sensation on my nose, and realized I had sucked all the way down to his pubes.  I heard Randy whistle behind him, but I barely paid attention.  It was all devoted to that cock.

Unlike Randy, Darrin relaxed and let me do the work. I slid on and off it, once pausing to lap up his balls, then working my throat back down on the thick end of his shaft.  That’s where it really felt amazing.  Plus it was smooth as silk.

I couldn’t tell if Darrin was enjoying it as much as Randy had, but his dick was still rock-hard, so I took that as a good sign. My mouth got a little sore so I decided to be done.  I hadn’t touched my cock once while I sucked Darrin’s dick, but when I got up it stood out hard from my body, pulsing with my heartbeat.

“Fucking hot!” was Randy’s opinion.  I wiped my mouth and smiled.  Darrin got off the bed, and I took his place.

Darrin knelt down in between my legs and took my cock in his hand.  He waited a second before sliding his lips down my dick, taking it a little too far so he had to back off and suck shallow.  He was no-nonsense about it.  As he got more comfortable, my dick slid deeper into his throat, and he began to run his tongue along the underside like I had done to him.  It felt amazing, and I was kind of bummed when he backed off and moved to Randy’s dick.

Darrin moved over to Randy, next, and it was quite a sight, watching one of my best friends go down on another.  Darrin kept his lips tight around Randy’s dick, furiously pumping them up and down.  Randy began to thrust his hips in and out of Darrin’s mouth, like he had done with me.  Darrin kept a hand on his half-hard dong, stroking it as he sucked.  After a few minutes he stood up.

“What’d you think?” I asked him.

“I don’t know.  Not too bad, I guess.”

“My turn,” Randy said, standing up and pushing Darrin onto the bed with a swagger.  It was obvious he had something to prove, and I wasn’t complaining.  I had a feeling that Randy, being the last, was going to take it all the way.

He knelt before Darrin and spread apart his hairy legs so he could get a good position.  Darrin leaned back on his elbows, as Randy eagerly licked the sides of his cock.  Then he plunged his mouth down on it.  Randy seemed to enjoy that big dick just as much as I had.  He took it as far down his throat as he possibly could.  He choked on it once, but went right back down on it, never missing a beat.  He even went the extra mile and tongued his hairy balls.

Darrin was in seventh heaven.  He seemed to be getting closer and closer, and I wondered if Randy was crazy enough to take it all the way.  Darrin was on the edge, it was obvious, but Randy just kept bobbing his head.

“Dude, I’m gonna cum,” Darrin said, and he moaned as he unloaded into Randy’s mouth.  “Ah! Ah!” Darrin said, thrusting his hips forward, his entire prick planted firmly down Randy’s throat.  Randy was stroking his prick furiously, gulping down every shot of cum as it unloaded from Darrin’s balls.  I watched in amazement as he swallowed it all, then slid Darrin’s spent cock from his mouth, licking off the last drops.

Darrin collapsed back on the bed, wiping his brow and gasping for breath.  Randy scooted right over to me.  My dick was rock hard from what I’d just seen.  He took it in his hand, pointed it at his mouth, and devoured it in one smooth motion, running his tongue all the way down to my balls.  I couldn’t believe the ease at which he sucked dick.  It crossed my mind that he might have done this before.

Randy sucked my dick with great enthusiasm.  Every pass of his lips and tongue brought me closer and closer to orgasm.  I tried to make it last.  Randy backed off a couple of times, teasing my prick with the tip of his tongue, licking my balls and lifting them up to lap at the space underneath them.  But as soon as he went back down on me, I was at the verge of cumming, again.  It was just too hot knowing Randy would take my load—even wanted to take it, it seemed.  My load rose higher and higher, and Randy grabbed my hips, holding me steady as his mouth worked my dick in and out.

I cried out as my switch was tripped, releasing my load from my nuts.  Stream after stream of jizz shot down Randy’s throat, and he gulped, sucked and licked every drop of it.

It was seriously the best orgasm I’d ever had.  When I came to, I realized Randy had blown his own load all over his stomach when I had shot mine into his mouth.  He stood up and grabbed a shirt off the floor to wipe it up with.

“How’s that for some motherfucking good head?” Randy said.  Darrin poured us three more shots of tequila.

“Cheers, dude,” Darrin said, holding out his shot and smiling.  “That was amazing.”  Darrin and I were both amazed, but the head was definitely all Randy.  He never did anything half-assed.

We didn’t last much longer that night.  We passed out naked, Darrin in his bed and Randy and I on the floor.

The next day we woke up massively hung over, and took it easy, smoking bowls and making an obscenely greasy breakfast. We didn’t talk much about what had happened, but nor did we ignore it, either.  I was glad that things weren’t strange, but I did wonder how this would change things.  I wondered if Darrin and I would try it once Randy had left.  And since we were all planning to get an apartment together later that summer, I wondered if this was going to become a regular thing.

Well, for better or worse, I got my answer the night Randy had to head home.

“Shit, we need to find an apartment for next year,” Darrin said.

“Oh, yeah,” Randy said.  “I gotta tell you guys.  I don’t think I’m going to be able to go back to school next year.”  Darrin and I were totally taken aback.

“I just don’t have the money.  My dad wants me to work.  Hopefully I’ll be back within a year,” he said.  He seemed really bummed out about it, and who wouldn’t be, having to live another year with your parent’s in some podunk town.  Darrin and I were both pretty crushed.   I just couldn’t imagine going back to school without Randy.

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