428 College St II

By Natty Soltesz

McConnell was our regular weed hook-up.  He was a great dealer—-he always had good weed in good supply, and he sold nice fat bags and a reasonable price.  Aside from that, he was just a great guy.  As I heard it, he’d only gone to State University for a year before dropping out.  After that he kept an apartment off-campus, but near enough so he wouldn’t lose his customer base.

“Well, well, if it isn’t Nathaniel,” he said when he opened the door.  McConnell was a Texan, a big, strapping dude with blond hair and a mile-wide grin. “Come in, come in,” he said in his southern drawl, opening the door for me.

“So how’s tricks, McConnell?” I asked.

“Goin good, Nate.  Business is booming, life is sweet.”  I followed him into the living room.  Usually there was a bunch of stoned guys hanging out on his couch, but today he was alone.  I sat down and watched him break up the weed.

“That should do ya,” McConnell said, handing me a bag sagging with fluffy green buds.  I took a big whiff of it, it smelled fresh and heady.

“Want to smoke with me?  You got anything to do?” I asked.

“I ain’t got shit to do, Nate.  Hand that over and I’ll roll us up a joint,” McConnell said.  As he rolled it up we made small talk.  He asked me what Darrin and Randy were up to; asked if any of us had girlfriends.

“Nope,” I said, and left it at that.  “So how’s your girl?”

“She’s alright,” he said.  “She’s good for certain things–you know what I’m sayin’?”  We laughed.  “Still, I’d just as soon be jacking off some of the time, for all the trouble she causes me.”

“Hm, yeah,” I said, taking a drag off the joint.  “I do a good bit of that.  Jacking off, I mean.”  I handed the joint back to him, blowing out my hit in a thick white cloud of smoke.

“You ever spice it up?”  McConnell said, smiling at me and taking the joint between his lips.

“What do you mean?”

“You know,” he said, holding in his hit.  “Like get your buddies to help you out.”

I kind of froze.  It was like he had read my mind.  I didn’t say anything as he exhaled and handed me the burning roach.

“Now this is just between friends,” McConnell continued, “but I used to get in circle jerks with my buddies all the time.  I kinda miss it.  A cheap thrill, y’know?”  I took a hit.

“You ever do anything like that?” he asked.  I lied, and shook my head.  “I had this one friend who used to suck me off,” he said, looking beyond me, a nostalgic smile on his face.  “I guess he was gay.  He gave great head though, better than any girl I’ve ever had”

“Seriously?” I asked, my voice cracking a little.  McConnell didn’t seem fazed a bit by what he was revealing to me.

“Seriously,” he said.  He slapped me on the thigh.  “So find yourself a nice cocksucker, buddy.  Maybe in the campus bathroom or something,” he said, laughing.  I laughed with him, but inside I was reeling.  I was half compelled to come clean, to tell him what my buddies and I had done that very morning, and how much I’d enjoyed it.  But instead I kept quiet.

After paying McConnell I headed home, flying high and enjoying the breeze on my face as I biked down the street.  Once the initial shock wore off, it occurred to me how cool McConnell’s attitude was.  It wasn’t like all the homophobic posturing that so many guys put off.  They talk and joke about gay sex almost to the point of obsession.  You get the sense that they’re curious about it, but would never act on it for fear of being judged or labeled a certain way.

McConnell had actually fucked around with other guys, and he didn’t seem ashamed by it in the least.  On the contrary, it seemed to have been a pretty positive experience for him, which was kind of refreshing.

It all seemed to fall into place so easily after that for my buddies and I.  Randy and Darrin and I never had some “big conversation” about the fact that we’d beat off together.  It was taken in stride.

It wasn’t long before it happened again.  Once again, we were drunk and had just gotten home from a party.  Randy instigated things, as he usually did, by putting one of Darrin’s porno movies into the VCR, and being the first to whip out his cock.  This time, though, we all sat around the TV together, and we kept the lights on.

Darrin slid off his shorts next, giving Randy and me our first peeks of his big dick when it was hard.  It was impressive—more than impressive.  It stood out from his body like an ivory monolith, really thick and solid.

“Damn, Darrin,” Randy said, stroking his own dick and looking straight at Darrin’s crotch.  “That’s one big cock you got.”

“Yeah,” Darrin said with a note of pride.  He slid his palm up and down his shaft, watching Randy, who was beating his meat at a clip.  I wasted no time getting myself in on the action, taking off my pants and letting Darrin and Randy get a good view of my hard on.  We beat off like that, seated in a circle around the TV.  We kept stealing glances at one another, and then when we realized we were all doing it we just dropped the act and openly checked each other out.  The porno movie faded into the background.

I was fascinated by Darrin’s dick, and from the way Randy was staring at it he felt much the same way.  I’d never seen such a big dick before.  I had just been thinking that I wanted to reach over and feel it, when Randy spoke up.

“You guys mind if I suggest something?” he said.  I shook my head.  Darrin had his head cocked, waiting for Randy to speak.  “Well, we’re all sitting around here beating off, right?  So why don’t we just take it an extra step and beat each other off.  It’s not like anybody’s ever going to have to know, right?”

I looked at Darrin, who was giving Randy a look, like he wasn’t sure what to think.  Randy just shrugged.

“I mean, what the fuck is the difference?  It’s just a hand, anyway, right?  And it’ll feel fucking good.  Ten times better than if we were doing it ourselves.”

“I’m down,” I said, and we looked to Darrin.

“Alright,” Darrin said.  Randy reached over and took Darrin’s dick in his hand, I reached over and took Randy’s, and Darrin wrapped his hand around mine.  I had to concede with Randy’s theory-—not only did it feel better than if I was doing it myself, it felt fucking amazing.  It was just as hot to me to have Randy’s dick in my hand as to feel Darrin’s hand steadily beating me off.  Randy’s cock was really sensitive-—thin and rock-hard, it would react really intensely when I’d stroke the head.

We built up a rhythm among the three of us, and it was obvious from our breathing that we were all about to loose it.  Darrin’s dick was slick and juicy in Randy’s hand.  Darrin was the first to come.  Randy kept a steady stroke on his pole, pumping out a healthy load of jizz which spurted and drizzled all over Randy’s thrusting hand.

Randy’s modest prick shot off next.  I couldn’t believe the amount of jizz that issued from his dick—-thick ropes spewed out, his balls contracting with each shot, landing all over his chest and my hand.

That was enough to bring me off, and I had to push Darrin’s hand away because he kept stroking the sensitive head of my dick after I’d spooged all over the floor.

We cleaned up with a dirty towel and passed out soon afterward.  It was the first circle jerk we’d had in the dorm, but we only had a couple more after that. Spring seemed to come out of nowhere, and before I knew it finals were upon us.


The summer after my first year of college sits very distinctly in my memory.  I spent it in my hometown, in the miserable way that many college freshmen do, caught between our high school and our college selves.  Randy wasn’t around, having went back to the bumfuck town he was from some two hours away.  We’d made plans to get together later that summer and go to the city, to try and find an apartment for all three of us to live in our sophomore year, but the vast majority of the summer was just Darrin and I, stuck in suburbia.

We hung out on a daily basis.  Neither of us had a job, so we really didn’t do much of anything other than skate around town, and look for cheap thrills.  In the evening we’d retire to Darrin’s house and play video games.

And of course we jacked off a lot.  But not at first.

In those first weeks of summer we would be hanging out along in Darrin’s room, and an uncomfortable silence would descend.  We both knew we weren’t getting laid, and we barely had time to beat off by ourselves because we were around each other so much.  Still, neither of us got the courage to say the words and break the spell.  I guess we were both used to Randy instigating things.  Now that he wasn’t around, we had to get used to it being just the two of us.

So one hot June night, I decided to take it upon myself.  We were sitting beside each other on Darrin’s floor-—he in his beanbag, me leaning against his bed. We’d been talking about sex pretty much all night—-talking about our dicks, talking about girls.  By this time we were the only ones awake in the house.  I knew Darrin had a stash of porn somewhere hidden in his room, and I’d been trying to work up the courage to ask him about it all summer.

We were watching a food dehydrator infomercial.

“This sucks,” I said.

“Yeah,” Darrin agreed.  I let out my breath.  Darrin ran his fingers through his hair.  My underwear was sweaty and I wanted to take it off.

“What do you have to watch?” I said, hoping he’d pick up on the hint.

“I don’t know,” he said, getting up to root through his videos.  His shorts hung low off of his sweaty hips.  “A bunch of shit.”

“What about your porn?”

“Oh, yeah,” Darrin said, immediately reaching under his bed and pulling out a box of magazines and videos, which he held out for my approval.

“Fuck yeah,” I said, “Put one of those in.”  And that was all it took.  Something we’d both wanted to happen for weeks was happening, just because I’d said the magic words and broken the spell.

We settled back while the porno got started.  It was weird how quickly things relaxed after that.  This was going to be cool, I thought.  Just me and Darrin, beating off together.

“I am hard as a fucking rock,” I said to Darrin.  He just laughed.  “For real, dude,” I continued, “Check this out.”  Darrin watched me as I unzipped my shorts and took out my cock, holding it out for him to see.

“I’m about as hard as you are,” Darrin said, tripping over his words a little.  It was funny how nervous he was.  You would have thought we’d never done anything like this before.

“For real?” I asked him, and I reached over to feel the crotch of his pants.  It didn’t take me long to find the huge, hard tube throbbing against his leg.

I took my hand away, and Darrin slid his shorts off.  His hard cock stuck out from his body more or less horizontally, rising upward only a few degrees because it was so big and heavy.  He sat back and we took our cocks into our own hands, our sweat-slickened palms running easily along our pricks.  I grabbed my balls, feeling my sack and rolling them around in my hand, and Darrin did the same.

“This is cool,” I said to him, and we smiled at each other.

“Yeah,” he said.  “I was kind of wondering if we’d ever get around to it.”

“No shit,” I said.  On the screen, a black cheerleader was getting pounded.  Darrin was watching me, and I was watching him.  We were thisclose, so I just reached over and started pumping his prick.  He sighed and sank back a little as I worked his dick.  After a minute he took hold of mine, and then we were unabashedly jerking each other off.  I reached down and felt his hairy balls, and he did the same.  We went like that for a while, just exploring each other’s dicks.  It was getting hotter in the room by the second, and we were both working each other over pretty good.

I loved the size and mass of Darrin’s cock.  I worked on it like a piston, stroking as hard and tight as I wanted to, then sliding my fingers up to squeeze and juice his big head.  He really seemed to like that.

Darrin’s hand just wrapped around my dick and stroked, working my sensitive cock against his rough palm in firm, insistent strokes.  I knew I wasn’t going to last long.  Darrin was working me at a clip, and I had him revved up pretty well, too.  Soon I felt my load start to rise out of my nuts.

“I’m gonna cum,” I said.

“Me too,” Darrin said in a whisper.

“Ahhh,” I moaned, as the first shot came streaking out of my cock and flying up towards my neck.  I hadn’t cum in days, and my load poured out like water from a faucet onto my burning skin.

Darrin was thrusting his hips in time with my fist, fucking his big dick into my palm.  I reached over and started working it with both hands, playing with his hairy balls.  I got closer and closer to his Darrin’s dick.  It looked like it was sculpted out of marble.  It was beautiful.

I have to say, the idea did occur to me at to put it in my mouth.  But then his nuts tightened up even further into his body.  He moaned, shuddering as he came, his load pooling onto his stomach.  I kept my hand on his shaft, not wanting to touch the sensitive head after he’d shot.  Still keeping a firm handle on his balls, he spasmed twice more, and then he was done.

We were both covered in cum.  I stood up and he stood up next to me, our cum dripping onto his carpet

“You got a towel or something?” I asked.  Sometimes Darrin could be a little thick, especially when he was stoned.  We cleaned up, then he climbed into bed and I laid on a blanket on his floor.  I stayed up for a little while, just listening to the fan.  I felt pretty content.  Maybe it wasn’t going to be such a bad summer, after all.

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