4 Guys Go Camping

By Natty Soltesz

The change in my relationship with Allen began innocently enough.  One night, after a party where we’d both had one too many shots of tequila, we found ourselves alone in my room.  Stop me if you’ve heard this one before.

Allen pulled out a joint and asked me if I wanted to get high, and of course I did.  Weed was, after all, one of the things that had brought us together, that and any other drug we could get our hands on.  I’d known Allen for about a year, and I’d been high the entire time, pretty much.

So he sparked it up and I watched the flame illuminate his face, noticing his attractiveness in a drunken, vacant way.  He held the fat white joint out to me, giving me a crooked grin.

“I’m horny,” I said, taking the joint between my lips.

“Let’s put on a porno and jack off,” he said, and that was pretty much that.


I mean, I don’t know how two friends who are presumably straight go from just being buddies, hanging out and watching the football game, whatever; to greedily stuffing each other’s pricks in their mouth.  But this is what happened.  It helped that neither of us seemed to give a shit if anybody knew or cared.  Who cared?

I was still dating girls, and so was he.  But at least twice a month, there we would find ourselves.  We really got off sixty-nineing, grabbing each other’s sweaty ass as we stuffed cock down our throats.  We would come at the exact same time in each other’s mouths, we would swallow and it would make it that much hotter.  We kissed once.

Then for some reason I began to take an active interest in Allen’s ass.  Seemingly all at once, it became a thing of beauty.  His ass was, like Allen himself, a solid and substantial thing.  Two tight, fleshy, muscular globes, rising from his back, perky and thick.  The feel of his soft white skin, laced with course dark hairs—it was making my mouth water.

One night, and we were really drunk this night, I asked if I could rim him.  Lick his ass, I explained.  He got really turned on by the idea.  So we threw on some towels and crept into his dormitory bathroom at four AM.  The halls were dark and empty.

We went into the shower and started soaping up.  We were both turned on as hell, my fat cock was bobbing in front of me.  Allen’s prick was rigid and pulsating.  I started soaping up my ass and he did the same.  I watched him.  I knelt down in front of him and he bent over.  I rubbed the soap into his ass, then rinsed him off.  I rubbed his pink anus with my fingers, watched it tense up and relax.  Allen was gasping for air.

Then I dove my face into his butt.  His hairy, fat butt—I could feel his ass cheeks against my cheeks.  I tongued his slick and spongy butt hole.  Allen lost control—actually shot his load when my hand brushed against his boner.  I stood up, took my prick into my hand, and shot a load all over his ass.

So, this story is entitled “Four Guys Go Camping,” and that really is what it’s about, even though I haven’t even mentioned it yet.  But they say if you begin and it is not the beginning, begin again.  So here I go.

Allen had planned the trip, and I was driving.  Invited along were my friend Doug, who I’d met in my Philosophy class and seemed like a nice enough guy, if a bit burnt out.  His parents were apparently pretty wealthy, and he was failing out of school but it didn’t really matter.  I’d invited him because he was sort of a hippy type, and he had things like a Hibachi grill and other camping supplies.  He liked to get high, but he never bought any weed.

Which was fine, because Perry, the dude that Allen brought along, was my (and Allen’s) weed dealer.  I really, really liked Perry—from the moment Allen had introduced me to him.  He was 27, several years older than we, and he worked at a bowling alley.  He had a wry sense of humor, a wise and worldly air about him.  One of the most laid-back dudes I had ever met.

Allen and I had had some of our best times with Perry.  He was always a hit at parties, always got the really hot girl by the end of the night, which usually meant we got her friends.  Perry was also kind of burnt out, but he had this way of totally stopping a conversation with some perfectly observed, almost frighteningly accurate remark.  He had such a way about him.  Once, I watched a complete stranger turn on him in fierce anger, trying to gouge out his eye with a corkscrew.  An hour later, she was crying on his shoulder.

So there we were, four young guys in the prime of their life, getting away from it all.  Spring weather had kicked in solidly, and the world was once again colored a deep, ripe green.  The sun beamed down on my station wagon as we pulled off the highway onto the winding back roads, toward our camp site.

I was driving my big brown station wagon, and Allen was lighting up a joint in the passenger seat.  Perry gazed out the window at the sun-dappled forest.

“I could live out in the forest, but then I wouldn’t have any way to make money,” Perry said.  “I could cut down the trees and sell the timber, but then there wouldn’t be any forest.”  Doug had been inhaling, and the smoke came bursting out of him, with what became a rolling thunder of laughter and coughing.

“Smoke this then,” he said, passing Perry the joint.

We threw everything on our backs and hiked two miles up into our camping spot.  It was lush, beautiful, perfectly secluded.  The sun was starting to go down, so we set out to explore our campsite and to gather some wood for a fire.  Soon enough the fire was roaring, the weenies were roasting, the liquor was flowing, and we were well on our way to getting royally fucked up.  I won’t waste much more of your time.

We got to talking about sex.  Doug admitted that he jerked off at least three times a day.  I said he needed a girlfriend.  Then Perry started grilling me with questions about what I’d done with Jill, a friend of his I’d hooked up with a few weeks ago.

“Did she suck your penis?” he asked, and I said “Sure, she did.  Really good head.”

Perry smiled, “Yer fucking right she gives good head.”  I hadn’t known they’d fucked around before, but it didn’t surprise me.  We reminisced.

“Jill was the first girl to toss my salad,” Perry said.  Doug sat up and said, “What?”

“She tossed my salad, ate out my ass, you know.  What a hot little slut she was, just driving her tongue right into my butthole.  I’d always wanted to get rimmed, but had never found a girl to do it.  Come to think of it, after Jill, I never had a girl who did.  Did she lick your ass, mate?” Perry asked me.

“Nope, I’ve never had my ass eaten out.”

“Oh, dude, yer missing out, it’s such a fucking thrill.”  Doug was wide-eyed, staring into the fire.  Perry turned to Allen, who was poking a stick into the flames.

“What about you, dude, ever had your butt eaten out?”  Allen smiled, still staring into the flames.

“You bet,” Allen said, then he turned to me and smiled.  I could have died.

Perry’s mouth was hanging open.

“What’s going on here?” he said.  He looked at Allen, then at me, then back at Allen.  A look of surprise acknowledgement crossed over his face.

“You dudes are fuckin’ around with each other, ain’t ya?”  Perry said, standing up.  Allen kept smiling.  Perry looked at him and broke out into a laugh. “What’s up, dude, you eatin’ your buddy’s ass out?”  he said to me.

I was mortified.  I looked at Doug, who was staring at me in half-horror.

“We were really drunk,” is what I said.

Perry clapped his hands together and hooted.  “Aw, man, I got an ass right here you can eat out all you want!  Fuckin’ A!  Let’s do it!”

Allen spoke up.  “I’ll eat your ass out if he won’t,” he said to Perry.

Doug stood up.  “What the fuck is going on here?  You guys are really going to lick each other’s asses?  That’s fucking nasty!”

“Hey, to each his own,” Perry said, “all I know is, I’m gonna lay back and let one of you feast on my butt while I shoot a load.  Doug, why don’t you let one of these boys have a go at you?”

I watched Doug’s face in the flames.  He seemed so naïve and clueless.  He was drunk.  I gave it a shot.

“I’ll eat out your ass, Doug.”  Perry was ecstatic—“There we go then!  Doug and I will get comfortable, Allen will eat me out and Nick will eat you out, Doug.  C’mon, what do you say?  Nobody’s gonna fuckin’ know, we’re up here in the middle of nowhere.  Who gives a fuck?  I’m fucking horny,” he said, and grabbed his jean-covered crotch to add emphasis.  Doug still looked at me, uncertain.  Perry pulled on his arm and directed him to the tent.

“We’ll be ready in just a few, boys.  Work up your appetites.”

I stood up and walked over to Allen.  His dick was fully hard, tenting out his shorts.  I was completely turned on, I reached into his shorts and started stroking his dick.  We started making out, grinding our crotches together.  The alcohol made my brain swim.

“Alright, boys, we’re all ready,” I heard Perry say from the tent.  Allen and I parted and I followed him through the tent.  I’ll never forget the sight that presented itself when Allen pulled back the tent flap.  There was Perry, his arm around Doug’s back, both of them lying flat on their stomachs.  Their bare asses were propped up by rolled up blankets underneath their crotches.  Perry’s butt was lean and muscular, his butt hole exposed, nearly hairless.

Doug’s ass was covered in downy blond hair, his dank hole still hidden.

Perry twitched around and spread his hairy legs apart.

“All ready for you, boys, why don’t you just dive in?”  Allen kneeled between Perry’s thighs and did just that.  Perry’s reaction was immediate—he bucked against Allen’s face.  He groaned, as he pressed his contorted face into the floor of the tent.  Doug gazed over at him in wonder.

It was my turn.  I took hold of Doug’s ass cheeks and parted them.  His anus was thick and pink, it looked clean and inviting.  I reached down underneath Doug and felt his erection.  It was stubby and hard and wet as a river rock.  I stroked him a little, he closed his eyes and raised up a little to give me better access. I let go of his cock, parted his ass again, and dove in with my tongue.  His ass tasted musky and sweet.

Doug liked it, he really liked it.  He started bucking into my face as Perry was into Allen’s face.  But Perry was the one who was really going nuts, shoving his butt into Allen’s face as Allen ate him out for all he was worth.  I kept at it with Doug, shoving my tongue further and further into his butt hole, sloppily eating him out.  I reached over and started jacking him off in earnest.  It didn’t take long.

“Ohhh,” he let out a weak groan, and his butthole contracted.  His dick let out a couple squirts of jizz in my hand, and I felt his legs go weak.  One down, one to go.

It didn’t take much more for Perry to go.  As Allen pressed his stubbly jaws into Perry’s tight buns, eating his butt like a Ponderosa smorgesbord, Perry let out a shudder and a shake, his seed spilling on the sleeping bags below him.  For at least three minutes it lasted, Perry with his hand on Allen’s head, pushing his face further into his ass, gasping for breath and his cum unloaded.

It was pretty fucking hot.

I could go on.