oral only


Kevin and Toby had discussed it earlier – the donuts were so fat and puffy that they barely had holes in the middle. If they were going to get them on, their cocks were going to have to be hard.

Home Alone

“Yo – Jason? Bro? You home?” said a voice downstairs. It was Nick, his older brother. We scrambled to put our pants on.

Perfect Fit

The briefs were stretched taut to accommodate the loaves of his butt, protruding like a shelf from his arched back. This was nothing like that manipulative box photo, so eager to turn you on but not wanting to offend. This was the real deal.

Uncle Barry

My mom always said that Uncle Barry refused to grow up. From what I gathered, listening to my parents talk about my father’s youngest sibling, he was a roustabout and a bit of a free spirit.

Toby’s Titty Trick

“You wanna feel it?” I reached out and grasped his meaty pec in my hand. Toby looked down at his chest and flexed it again, the hot flesh quivering in my hand. He watched my hand with a grin as I felt down the smooth curve of his side, towards his stomach.