I think I’ve posted about this amazing animator before, but if you haven’t been exposed to his work do watch his classic “The Twist Party” – most decidedly NOT safe for work! If you’ve checked out the rest of the stuff on Animan’s GayTube account and (like me) still can’t get enough, order his newer […]

Two Lost Girls

Repost from old blog, 10/9/2006 “In countries like the U.S. and Great Britain, we exist in a wholly sexualized culture, where everything from cars to snack food are sold with a healthy slathering of sex to make them more commercially appealing. But if you’re using sex to sell sneakers, then you’re not just selling sneakers, […]

Cheeseburgers and Intent

I loved this Keith Schofield-directed video for the Charlotte Gainsbourg/Beck collaboration “Heaven Can Wait” as soon as I saw it.  But today I became annoyed after reading this interview with Shoefield on Pitchfork, where he states that the inspiration for it came from the images he discovered and appropriated from sites like and various […]

Charles Burns

Maurice Vellekoop

My Great Uncle’s Art

Last year I discovered that my late great uncle, who I never met, was an amazing artist and illustrator. His last name is the same as mine and his first name starts with an “F” and ends with a “rank.” In the interest of keeping relatives away from my pornography (not that I try all […]