erotic stories

Little Stud Nurse

“So, Nate, you play any sports?” he said, taking my arm and turning it over. I looked down into his lap — I could still see through those fucking pants, and his bulge was clearly visible, full of promise, packed into those tight bikinis.

Night Swim

Chris, oh-so casually, mentioned that he liked putting things up his ass. “Mostly my fingers,” he said, smiling and looking towards the road. “It feels fucking fantastic.”

Railroad Stud

I started to relish the idea of spending the week in the country, alone in my parent’s house. I had a big bag of some good weed, and some books to pass the time. I’d figured I’d be shit out of luck as far as getting some dick was concerned; little did I know…

How It Happened

Chris decided, since we were both hard-up, that we should pick up a chick and take turns fucking her. I’d never done a threesome before, so my conception of what would happen wasn’t too clear. And the more I drank the less clear it became, until I only had one objective — I needed to fuck.