erotic stories

Night Swim

Chris, oh-so casually, mentioned that he liked putting things up his ass. “Mostly my fingers,” he said, smiling and looking towards the road. “It feels fucking fantastic.”

Railroad Stud

I started to relish the idea of spending the week in the country, alone in my parent’s house. I had a big bag of some good weed, and some books to pass the time. I’d figured I’d be shit out of luck as far as getting some dick was concerned; little did I know…

How It Happened

Chris decided, since we were both hard-up, that we should pick up a chick and take turns fucking her. I’d never done a threesome before, so my conception of what would happen wasn’t too clear. And the more I drank the less clear it became, until I only had one objective — I needed to fuck.

Toby’s Titty Trick

“You wanna feel it?” I reached out and grasped his meaty pec in my hand. Toby looked down at his chest and flexed it again, the hot flesh quivering in my hand. He watched my hand with a grin as I felt down the smooth curve of his side, towards his stomach.