My New Book is Available Right Now

highres_GDP017-EBookCoverJust a heads up: you can order my new collection of college porno stories – College Dive Bar, 1 AM – right now and forevermore from Go Deeper Press, in print or ebook editions (it will also be available on Amazon, B&N, etc. eventually). The print edition features gorgeous wrap-around cover art by Michael Kirwan. Either way, you’ll get to read a story about college weightlifters using cum as a protein supplement. Read an excerpt and order it right now!

Also available on Amazon in print and ebook editions.


New Book Alert!

College Dive Bar 1AM cover I’ve been holding this one up my sleeve for a bit: in a week and a half, Go Deeper Press is publishing the proper follow-up to Backwoods, a collection of college erotica called College Dive Bar, 1 AM. How about that?!

I wrote this one shortly after I finished Backwoods then promptly forgot about it until this past January. It’s intended to be kind of a mirror-reflection of Backwoods in that it’s mostly first-person, “primary source” kind of stories – there are stories structured as found letters, conversations, and advertisements. I think it’s a pretty fun collection and it features a beautiful wrap-around cover by Michael Kirwan (who illustrated Backwoods).

It comes out in print and ebook versions on July 28! More info and an excerpt here.


New QueerBurgher

pattycomicCheck out the latest issue of my newsletter QueerBurgher right here.

Some friends and I started QueerBurgher when our local gay newspaper folded. Since then there’ve been two Pittsburgh gay magazines that have started and subsequently ended. Currently there is no local gay periodical in Pittsburgh but there are still spaces for newspapers in all the Pittsburgh gay bars. The fun of QueerBurgher is making something fun and distributing it all over the city for free, which we do on a pretty erratic basis.


Bad (Good) Porn

cocksuckerIt’s a brave new world out there in the land of make-believe, what with your Facebooks and your Instagrands and your fearsome, roving mobs. And porn is a-changing as we speak – as we jack off, even. I can’t even begin to describe what effect an endless database of pinpoint-searchable pornography is having on our modern brains, mainly because I’d get so bored I’d walk away from the computer to eat a dried apricot or something.

I know internet porn is fun, though! And that sometimes you can end up wandering down the hallways of Xtube or PornMD and find yourself gazing in at something that makes you feel icky, if not icky enough to stop jerking off to it.

Item 1: “Stealthing”

From what I can tell this is a micro-genre, but there is an Xtube group dedicated to it as well as a couple of Tumblrs. Perhaps we can all agree that barebacking in 2015 isn’t as taboo as it was in the 2000’s (HIV drugs are real and good, people), but “stealthing” implies that the bottom is unaware that the condom is being removed. It’s impossible to tell what knowledge is or isn’t being shared on either side of the frame (though some videos describe it as roleplay and some as true stealth), and in that information gap is the potential for illicit excitement and moral stickiness.

Item 2: Cameras Errywhere

Hidden cameras videos are nothing new, but there’s something about what this guy does that takes it to the next level. He’s got one of those new-fangled at-home gloryhole setups that wouldn’t have got much traffic before the internets came along, and he uses it to solicit (presumably) straight-curious-discreet guys. What’s kind of brilliant is that he films them from a laptop that is (presumably) showing straight porn to them as they get blown. But what really blew my mind is when he goes the extra mile and intercuts pics that these men (presumably) sent to him beforehand. It’s all tremendously creepy and more than a little hot. You feel for the way they’ve been violated, but they look like they’re having such fun.

Am I bad for liking these things? Is the exposure I’m giving them via this post just making it worse? Are we all going to hell in a handbasket?



Recent Pr0n

cheating husbands
In October 2013 I cancelled my internet service and I didn’t resume it until spring of 2014. Then it was like INTERNET PORN OMG and I caught up on everything I’d missed in the last six months. By far what stood out were the scenes from – maybe this is a newish studio, maybe I’d just never noticed their stuff before but OMG it’s right up my alley. I mean, daddy/boy stuff, straight guy stuff, married guys cheating – if I had a bigger head I’d swear I was being plagiarized (shut up, it’s happened to me before).

A couple months ago I got this idea in my head that I should WRITE for I mean, I’ve written porn scripts before and gotten paid for it. It’s sort of my dream to write or direct my own porn scenes – maybe there was potential there.

But you know who writes and directs those scenes for Nobody. Or at least they’re not attributed to anybody. It’s the weirdest thing and it really rubs me the wrong way. I mean, this is quality porn. It’s rarely perfect but it’s always well done – good acting, good dialogue, good scenarios. It bugs me that a studio that clearly has something invested in scenes that are well-written and directed don’t see a need to attribute their writing and directing to anybody.

BUT ANYWAY, I was talking to my boyfriend about and how I always enjoy their scenes but I’ve never found that ONE scene that blew my mind. Well, he mentioned this one and sent it my way and oooooh boy, it’s the one for sure. I mean I could tick off what’s great about it but in the end it all comes down to that gigantic, shaved ass.

**One last quick porn recommendation: the Reddit thread Gay Porn With Plot. Enjoy.


New Story Alert!

grid-cell-23282-1380154745-5Best Buddies is what it’s called – and yes, I know that’s a generic title. But can I say, without discouraging you from reading it, that the story itself is kind of generic? The characters don’t even have names. It hits beats that I’ve hit many times before – married men experimenting in secret – but there’s a simplicity to it that I like, a casual flow to the voice that felt natural to write.

Don’t you hate it when people overexplain things? I’ll shut up now. Read it.

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New Website Alert!

IMG_4716Oh hai! Welcome to my revamped website – not too much different from the old one, but a bit more functional in the sense that my previous website wasn’t…functioning. I couldn’t post anything on it, for reasons that I don’t fully understand but that were related to my host and their server. I’d been using GoDaddy and I’ve been ready to dump their asses for years because my website loaded so slowly. So this was a kick in the pants to get it done, and for the past month I’ve been working on what you see here. Like I said, it’s not too different but it’s more mobile-friendly and hopefully a bit more versatile for when I inevitably have to update it in the future.

I have much to share in the coming weeks, including a new story and a happy announcement. In the meantime, please consider slipping me a Like on my new(ish) Facebook page.



My Sister’s Boyfriend Joey: The Novel: The Update


Haaay. I recently finished – like, finished-finished – My Sister’s Boyfriend Joey (the novel version based off of this story) and submitted it to a publisher. Keep your fingers crossed. One of my goals is to find a good editor who wants to work with me on a long(ish)-term basis. Writing is such a slog sometimes – one I happily muck through, but any help along the way is golden. Just putting that out there. 🙂

Still writing hot lil caption stories and posting them on my Tumblr, BROB8. Very much enjoying that outlet.

Working on my sci-fi story which is about a guy who buys a sex robot which is a clone of himself. Taking my time with that one, keeping it fun.

The lifeguard story is on hiatus. It’s right there online so I suppose I’ll feel an obligation to finish it at some point. Not that I don’t want to, but I think I got to a tricky place in it where I didn’t know where I was going, and I had other stuff to do so I just let it go. Gotta let things go. Always.

Winter solstice, yo. Bring on the light.