Thoughts on “August: Osage County”

I saw a play last night and here are my thoughts on it:

1) “August: Osage County” is really a horror story. I didn’t expect this, despite that my sole reason for going to see it was that it was written by Tracy Letts, whose play “Bug” (which I didn’t see) was the basis for an immensely powerful movie (which I did see) that fit easily within the realm of horror and was directed by William Friedkin (who also directed “The Exorcist”). “August” was marketed as a family melodrama/comedy, and it is that, too. It’s completely engrossing, novelistic even, with hairpin turns to the plot and vivid characters and plenty of laughs.



Serious Business: Cock Measuring Edition

In this video some rugby boys who obviously have no idea how to measure their cocks are taught to do so in the proper fashion by a not-entirely-creepy/sorta-sexy doctor because knowing your cock size is important blah blah potential psychological condition blah blah interest of public health.  It’s fucking weird, and well worth the (admittedly annoying) Rapidshare download. Dig the slow-mo recap edit.

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A Few Words about Road House

Repost from old blog, 1/31/2008

I recently watched the 1989 Patrick Swayze film Road House. I fear that when I tell you I found the film incredible (and unbelievable, in every sense of the word) you’ll think I’m being facetious. Not so.


There’s a Distinction

Pedophilia is the sexual preference of adults for pre-pubescent individuals.

Hebephilia is the sexual preference of adults for pubescent individuals.

Ephebophilia is the sexual preference of adults for mid-to-late adolescents. (more…)


Reading Eminent

Friends in the Pittsburgh area:  I’m going to be reading at the one-year anniversary of the Cyberpunk Apocalypse project this Tuesday.  Incidentally that’s the night before I move to a new apartment.  So if I’m not stressed out enough, time to kick it up a notch by reading porn for an audience!

The Cyberpunk folks are some of my favorite people in Pittsburgh.  A year ago they bought a house in the Pittsburgh neighborhood of Lawrenceville and turned it into a writer’s cooperative and event space.  They have a pretty sweet sci-fi lending library, and for most of this past winter held an erotica writing group which was fun and varied.  They have a visiting writer’s program where you can come live in Pittsburgh for free for a month.  They get national press out of, like, nowhere.  Mostly I just like that they are casual yet manage to get things done.  Dan, the guy who founded it, is a particularly potent writer and a friend of mine from a few years back when we took a autobiographical-writing class together, probably the best writing class I’ve ever had.  Everyone connected; I don’t know how it happened.

Anyway, come out if you can!

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