Str8 But Curious

str8butcuriousStraight guys: those ever-sexy men who’ll go for anything after a six pack of beer, as long as you don’t tell anybody. Here are 21 stories of straight guys who might not be entirely straight.

“It’s not very often at all that I’m reading porn and getting happily distracted by how good the sentences are and how economical the prose is.” — Dennis Cooper

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Straight(ish) Vol 1


Four tales of straight guys gone curious.

Playdate: Naptime. Two young dads on a Sunday afternoon, bored and horny, realize they have more in common than they knew. The women aren’t around, and the girls won’t be up for at least an hour…

Room for Cream: Two sexy baristas – one straight and one gay – find a way to pass a slow, rainy evening at the coffee shop. It involves honey.

Office Politics: When a young university employee starts getting it on with the hunky college work-study guy, it’s only natural that others want to get in on the fun – including, Bob, the office homophobe.

Normal Str8 Masc Jock Apocalypse: When the perfect clean-cut straight guy at the sports bar offers you a ride home, knowing full well that you’re gay, of course you say yes – even if you’re not sure what you’re getting yourself into.

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Straight(ish) Vol 2

coverattempt2Four more tales of straight guys gone curious.

Ski Buddy: Old college buddies meet up for some fun on the slopes, and find a way to warm up in the car, afterward.

My Hero: When your cat gets stuck in a tree, who to call but the sexy, married fireman who lives across the street?

I Sucked Off an Iraqi Sniper: A true story from the author’s spank bank.

Hard Times: Two businessmen in the thick of the Great Recession turn to prostitution to supplement their incomes.

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