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02 December 2012 | Tags: ,

New story for the beginning of December: My Boyfriend’s Horny Brothers, originally published in the anthology Never Easy – which is still available and highly recommended. This story continues my series of “My…” stories, along with My Brother’s Buddy Tony and My Sister’s Boyfriend Joey.

Sorry I haven’t been keeping up with my weekly updates. I’m discouraged by this website lately. I don’t get as much traffic or comments as I used to, and really, it’s my own fault. My initial impetus with this website (in its earlier incarnation as was just to have a place to post my stories and talk a little bit about them. I used to post a new story every month! Now I go months without posting new stories, and that has to be at least partially the reason why traffic has dropped. I’m going to start posting more frequently, a story every other month if I can. So there ya go.

This week I finished a story for an anthology that’s going to be published by Bruno Gmunder. The story is called “Four Days in the Exurbs” and it wound up being a weird fun-house mirror version of the novella I recently completed, “691 Suburban Dr.” What I’ve noticed lately is that my stories are getting longer. It used to be a real accomplishment for me to write something over 3,000 words. This particular assignment was for a 4,500 word story. My first draft ended up being over 6,000 words, which is kind of insane for me, but it just happened naturally and I never felt like I was padding things out.

I’ve been working on my next (or first) novel, details of which I don’t want to get into yet, but it’s been chugging along so that’s nice.

8 Responses to “New Story Alert!”

  • 1 Mark Says:

    Thanks for the update! Love your stories and buy all of your ebooks!

  • 2 Karl August Says:

    I consistently check your site for updates, too, and buy all of your ebooks and usually the paperback versions when they are available as well. Naturally I will be waiting for the release of your current, secret, project!

  • 3 Natty Says:

    Aw, you guys are the best! Much love.

  • 4 Jak_Frost Says:

    Love your work and always drive by to see what’s new. Loved the paint job too. :)

  • 5 Zane McGuire Says:

    Natty, always a fan. I too check regularly for news and stories. Don’t let the chirping crickets discourage you.

    Zane McGuire

  • 6 Natty Says:

    Thanks fellas!

  • 7 Ben T Says:

    Hi! Ive always enjoyed your work. Your stories have a lot of heart (and sex) which i really enjoy. I havent visited your site as regularly because your work appears in nifty. When it does, its a good day!
    There are less than 5 regular contributors I look forward to on nifty. And you are definitely one of them.
    Thank you!

  • 8 Natty Says:

    Thanks Ben! That’s real sweet.

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