Ask Me Anything

11 October 2012


Ask me anything in the comments and I’ll answer it as long as it’s not stupid. This is for fun.

3 Responses to “Ask Me Anything”

  • 1 Jak_Frost Says:

    Actually I have several questions, but I will only post one:

    Do you intend to write any porn film scripts/screenplays?
    I know you contributed to a Joe Gage film, but I think that in today’s over saturated online porn climate of “just the sex”, a porn film with an actual plot would be refreshing. Your talent is building hot, believable fantasies with crisp realistic dialogue. A porn film like that would be amazing.

    PS – Big fan. Love your writing. Keep it up in every sense.

  • 2 Ben Says:

    I’m kind of curious about something. You mentioned feeling like your product is somewhat “watered down” with your ebooks. Do you feel that you’re putting out ebooks that have older material just to get them out the door so to speak or to pad their length?

    If that’s not the case and I’m over-thinking this (which is definitely possible) then I’d be interested to hear exactly what you meant by your work being watered down and what you think a potential solution might look like.

    Also, if it’s not clear, I’m not attacking your or anything, just a curious fan.


  • 3 Ron Says:

    Would you ever consider writing a customized story for some extra cash? Love your stories dude :)

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